A New Throne For Your Home

I know, I know – this title is a little more risque than you’re probably used to at It’s Great To Be Home.  But there’s a reason for that – just let me explain.

You’ve probably heard that low-flow toilets are the way to go these days because they use way less water than outdated high-flow toilets – like up to 30% less.  And with programs like Dallas’ “New Throne For Your Home,” some cities actually reimburse homeowners for part of the cost of replacing their old toilets with water-saving low-flow toilets.  That’s a pretty awesome deal, right?

Here’s a press release that the City of Dallas issued when the program was started almost two years ago:

A New Throne for Your Home

Even though this program had been around for over a year by the time we started remodeling our home, we knew nothing about it until we saw a little flyer at Home Depot Expo.  We were totally blown away!  Our home was old enough to qualify for the program (built before 1992), so we were in the money!!!  All that we had to do was fill out an application that is available online, and send it in to the City of Dallas along with our most recent water bill and a receipt showing that we had purchased 2 low-flow toilets – so easy!!

Now for the interesting part.  We’d been waiting for a few months to see that $180 credit on our water bill – and today we got a call that someone from the City of Dallas was on their way to scope out our digs and make sure that we’d really installed the new low-flow toilets.  They wanted to make sure that we weren’t scammers!!  Luckily this was no problem for us as we hadn’t been planning on pocketing 180 bucks-worth of free water.

Now that we’ve passed inspection, we can expect to see the credit on our next water bill!  Gotta love it when your city takes steps to help out your wallet and the planet.

Want to find out if your city offers a similar low-flow voucher plan?  Just google the name of your town with the phrase “low flow toilet.”  And click here and here for tips on choosing a low-flow toilet.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Great program. Could you notice a difference in water bills after installing them? I wish I could get $180 to replace my 2 toilets!

    • Liz says:


      It’s funny you should ask that question! We completely remodeled the house before we moved in, so we didn’t really have “before and after” water bills – but I can definitely tell you that our water bill is less than I would expect for a 2-person home with “average” water use (although it is definitely higher than at our townhouse, where we didn’t have a sprinkler system). In all, you’re right – it is a great program, and definitely reduces our water consumption.

      ~ Liz

  2. christy says:

    What a great program. I’m going to check into that around here…we need two new toilets anyway. Our water bill is already ridiculously low in my mind though – it averages about $30 a month!

  3. Averill says:

    Very nice! The low flow toilets really do make a difference. Our water bill is usually under $20 a month (and I take some pretty long showers…). :)