Our Flip: Where’d It All Go?

The hubby and I stopped by the flip in Monday night to check out the progress after the first day – I must say, I was VERY pleasantly surprised!!!  Tons of demo had been done, and the crew had completely cleaned up after themselves so the place didn’t look like a total train wreck.

Take a look at the transformation in the kitchen:

Our Flip: Where’d It All Go?

All of the cabinets are out, the furrdowns are gone (those little boxed in areas above the cabinets), and they’re ready to demo the wall between the kitchen and the den – yay!!!  There will soon be just a half wall separating the kitchen and den, with a peninsula that holds the range and a raised bar for bar-height stools on the den side – it’s going to look fab!

They made tons of progress in other places, but the pictures really just look like empty rooms with studs for walls – not too exciting, so I’ll spare you.  However, I do have to show you my favorite find:

Our Flip: Where’d It All Go?

It always cracks me up during renovations when toilets are left in crazy places – in this case, it’s the master bedroom.  It reminds me of the “toilet in kitchen” era of our own home remodel:

Our Flip: Where’d It All Go?

Ah, those were the days – and we got lucky with two toilets in our kitchen.  I know it’s hard, but try to control your jealousy.

I know some of you were curious as to whether we are using the same contractor for the flip that renovated our home – nope!  It’s nothing personal at all with our old contractor (we really really liked him and his work), we just needed a bid that was lower than what he could give us.  Luckily, the contractor with the best bid for the flip is actually a guy that we were really in love with when we were getting bids for our house – he has renovated some homes that are truly to die for.  I can’t wait to see him work his magic on our flip!!

That’s all for today, folks!  Stay tuned as this whole flipping shenanigan unfolds . . .

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  1. Averill says:

    Looks like you’re making great progress! I’m super-impressed how clean the space is. My brother-in-law is a GC and he always says you can tell the quality of the work by the cleanliness of the site. If that’s true, then your house is gonna be AMAZING.

    • Liz says:


      Ooh, I hope that’s true!! And how lucky are you to have a GC as a brother-in-law – I bet he comes in pretty handy!

      ~ Liz

  2. Tonya says:

    I agree with Averill – it does look amazingly clean! And somewho, so much better already :-) Can’t wait until the next flip update!

  3. christy says:

    As Julia Child always said: CYAG – Clean As You Go! It’s the best way to work – in the kitchen – or anywhere in the house.

    It’s looking awesome – and that is so funny about toilets left in funny places!

    So great that you have a general contractor you like. I’d love to hear more about that whole process – how specific your instructions are to him, etc!

  4. christy says:

    Hello again Liz! You have an award waiting for you on my site!