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Microwaves are standard in every kitchen these days (thank goodness!!).  However, our little 1960s ranch was built before microwaves became insanely popular.  See?  No microwave:

Flashback: Demolition Derby

Clearly, we knew that incorporating a microwave into the kitchen was going to be a must during our renovation.  What we didn’t know what where we wanted to put it.

Should we install the microwave above the stove?  Pro – we wouldn’t be giving up counter space or cabinet space.  Con – we couldn’t have one of those fancy vent-a-hoods.  But those vent-a-hoods are so pretty!!  We looked at pictures like these and contemplated our options:



White & Wood

(Can you tell that I like white kitchens?  Um, yeah.)

While we were temporarily wooed by these beautiful images, reality soon caused us to become a little more practical – if we had a vent-a-hood and a microwave, our kitchen that was already tight on cabinet space definitely wouldn’t give us enough storage.  So, we kissed the idea of a vent-a-hood goodbye and fell in love with our above-the-range microwave (a total steal from Sears).  She works like a charm and fits our lifestyle and space requirements to a “T”.

Homebody Queries: Home, Home Above the Range

Where do you guys have the microwave in your kitchen?  Think we made the right choice to go with the above-the-range microwave?

Images courtesy of PointClickHome.

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  1. Nicole says:

    You definitely made the right choice! We also have an above-the-range microwave, granted it’s older and needs an update (hopefully in the not too distant future). I think you’re looks great and I love you countertops!

  2. Stacy says:

    I think the microwave looks great above the range. Ours is old and big, but lives in a deep corner under cabinets next to our range. The space would be pretty un-useable otherwise, so it works out ok for now.

    I love the tile you used…can you list the source please?! Thanks!

  3. Liz says:

    I’m so glad you guys are digging the above-the-range microwave!!


    Our backsplash tile is “Skylights Glass Tile,” and we chose the 3 x 6 inch “stag joint” in Moss. For us, the Moss color has really functioned as a neutral – it looks great with almost any color, from yellow to pink to red to blue, etc. I believe our price was around $11 per sq. ft., which really isn’t too bad for glass tile, especially when it’s being used on a small space like a backsplash.

    We purchased the tile from Arizona Tile in Dallas – I believe they only have limited locations. Here’s a link to their locations: http://www.arizonatile.com/locations/locations.aspx. Here’s another link to the product: http://www.arizonatile.com/products/ceramic-porcelain-glass/skylights/skylightsstagjoint.aspx. I did a quick Google search for “Skylights Glass Tile” and some other retailers came up (like here: http://www.statementstile.com/Product.aspx?pid=skylights_glass_tile), so I don’t think you should have a problem finding it. This tile comes in so many beautiful colors!! (We seriously considered “Smoky” for awhile).


    As for our countertops, they are a granite called Amarillo Gold – my husband and I are obsessed with it!!!! It’s a great combo of colors, from black to cream to burgundy with little flashes of sparkle. I would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat!

    ~ Liz

  4. christy says:

    I love your choice – that’s how our kitchen is arranged too. And I loved those inspiration photos too. Hope you’re having a nice day – it’s wet, cold and disgusting here. ugh!

  5. Tonya says:

    You definitely made the right choice! Though, I have to admit, some of the vent-a-hoods are stunning, having enough storage is a must! We have our microwave above our range, and I love it. However, there are days when we are cooking that I wish we had a more powerful vent!

  6. nikkisnacs says:

    I think you made a great choice. I love looking at your tile back splash, great tile choice. My dad has been a tile contractor all of my life, so I know pretty tile when I see it.

  7. Liz says:


    Yay, thanks so much!!! We found it at the last minute and couldn’t be happier. :) And by the way, I am SOOO jealous that you have an awesome tile contractor at your fingertips – we should all be so lucky!!

    ~ Liz

  8. Joan says:

    I like the after picture of the microwave because there are no “cute” items, but really cool decorative accessories. I really like the blown glass balls in the clear glass container!
    No parading happy ducks for you!

  9. Liz says:


    I love the glass balls, too! They recently migrated from the den to the kitchen counter. :) They are actually blown glass ornaments that I collected during summer vacations to Colorado while I was growing up, and the clear glass container is an $11 hurricane from Ikea – cheap and easy decor!!

    ~ Liz

  10. Averill says:

    I do love your kitchen….

    Our microwave and oven are wall mounted, one over the other. If you have the space for that and the a separate range/hood, it’s a great option.

  11. Kathy says:

    I’m with the others that love the glass backsplash. It is beautiful!

  12. anna see says:

    I just wanted to let you know that your kitchen renovation is my FAVORITE out of all the before/afters on This Young House. I am astounded and impressed in every single way. Thanks for sharing these fantastic pictures.

    p.s. I was also torn about the micro/cool hood choice. I went w/ the microwave, too.

  13. Meghan says:

    I just found the photos you posted of your kitchen. Absolutely stunning. Can you tell me what grantype of granite you used? I have been searching and yours is just beautiful!!

    • Liz says:


      Thanks!! We’ve been really thrilled with it, and we’re always finding cool little flecks and sparkles that we hadn’t noticed before. It’s called “Amarillo Gold” if you want to check it out. Thanks for swinging by!

      ~ Liz

  14. Meghan says:

    Thanks so much, we’re going to look at granite next week! Thanks!

  15. Laurie says:

    Love your pretty white kitchen! I am all about white kitchens, too! I also have the above-the-stove microwave. I like being able to cook at the stove and multi-task by watching some of my microwave stuff cook at the same time. Need more venting? I just open the window above my sink and let the smoke roll out! HA!

  16. Manuel says:

    Above the range microwaves is a great choice. It saves space and adds style to your kitchen. I love the design of the kitchen shown above. Thanks!