Our Flip: Timing Is Everything

The new cabinetry for our flip has been ready and waiting for almost two weeks now – can you believe it?  I can’t – I mean, we only closed on the flip 15 days ago!

You might be asking why the cabinets are ready so ridiculously early.  Well, in all honesty, this is exactly where we want to be – you see, timing is everything when it comes to flipping houses.  They key is to have everything timed and organized so that all of your materials (like cabinets, appliances, tile, lighting fixtures, etc.) are waiting on you, rather than you waiting on them to be ready.  Time is money, people!  And the only way to make that happen is to make lots of decisions, and to make them early.

For example, we had to make each of these decisions before we closed on the flip and, in some cases, before we even put an offer in on the house:

  • Were we going to change the layout in the kitchen, or leave it the same? This decision was made right off the bat, before we made an offer – we had to make sure that we knew exactly what we were going to do with the space so that demo could go smoothly – we didn’t want someone to demo a wall or move a gas line that we actually needed.  It’s the same story with the master bath.  Ultimately, we kept the layout of both rooms the same, with a few minor tweaks – we created a half wall for a breakfast bar between the kitchen and the den and moved the fridge over to that wall, and we stole a bit of the closet in the master bedroom to make a larger master shower.  Not huge changes, but significant enough so that everybody needed to be on the same page from the get go.
  • What appliances were we going to choose? This definitely sounds like a detail that could be left until the end, but when you’re having custom cabinetry built you want to make sure that the cabinets fit around the appliances like a glove.  Because of that, we went appliance shopping weeks ago and settled on the Euro-series of stainless steel appliances by Jenn-Air.  Our decision was actually made relatively quickly, because Jenn-Air is pretty much the only mid-level manufacturer that makes a gas range with a built-in downdraft.  We quickly learned that we needed a range with a downdraft because the range is in the peninsula that separates the kitchen from the den – we didn’t want a big range hood blocking the view but we still needed ventilation, so a downdraft was the only way to go.  Sometimes your decisions are just made for you!  (And I’ll tell you more about the great deal we got on our appliances later . . . )

Our Flip: Timing Is Everything

  • What did we want the cabinets to look like? We met with our cabinet guy, worrying that we were going to have to get the most plain-looking cabinets ever created to stay within our budget.  Not so!!!  We were pleasantly surprised that all of his cabinet doors were priced the same, no matter how fancy or intricate the design, as long as he already had a template for the design and it could be created with a single pass of his machine.  We were thrilled because we got to choose cabinet doors that are almost identical to the ones in our kitchen, which we absolutely love:

Our Kitchen

Our Flip: Timing Is Everything

Here’s a close-up so you can see the detail on both the frame and the inset – I’m a sucker for some detailing!  The cabinets in the flip will virtually the same, except for some fluting that we had added in various places around our kitchen.

Now that the cabinets are ready to go, we should probably pick out some countertops, right?  We’re off to see the granite and tile guys today, and I’ll fill you in on all the fun later.  Yay, I’m excited – this is all the fun stuff!!  Until then, we’d love to hear what brand of appliances you guys have in your kitchens – we have Kenmore Elite in our own home, and Jenn-Air will be in the flip.  Do you guys like your appliances, or wish you had made a different choice?  Dish the dirt!

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Image courtesy of Jenn-Air.

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  1. Beth says:

    I can’t wait to see the finished product! YAY!

  2. Averill says:


    We have a JennAir gas range in our current house and I have no complaints so I think you made a great choice there. Also, love the cabinets! What counters are you going to get to go with them?

    • Liz says:


      So glad to hear it about Jenn-Air!! We’ve definitely seen them around, but never in our own home so I’m really glad to hear that they’re up to snuff. As for the counters, we’re going granite in the kitchen, marble in the master bath (to match marble tiles that we have left over from our reno that we’re going to use as the flooring in the master bath) and we’re still undecided about the jack ‘n jill bath – maybe travertine? We have travertine countertops in a few of our bathrooms and they look dynamite. We’re going to keep our eyes open at the granite yard today and hopefully some awesome beauties will pop up!!

      ~ Liz

  3. Kristina says:

    I know you’ve seen “Flip That House” and how crazy those people get if thier stuff isn’t on schedule! You know how Armando Montelongo rolls! Ha!

    I’m excited to see the progress! Does your cabinet guy have decent prices??

    • Liz says:


      Ha, I love the Armando Montelongo reference – that man is insane!! I hope that flipping won’t bring out my Armando Montelongo side. :)

      Our cabinet guy definitely has decent prices – in all honesty, it wound up being very close to what it would have been for new cabinetry from the “customizable” section of Home Depot – not too bad!! :) I think we’ll always go custom made, which is something that I never expected – it’s just really not that much more expensive unless you do something crazy, and it sure is nice to have everything just the way you want it. :)

      ~ Liz

  4. b*schus says:

    We are in the midst of a huge kitchen rehab right now (I will have pics to share soon!) and we chose GE Profile for our appliances.

    BTW, I loove your site (just found it) and it really inspires me. Our rehab is moving along, but since we’re living in the condo along with it, it will be so nice to have a clean house again!

    • Liz says:


      Can’t wait to see the pics!! I’m sure it’s crazy living in your condo with a remodel going on – hope everything is back to normal soon, I know it will all be worth it. :)

      ~ Liz

  5. kathy says:

    very cool… keep us posted on the flip!! super exciting liz!

  6. christy says:

    You guys really put a ton of thought into this – that’s so great that you’re well prepared.

    My absolute dream kitchen appliances are those ones I featured on my blog a few months ago…they have large colorful flowers painted all over the front of them, but are prohibitively expensive. So I just admire them from afar!

    • Liz says:


      You are so right – those floral stoves are totally gorgeous!!! Ahh, the luxury to be able to design an entire kitchen around them – I’m seeing white shaker cabinets (of course), white subway tiled backsplash, polished nickel hardware, and a deep gray solid surface counter . . . mmmm. Check them out here, you guys: “http://www.alilwelshrarebit.com/2009/02/prettiest-appliances-ever.html”

      ~ Liz

  7. christy says:

    Oh that would be a luxury, wouldn’t it? mmmm I love them so much!

  8. Michelle says:

    I can’t wait to see what the kitchen will look like in your flip house!!!!

    and I am definitely bookmarking this post to look at the appliances you mentioned!