Pretty As A Peony

When we cleared out the old flower beds in our backyard on Saturday to lay new sod, I was shocked to discover this gorgeous peony plant that had been lurking behind an ugly bush.

Pretty as a Peony

Let’s get a close up of that gorgeous bloom.

Pretty as a Peony

Who knew that something so beautiful could be hiding in our yard??  And these were even the fancy double peonies, meaning that they have extra petals and are super gorgeous – love it!!

I’ve been smitten with peonies for quite some time, and they were even the flowers in my wedding bouquet.

Pretty as a Peony

When I got home from work last night, I was delighted to see about 10 peony blossoms hanging their heavy heads out in our yard – I couldn’t resist picking just a few!!  They are such a friendly and gorgeous touch in our half bathroom.

Pretty as a Peony

The pale pink color of the blossoms looks fresh and springy against the pale blue of the walls, porcelain sink and chrome accents.

Pretty as a Peony

And since I’m such a sucker for peonies, I just had to take a few glamour shots with the macro setting on my camera.

Pretty as a Peony

Pretty as a Peony

Pretty as a Peony

Aren’t the blossoms amazing?  I can’t get over the fullness and texture of these beauties.  While I was marveling over how gorgeous they were, Lexie couldn’t figure out what these flowers were doing on the floor.

Pretty as a Peony

I swear, those blossoms are huge – they’re almost as big as my cat!!

Is there a special bloom that you’re smitten with?  What flowers were in your wedding bouquet?  I hope there are some other peony-lovers out there!!

P.S.  I wanted to let everybody know that A Lil’ Welsh Rarebit, one of my favorite blogs, has been nominated for a Blogger’s Choice Award – head on over and vote for Christy if you get the chance!!

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  1. nikkisnacs says:

    What a nice surprise to find hidden in your yard.

    They are beautiful, I think I might have a new flower to add to my list.

    I had white roses in my wedding. I love all white flowers. Roses, tulips, and calla lillies are my favorites.

  2. Tonya says:

    They really are beautiful flowers! Fresh flowers are always such a lovely touch! And,the picture of you and your husband is stunning!

    I love blue hydrangeas. I carried a bouquet of them at my wedding, and the bridemaids each carried one stem.

  3. christy says:

    Wow what a great discovery! I LOVE those flowers too. You were a gorgeous bride – love that dress and that bouquet! I might have to plant one of those in my yard this year, if it isn’t already too late?!

    And thanks so much for the shout out! hehe! Hope you have a great day – it’s FINALLY sunny and warming up – might hit 70 today – woohoo!

  4. Liz says:


    You’re not too late to plant some peonies!! Fall is actually the best time to plant these beauties. Good luck, I know you’ll love them!

    ~ Liz

  5. Joan says:

    Your post this morning was wonderful . . . it improved my whole day! Each picture was better than the last, but the wedding photo with your bouquet was very special indeed! Loved the flowers in the bathroom against the blue and white. Like the kitty also!
    I feel like I’m getting to know your family and you.

  6. Kathy says:


  7. Nicole says:

    Liz, I love your new blog design!!!!

  8. Tonya says:

    I do too!! Especially this comment section! The whole look rocks!

  9. Liz says:

    Nicole and Tonya,

    Yay, thanks!! The other one was driving me crazy because the date was always wrong. I’ve been fiddling with this one all afternoon – not being a code guru, it’s been a little interesting!! :) I’m so glad you like it!!

    ~ Liz

  10. Janis says:

    Hooray for the date fix! I love the way the peonies make the mirror frame glow with a rosy tint and your close-ups are fabulous.

    I check your Home Tour periodically to see if any of the “coming soons” have arrived… How will we know?

  11. Liz says:


    You caught me!! It turns out that I unwittingly used the term “coming soon” pretty loosely. :) I’m so glad that you’ve been checking back, and I promise that I’ll try to shed my slacker ways and update some of those pics!! And I will definitely give everybody a “heads up” when something new has been posted.

    ~ Liz

  12. Jen says:

    Pretty flowers!! Teach me how to not kill flowers, please? :) I had white calla lillies, white gerber daisies, white roses & blue hydrangea in my wedding. Tried the hydrangea on my back patio but of course it died!

  13. Love those flowers, the way they look in the bath, with your cat, for your wedding… oh wow. And yeah for Christy, too! She’s just the sweetest.

  14. Sherry says:

    Gorgeous! What is it about peony bushes hiding behind ugly bushes?! So excited to see my little guy bloom!