Our 8th Flip’s 1st Floor – After, Part I

Now that you’ve seen the “after” photos of the outside of our 8th flip, would you care to take a peek inside?

This house is the first two-story that we’ve done – it presented some challenges along the way but I think it’s neat how the downstairs is completely dedicated to living and the upstairs to sleeping.  As a mom to two little ones, it sounds like such a luxury to be noisy and go about your business downstairs while the babes are sleeping away peacefully (hopefully) upstairs!

However, those stairs weren’t too cute when we started out – too much blue carpet throughout the entire house.


The existing stairs treads cleaned up nicely, and I think this would make a pretty happy view to start each day:

8th Flip - After - It's Great to Be Home

The blue theme continued into the formal living room, which is just to the left of those stairs above.  And while the built-ins added some storage and an opportunity for display, the scallops and barn door cabinets weren’t too cute.


We added hardwoods here, cleaned up the fireplace, and added some new trim detail to the built-ins as well as Shaker-style cabinet doors.

8th Flip - After - It's Great to Be Home

Things were looking pretty scary before they got better.

001 (4)

And since we have a second story above the living room, the sheetrock looked like Swiss cheese after the electricians finished the wiring for the recessed lighting.  You can also see in the photo below that we removed the spindles from the bannister (and replaced them) because they were spaced too far apart – my two-year old definitely would have stuck her head between them, ha!

002 (2)

The bay window was a really nice feature of the room but it was lost behind those layers of curtains!


My little helper enjoyed hanging out in her little sunny spot.  :)

8th Flip - After - It's Great to Be Home

Here’s the view of the living room looking back towards the front door.

8th Flip - After - It's Great to Be Home

The photo below was taken from the dining room – do you feel like you’re on a cruise, surrounded by the blue sea?


Much better.

8th Flip - After - It's Great to Be Home

And here’s the actual dining room, located just off the living room.

8th Flip - After - It's Great to Be Home

There used to be double-doors separating the dining room from the kitchen…


… but we removed them to create a more open feel.

8th Flip - After - It's Great to Be Home

Next up is the kitchen, family room, and the other spaces on the first floor!  I originally intended the first floor to just be one post but it got a little long.  Stay tuned!

P.S.  My sweet baby is 3 months old today!!  Sniffle.


(Thanks to my friend Jen for this photo of my girl!)

Our 8th Flip’s Exterior – After

First things first – thank you SO much for your feedback on the kitchen dilemma.  You guys were a huge help.  I’ve been thinking about things and considering your comments, and I think we’ve got a plan.  I’ll fill you in soon!

I’ve finally gotten my act together and written a “before and after” post for you guys for our 8th flip - I bet you never thought you’d see the day, did you?  Me neither.  :)

I wrote my first post about this flip over 9 months ago – and by the time we officially sell it, we’ll have owned it for 10 months.  I’m pretty sure this is the longest we’ve owned a flip to date, due to numerous delays (remember this one?) and babies.  While I really like the way it turned out I’m ready to be rid of this sucker!

8th Flip - After - It's Great to Be Home

Let’s get started with the tour, shall we?

Here’s how the house looked when we bought it – Tudor influences stuck on a ranch house, and poodle-shaped ivy:


And here is the controversial “after”.  While it isn’t perfect, and my mom still wants me to paint the front door :), I do think it’s an improvement from where we started.  (I know not everyone will agree!)

8th Flip - After - It's Great to Be Home

Other than painting the trim and front door and replacing all of the windows, we also did a bit of landscaping – the first order of business was getting rid of the daschund-shaped ivy (sorry, pup!).

bye bye doggie

We also added a crepe myrtle tree to fill in the space between the two front windows a bit.

8th Flip - After - It's Great to Be Home

The garage situation here bugged me – see, only the stall on the left is functional.  The one on the right has two doors because the HVAC equipment is in there (who knows why) and the rest of the space is converted into living space.  The odd doors seemed very noticeable to me when they were painted white…


… but I think they blend in better now that they’re painted the same gray-ish mushroom color as the rest of the trim.

8th Flip - After - It's Great to Be Home

The backyard is pretty huge for this neighborhood, with great views from inside the house through the family room windows.


We added a few hydrangeas, and painted, and that was pretty much it!  Oh, you can see the window that we expanded in the master bathroom (top left-hand side of the house) in this photo below.

8th Flip - After - It's Great to Be Home

The backyard has some really great trees…


… although you can see here the difference made by losing the huge tree in the ice storm.  I’m still sad about that one.

8th Flip - After - It's Great to Be Home

And there you have it!  The first stop on our tour of the 8th flip.  Next up – the first floor!

Kitchen Help!

So, I know I’ve been MIA for awhile – I’ve missed you guys!

I’m popping in today because I have a semi-urgent question to ask you.  Would you mind giving me your two cents and weighing in on a kitchen design?

What I need help with is the kitchen in our 10th flip (I know, I still owe you final pics of the 8th and I haven’t shown you any of the 9th, much less our two rental properties . . . ugh!).  Forgive me while I jump ahead a bit.  :)

We’re moving a ton of things around (deleting a powder room and adding a full bath, adding a laundry room, etc.) and the space we’re left with is a little bit of a head-scratcher.

Here’s a mock-up of the raw space (update – see the end of the post for a whole-home floor plan):


It’s 21 1/2 feet long by 9 feet wide with a door and windows in some awkward places.  For now we’re ignoring the windows and we’ll re-frame as necessary, but I’d rather not move the door.

And here’s my best shot so far at laying out the kitchen:

kitchen floor plan

Do you think this is the best we can do, or do you have some suggestions?  I’d love to hear what you think?

P.S.  There isn’t room for an island.  :(

UPDATE: Here’s a really terrible, not-drawn-to-scale rendering of the home’s “new” floor plan, which I thought might be helpful.  I didn’t put in doorways, etc. because of the time crunch, but if you have a question about them just let me know!

floor plan after with labels

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