Thursday This & That

thursday this & that

- Did I ever tell you that we lost a glorious tree in our front yard during the ice storm last Thanksgiving?

our house - exterior

Yes, that same ice storm that took out the even-more-glorious tree at the flip.  It was not a good day for trees, no sir.

Isn’t it funny how sometimes you don’t really appreciate what you have until it’s gone?

our house - ice storm - tree

Anyhoo, we immediately looked into having our tree replaced – our front yard looked so naked! – but we were initially scared off by the cost of buying and planting a non-puny tree and decided we would wait awhile before we bought anything.  Maybe the yard wouldn’t look so naked once spring came and some semblance of green and life returned to our yard?  But even so, our beloved Japanese maple needed some shade from the Texas sun….

So, spring is now here and the yard still looked sad.  We bit the bullet and bought another live oak, nowhere near as big as the one that we lost, and now it’s happily planted in our front yard.

new tree 003.cropped


- We’re buying another flip!  We’ve been searching forever, and everything suddenly fell into place with this next one – which will be our 9th flip.  Crazy!  We should be closing on it in early June, if all goes well.  I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

- Our current flip is finally getting close to being finished.  Painting is being finished this week, the bathtub has been refinished, appliances are being delivered today, and the plumbing and electrical fixtures are scheduled to be installed early next week.  Then we will just have little punch list things to take care of before we can put this baby on the market!  Goodness, I’m ready.

- We had a great Easter, complete with awesome weather and fun festivities.  Nutty is an egg-hunting master (she did at least 4 this year).  We managed to snag two family photos, which are a rarity these days!


How have you guys been?

A Rug & Curtains for the Nursery

I told myself that I would let this nursery sort of “evolve” over time, instead of trying to dictate each detail from the get go.  For me, that meant completely finishing the striped accent wall before deciding on curtains, a rug, and colors to paint furniture.

So as soon as the striped wall was completed I did what any normal person would do – I dashed to Ikea and snapped up some pretty turquoise, velvet curtains.  :)  I’m hoping that the velvet is thick enough that I can get away with skipping blackout lining – fingers crossed.

And of course, once the curtains were hung I could finally decide on a rug!  I’ve been pinning options for awhile now, but once I saw the striped wall and curtains together I was able to instantly nix a lot of the contenders (not quite the right color, the pattern was a little too crazy, etc).

My first instinct was to choose an off-white shag rug, but in the end it just looked a little blah (the other 3 walls are white).  Soooo, I opted to add more color and pattern – never a bad thing in a nursery, right?

nursery with curtains & rug

(I fully acknowledge that the room is a total mess and the curtains need to be hemmed!)

I ordered the rug last week so hopefully it will arrive soon!  I know it might be a a bit too much going on for some people but all that pattern and color is right up my alley – and hopefully Baby Girl #2 will love it, too.  :)

UPDATE: The rug was just delivered a few minutes ago!!!  Now I’ll be on pins and needles for the rest of the day until I have time to unwrap it and pet it.

Thursday This & That

thursday this & that

- With a new baby just 6 weeks away (OMG!), we’re in the home stretch and I really need to get it in gear with the new nursery.  After approximately one zillion hours of trial and error and taping and painting, the striped feature wall in the nursery is complete!  Whew.  Next up is hanging curtains and figuring out whether to paint/stain the dressers, finding a rug, moving in the crib . . . I need to go lie down now.

striped nursery wall

- I’m pretty sure you can’t be a blogger without owning at least one succulent arrangement, so Nutty and I hit Home Depot last week and stocked up in the little suckers.  She took her job of critiquing each plant very seriously, and insisted that we buy one in particular – the least attractive one in my opinion – but I googled it when I got home and discovered that it’s common name is “Baby Toes” which suddenly make the less-than-adorable succulent a lot cuter.  :)


- We picked out the stain for the hardwoods at the flip – can you guess which one we went with?

- Did I ever tell you that we snuck away to California last month for my birthday weekend?  It was Nutty’s first time at the beach and she LOVED it.  Sand and water are the makings of an excellent time.  I almost included one of my favorite family pics of all time, but I decided to spare you the image of me in a bikini at 7 months pregnant – you’re welcome.  :)

California trip

- This mid-century dresser has found a new home in the nursery – it needs a little love (the veneer around the sides of the top piece is pretty chipped) so I’m debating painting just the top, and cleaning up/staining the rest.  Hmm.

- Our girl has been super into drawing lately - this is kind of a huge development since previously she would only eat the crayons and chalk and now she’ll eat them only occasionally.  Drawing keeps her entertained for awhile like nothing else does, and I love seeing her have such a good time being creative.  My girl is growing up!


So that’s what I’ve been up to – what’s going on with you guys?

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