The Flip: Rub A Dub Dub, Here’s Our Jetted Tub

So far it looks like my wish has been granted – we are on track to start framing.  (Clicks heels in the air.)

You may recall that our grand plan for the master bathroom recalls a tub – a jetted tub, to be precise.

Since framing should be starting oh so soon, we had to scurry quick to find and purchase said jetted tub so that the master bath could be framed properly (framing around the drop-in tub impacts the framing for the shower, etc.)

A few weeks ago when we were scouting materials we noticed that Seconds & Surplus had a ridiculously large inventory of fab looking jetted tubs at even more fab prices.  We ran over there during lunch and fell in love with this baby:

I think the fact that it’s covered in dirty footprints gives it that little something extra, don’t you?

We brought my SUV in the hopes that this ginormous tub would fit, but we weren’t really holding our breaths over it.  Jason’s dad lives nearby and we figured that we’d probably swing by his house to borrow his truck.

Luckily after a quick test drive with the measuring tape I discovered that the tub would just fit in the back of my SUV.

This is what we call a “perfect fit,” ladies and gents!

Now I’m jealous that our flip is going to have a jetted tub and I don’t.  Sigh.

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  1. What if you love the resulting flip much more than your current house? Would you even consider moving there?
    Elisa @ What the Vita´s last blog post post ..Serious Dilemma- The Windows

  2. Joan says:

    Looks like you and Jason have gained lots of wisdom in “doing” a flip! Great way to get an expensive feature for a low price and then make delivery fees disappear. Will the tub still come with a warranty? (Or are they EVER warrantied?) I want more news and pictures! I’m pretty sure at this point your life is more exciting than mine. :)

  3. Lauren says:

    I maintain my thesis statement: your future buyers are the luckiest sodding people on earth.

    Excellent stealth maneuvres – particularly in snagging the ‘dirty’ tub everyone else ignored!

    Now tell me more about this ‘Surplus and Seconds’ …. need I start driving south right this second?
    Lauren´s last blog post post ..How much do your dry towels cost

    • Liz says:


      I can’t lie, Seconds & Surplus is pretty darn awesome – it’s kind of like being able to walk into an Overstock jammed full of building supplies. Not the world’s largest selection, but that’s okay for a flip. We’re hooked!

      ~ Liz

  4. ann says:

    I must know more about your master bath redo– we are about to embark on ours and I really want to try and fit a tub in with the shower—is it hard to install yourself? Are you planning on building the surround for the tub? I love that tub and would love one up in my aster but I am not sure it will even fit in the door! any advice/info appreciated!!!
    ann´s last blog post post ..Halloween Hangover