Our Flip: Before & After

Now that our flip has been fully renovated from head to toe and put on the market, wanna take a peak at all the finishing touches?  Grab a cup of coffee and get ready for an all-access home tour that will knock your socks off!

Here’s what our flip looked like when we first saw it way back in April.  Dreary, dated, and totally hidden are a few of the descriptors that come to mind.  The drab peachy brick and the baby blue shutters were doing absolutely nothing for this diamond in the rough – not that you could even see the house due to the low-hanging magnolias that blocked out so much sun that grass refused to grow over most of the yard.

We're Flipping Out

And here’s how the flip greets you today!!  As you can see, new landscaping (more on that soon!) and a snazzy paint job instantly yanked this house out of the 1960s and into this century.  We also removed the outdoor carpeting, ripped out the old ironwork on the porch and replaced it with a simple wood pillar, which immediately shaved about 3 decades off the appearance of the house.  Now, the light cream paint really pops against the lush lawn, and the cheery red door welcomes you right in.  The simple black accents on the shutters and pillar ground the color scheme, while the nickel finishes on the hardware, mailbox and lighting add a much-needed update to the front porch.

Pick The Perfect Exterior Paint Colors In A Snap

Through the front door, you walk immediately into the entryway.  From that point, you can turn left down a hallway to reach three of the bedrooms and the jack ‘n jill bath, you could go to the right to enter the formal living and dining rooms, or you could continue straight into the den (which leads to the study, kitchen, and guest bedroom and bath).

Forgive me for these next few pictures – I know they leave a little something to be desired!  Here’s how the entryway used to look.  The tacky wallpaper and elaborately swagged crystal chandelier just weren’t working for me.  The standard doorway into the den also left a little something to be desired, as it made the entryway feel cramped and closed off.

Our Flip: Day 1

By simply removing the dated elements and expanding the doorways to the den and the formal living/dining, the entryway became a light, airy and beautiful way to welcome visitors into the home.  (And do you recognize that capiz ceiling light from the hallway in our home??)

Our Flip: Before & After

Our Flip: Before & After

Immediately to the right of the entryway was the dingy formal living and dining rooms, complete with a metallic focal wall – what’s not to love, right?

Our Flip: Before & After Our Flip: Day 1

By replacing the dirty carpeting with gleaming hardwoods, switching out the chandelier, and ripping down the curtains to let in the sunlight, the living and dining rooms now feel current and rich, just as they should.

Our Flip: Before & After

Through those double doors at the end of the dining room, you immediately walk into what used to be a dark relic from the 60s:

Our Flip: Day 1

With clean new custom cabinetry, granite countertops, hardwood floors and a functional new layout, the new kitchen is practically unrecognizable:

Our Flip: Before & After

Like most homes built in the 60s, our flip used to have a closed-in galley kitchen that removed the kitchen from the rest of the house.

Our Flip: Day 1 Our Flip: Some Serious Progress!!

By removing half of the wall between the kitchen and the den, the kitchen is instantly open and airy, perfect for entertaining or feeding the kids meals at the new breakfast bar.  And best of all, now that stunning glass and marble backsplash can be seen throughout the house!

After - Open Kitchen

A great feature of this house is the breakfast nook at the end of the kitchen – who couldn’t use another place to hang out and enjoy a meal?  Unfortunately, the original breakfast nook was . . . um . . . a bit dated.

Our Flip: Before & After

We simply removed the floral chandelier and replaced the existing hutch with a floor-to-ceiling custom pantry, which added ridiculous amounts of storage and upped the attractiveness factor of this little nook.  And check out that snazzy hardware!!

Our Flip: Before & After

And I can’t resist pointing out a few fun features of the new kitchen – check out the trash pullout, the recess for an undercounter microwave, and the vertical base cabinet (on the far right) for cookie sheets!  Ooh, and here’s a little tip for those of you that are having new countertops installed – ask the fabricator to make you a custom cutting board out of the countertop remnants, like the portions cut out for the stove and sink.  You’ll have a gorgeous (and indestructible) cutting board that will blend in so perfectly with your countertops that you can leave it out all the time!

Our Flip: Before & After Our Flip: Before & After

So you may be wondering what was on the other side of that galley kitchen.  Well, here it is.

Our Flip: Day 1

Kind of a letdown, right?  I mean, I love that it has a fireplace, but the room just looked sad – dark paneling, a peachy-pink fireplace, scalloped bookcases and dingy carpeting just weren’t awesome enough.

So we changed it.  A bunch.  New bookcases and hardwood floors, drywall instead of paneling, recessed lighting and a fresh coat of white paint on the fireplace suddenly transformed the cave-like den into a family room just begging for a family.

Our Flip: Before & After

And it has a rockin’ view of the kitchen, so nobody gets left out.

Our Flip: Before & After

Past the breakfast nook (on the way to the garage), is a bathroom and a fourth bedroom.  The bathroom originally housed a toilet, sink . . . and the washer and dryer.

Our Flip: Day 1

The first step was 2009’ing the bathroom with all the fixins from a new toilet to a classic pedestal sink.

Our Flip: Before & After

And then we desperately needed to address the laundry area.  It was just sad.

Our Flip: Before & After

So we got rid of it.  Or moved it, actually – more about that later.  In its place, we added a gorgeous tiled shower/bath – I think the glass diamond accents are my fave!  And it’s awesome that this is now a full bath because . . . the fourth bedroom is right across the hall!!  Now it’s the perfect little guest wing, and guests won’t have to trek across the entire house in their bathrobe – definitely a necessary change (and one that adds value to boot!).

Our Flip: Before & After

So now onto that fourth bedroom.  The built-in desk is a great feature, but the whole room just looked a little dated.

Our Flip: Before & After

A fresh coat of white paint on the built-ins and some new carpet instantly freshened this room into a space perfect for guests, a workspace, or whatev.

Our Flip: Before & After

Through the doorway to the right of the den was this sad little enclosed patio.  Luckily, it was heated and cooled so it added some awesome square footage to the home.  But it was kinda gross, with the original brick walls (and random paneling), creaky sliding doors, and funky blue carpeting.

Our Flip: Before & After

By floating a new floor over the existing slab, we were able to continue the gorgeous hardwoods straight into the study (formerly enclosed patio) for a seamless transition to the rest of the house, which totally increased the open feeling of the entire home.  We also drywalled over the brick walls, added recessed lighting, and replaced the sliding doors with updated French doors to take in the beautiful new view.

Our Flip: Before & After

But the view wasn’t always so lovely.  The slab patio used to be confined and depressing, with a plastic sheeting roof, tired outdoor carpeting, and a brick wall that closed off the patio from the rest of the backyard.

Our Flip: Before - Back Patio

So we tore it all down, all the way to the concrete slab.  Then we added a rustic flagstone patio (to match the new pool coping that you’ll see in a minute), and topped it off with a fun and functional cedar pergola that defines the space and adds a little shade from that Texas sun (and the new homeowners can easily increase the amount of shade if they want by adding canvas right over the top of the pergola, or weaving it in between the cedar slats for a unique effect).

Our Flip: Raise the Flag

The backyard used to be completely overrun by the swampy pool and cracked concrete decking.  And that lone palm tree was just weird.

Our Flip: Backyard Oasis

We totally revamped the pool by adding new 3M quartz plaster in an island blue, fun mosaic tiles in a cobalt blue and earthy brown, and awesome flagstone coping that perfectly coordinates with the new tile.  Chipping up the old concrete decking allowed us to add tropical plantings and lay a grassy lawn that gives the pool a pond-like effect, and will also give the new homeowners a place to play with their kids and pets.

Our Flip: They Can Take the Heat

Back inside, a jack ‘n jill bath is down a short hallway to the left of the entryway.  This bathroom is shared with the second bedroom, and was also intended to be used by guests.  While it was big and spacious with lots of storage and double sinks, in its original condition guests were sure to run screaming for the hills.

Our Flip: Before & After Our Flip: Day 1

We were able to totally transform the bathroom by simply switching out the flooring and adding a new countertop and fixtures.  The existing cabinetry looks amazing with a new coat of crisp white paint, and the new travertine flooring, laid in a brick pattern, is totally gorgeous and makes the bathroom feel even more spacious.

Our Flip: After - Jack 'n Jill Bath

Even though the second bedroom just off the jack ‘n jill bath was spacious, it was a little dingy.

Our Flip: Day 1

With new carpeting and paint, an efficient ceiling fan and lovely crown molding, the second bedroom is now totally inviting.

Our Flip: Before & After

The third bedroom was almost as spacious, but the bright blue carpeting was a huge distraction from its potential.

Our Flip: Day 1

It got the same treatment as the second bedroom, and was spiffed up in a jiffy.

Our Flip: Before & After

This house was simply brimming with storage, like the two large closets on the right-hand side of this hallway that connects three of the bedrooms.

Our Flip: Before & After

Turns out those two closets were the perfect place to add a laundry area for a full-size washer and dryer (and with room left over for a separate linen closet!).  Now the new homeowners will be able to easily wash and dry their clothes without hauling their dirty laundry across the entire house – score!

Our Flip: Before & After

Just past the new laundry area is the master bedroom.  But there was nothing masterful about it in the beginning.

Our Flip: Day 1

So we swanked it up by continuing the beautiful hardwood floors right into the master bedroom.  And as an added bonus, it has a killer view of the pool and all of the gorgeous landscaping.

Our Flip: After - Master Bedroom

Perhaps the biggest eyesore in the entire house was the master bathroom.  It had blinding wallpaper, scallops, paneling, formica, and just about the worst shower I’ve ever seen.  It was going to be a huge challenge.

Our Flip: Day 1

Luckily, we conquered it!!  We ripped out the old cabinets to make room for dual sinks, doubled the visual space of the room with a fab beveled mirror, and added custom cabinets with tons of storage.

Our Flip: After - Master Bath

Like I said before, the shower was pitiful – I’ll spare you a view of the inside, but it felt cramped and was definitely not a place that you’d want to stand around in naked.  I’m just saying.

Homebody Query: Big Bath or Closet Space? Homebody Query: Big Bath or Closet Space?

But with the addition of a frameless glass shower enclosure and oodles of marble tile, the shower is now the showpiece of the master bathroom!  Bright and airy, the glass enclosure adds to the spacious feeling of this gorgeous shower.

Our Flip: Showered with Awesomeness

Our Flip: Before & After

So there you have it!!  How’d you like poking around our flip?  Got any questions about what we did or how we did it?  Ask away!!

For even more behind-the-scenes peeks into our flip, just click here.

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  1. Tiffani says:

    Hi Liz –

    WOW!! I’m completely blown away by the transformation. You did such a fantastic job! We recently bought a house (we’re also in Dallas) and the backyard definitely needs some work. I’m curious who you used to break up the concrete around your pool and replace it with the stone? I love the way this looks but have no idea how to go about finding someone to do this kind of work.


    • Liz says:


      Congrats on your new home!!! I hear ya on backyards that need a little TLC – this one was a doozie!! We actually used the pool company that resurfaced the pool to demolish the concrete decking and install the new flagstone coping. I’m sending you an email right now with the name of the company we used. Hope this helps!

      ~ Liz

  2. christy says:

    Liz – Oh my god! You guys did an absolutely stunning job. I loved your whole commentary on all the different design choices you made for each room too! I’m with you – that master bath is probably the most spectacular. Well, and the kitchen. And the pool. I don’t know – it’s all pretty spectacular!

    I’m emailing you now!

  3. Gord says:

    Great job! Looks fantastic.

    I’m just wondering – what did you do to get the outdoor carpet off your front step? We have some that I want to rip off, but I’m afraid it’s going to leave glue, etc behind and look awful. Any pointers?

    • Liz says:


      Chances are, the outdoor carpeting is going to leave behind some adhesive (we have the same problem with the covered patio at our house). Our crafty painters over at the flip used this product (http://www.wmbarr.com/product.aspx?catid=72&prodid=115) to remove about 99% of the adhesive from the front porch. There are still a few areas where the adhesive is still visible, but those areas appear to just be stains as opposed to actual adhesive residue. I hope this helps!


      Ha, you’re right – I wouldn’t say this is your typical flip! :) We did spend more than people typically do when they’re flipping houses – my family has told me that we should say that we are “renovating for resale” or “rehabbing houses” instead of “flipping” because they think that the term flipping suggests that we only changed paint and carpet. Who knows, maybe they’re right! The bottom line was that we just didn’t want to do it halfway, for better or worse (hopefully better!!). We wanted to create a home that we would be happy living in, and that hopefully someone else will love as well. Fingers crossed!! :)

      ~ Liz

  4. Chris says:

    You’re right. My socks are KNOCKED OFF! This is an absolutely stunning house that will be such a great home for someone! I would move there in a heartbeat! It seems like you put so much expense into it. Is that normal for a flip house? Either way, I hope you get every dime and then some back! Congratulations!

  5. Looks great! Good luck with everything!

  6. Wow! You did a beautiful job on the flip. I love that kitchen and the shower!

  7. Nicole says:

    It looks wonderful! If only I lived in Dallas – I would definitely want to bid on that beauty!

  8. Jen says:

    STUNNING!!! I just can’t believe the transformation you made! Your family is right – this shouldn’t be called flipping, you are offering a luxuriously designed space! They must be so proud of you and your husband for all you’ve accomplished! Way to go!!

  9. Heather says:

    Love it! Where is this property again? I love everything about it! Excellent Job!

  10. Averill says:

    I can’t believe how good it turned out — it’s even more amazing than I expected. Thank you so much for the wonderful before and after shots! As Alison of MLHP said on her blog the other day: design before & afters are my porn! :)

    Btw, when are you starting on your next flip?

  11. Jill says:

    Wow! I was stunned by the dramatic transformation between every picture! Way to go!

  12. Julie says:

    You did great work!

    I was looking forward to seeing the end results after your “tease” last week with the open house invite.

    Quick question… Paint colors. What did you use over the wood paneling as far as colors? I love the lightness and contrast.

    Great Job!


  13. Tom Tarrant says:

    Great Job!

  14. Meredith says:

    The transformation looks wonderful. You and your husband need a show on HGTV instead of the bozos currently on!!

  15. Kim says:

    Wow! The transformation is amazing!

    I’m a new reader, but how long did you work on this? Did you do most of the work yourself? (I’m sure you’ve already talked about this, I’ll have to go through your past posts.)

  16. Mom and Dad says:

    Dad and I are sooooo proud of what you and Jason have done. This renovation (much more than a “flip”) is just terrific. Congratulations to you both!
    xo, Mom

  17. What am amazing job that you did on this house! I am just blown away with the transformation.

    Good luck on the sale.

  18. Christi says:

    I’ve been following your blog for several months, so I was keeping up to date with the flip. But I could not wait for this before and after compilation!!! The flip is absolutely amazing, and I wish you the best of luck with the new business and the sale of your flip.

  19. Liz says:


    We are chomping at the bit to get our hands on another property to renovate, but we’re trying (key word = trying) to reign ourselves in until this flip is sold. So hopefully soon!


    We actually removed the wood paneling in the den (I think that’s the paneling you’re talking about). The two colors that we used in the interior were actually Sherwin Williams color matches of two Pittsburgh Paint colors – Toasted Almond (the light beige) and Atrium White (the trim color). Hope this helps!!


    Our flip was finished in a flash, just under two months! We were aiming to have it on the market in that amount of time, but we never really thought it would happen. :) As for the construction, my hubby and I were the peeps with the design & ideas, and we had a handy crew that put our ideas into practice.

    ~ Liz

  20. Fabulous job & quite impressed! The home is simply lovely. You must be terribly proud?!

    To a quick sell ~ Cheers

  21. Lindsay says:

    AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go! Love it! I wish we lived in TX or were remotely thinking of moving there! Kansas will have to work for awhile longer though!! ;)


  22. anna see says:

    When can I move in? You did an truly amazing job. I want to walk into that lovely kitchen every morning. Your own home and this flip are incredible examples of the stellar vision you have to see the potential. Gorgeous!

  23. bamboo says:

    my dream home too!

  24. rue says:

    Great remodel! you really did a beautiful job :)

    Question: you wouldn’t happen to have that breakfast room chandelier anymore, would you????? It’s perfect for a project I want to do.


    • Liz says:


      Thank you! Sorry about the chandelier, all the extra things have already made their way to new homes. :)

      ~ Liz

  25. Karen B says:

    Wow, what a difference. It looks amazing!

  26. sue says:

    This was an amazing transformation. Do you and your husband do this for a living?

    • Liz says:


      Thanks!! For the time being, flipping houses is kind of a “side business” for us but we’re hoping to grow it over time! And hopefully we’ll get to tackle another project like this very soon. :)

      ~ Liz

  27. Karen says:

    You did a spectacular job on the house. I think our realtor showed us the cousin to that house. I saw all the paneling, stained carpet, outdated kitchen, acoustic tile ceiling and we just passed. You certainly had the vision.

  28. Ben says:

    What color paint did you use in the bedrooms I love it its not to dark or light please let me know thanks again and great job

    • Liz says:


      We love that paint color! It’s a Sherwin-Williams color match of Toasted Almond from the Pittsburgh Paints line. Hope that helps! :)

      ~ Liz

  29. Ashley says:

    Hi! I just came across your site- it’s wonderful! I would love to do a flip but my husband…not so much so I’m sticking to small projects for now :) Like my new blog: http://gogreeno.blogspot.com Hopefully someday I’ll have a house to work on :) Thanks so much for sharing! I’ll be back for sure.
    .-= Ashley´s last blog post ..Tofu Stir Fry! =-.