The Flip: I’d Like Your Opinion

Things are chugging right along at the flip – sorry I haven’t been updating you as frequently as I’d like but it’s been crazy around here!

Framing is almost 100% complete, and plumbing is supposed to begin tomorrow.  I may be weird, but I find that really exciting!

In other news, we picked out some gorgeous Mexican Noce polished travertine for the bathrooms – we originally found it at the expensive stone yard but then found a remnant in our fabricator’s warehouse (so we didn’t have to go to the expense of buying the whole slab) – score!!

We still need to pick out the granite for the kitchen, but since we stretched the ol’ budget by using remnants in the bathroom we can basically have our pick of the litter for the kitchen countertops.  I’m definitely excited about our next trip to the stone yard.  :)

We ordered a window for the bathroom (at 5 x 3 the new window going to make the master bath oh-so-bright-and-shiny!), and we’re on the verge of finalizing our order for new trim and doors.  Which is where you guys come in.

You see, we can take our pick from any of these doors below:

Some I like, others . . . not so much.  Here’s my narrowed down list:

I had my heart set on a single panel door but it wasn’t to be, and that’s okay because I think we’ve got some really great contenders here.  Numbers 1, 3 and 4 are my fave (2 is a distant fourth) – we have 4 in our house and I really love them, but part of me is wanting to try out something different in the flip.

Which door would you choose, and why?

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  1. Irene says:

    I really like door number 2. That middle panel makes it unique to me.

  2. Rachel says:

    I suggest #1! We had them installed in our house a few months ago and they look great! I would definitely recommend a smooth finish. If I recall correctly #2 and maybe #3 only come in textured (at least from where we bought which have the same illustations as your are showing) :). That is my personal opinion… ours look great in the house and I’m happy with our choice. The simplicty, straight lines and smooth finish sold me!

    You can catch a glimpse of them here… (along with the bifold doors for the closets)

    And that was before paint (I have to admit we STILL haven’t painted them)… we’ll get around to it sooner than later! :)

    Good luck!

  3. Christi says:

    My pick would be door #1. I live in a house built in 1925, and my doors are the same general design.
    Love your posts! Keep up the good work!

  4. Liz says:


    I am definitely with you on the smooth finish! Our supplier has sworn up and down that they won’t be textured, so at least we don’t have that to worry about. (And P.S. Your doors look fab!)

    ~ Liz

  5. #3
    Samantha@yearofhomeandhealth´s last blog post post ..Scored Bigtime!

  6. christy says:

    I would choose #2 because I find it the most aesthetically pleasing, and because I think it’s unusual! None of my friends have that specific door in their houses, and I like to stand out. But since you don’t love it, I’d go with #1 – it’s very similar to the doors we put up in our current house, with the diff being the tops of ours are carved – like the first set of ones you’ve x’ed through!

    So exciting about the remnant find – can’t wait to see what you choose for the kitchen! I wonder if you’re going to love it so much you want to move in! ;-)

  7. kathy says:

    you can’t go wrong with #4… nice and simple

  8. melarse says:

    I really do like the simplicity of #1 & #2. I have 7 – #4s in my house, and my husband and I were *just* complaining about what a “pain” they are to dust with all of those panes – 7 doors, 6 panes/side = 84 panes to dust regularly!

  9. Sarah Z says:

    Door number #1. Any buyer will like it and it will never look dated. It’s a classic style that goes with everything.

    Good Luck!

  10. beth says:

    I like door #1 bc of it’s simplicity. I’m a minimalist though :)

  11. Joanne says:

    number 1

  12. Meredith says:

    I like #2…it’s different! Can’t wait to see what you pick!
    Meredith´s last blog post post ..Smiley Happy People

  13. sangeetha says:

    #4 I have it at my house

  14. I like 1 then followed by 3.

    I am just tired of number 4 and 2 is ok, but i don’t love it.
    Laurie @ Little Blue Chairs´s last blog post post ..Painting your subfloor-What I learned and how you can do it yourself

  15. Aimee says:

    I think I’d choose 1 or 3. 4 is in every builder-grade house we’ve ever been in, and I’m so tired of them! :)
    Aimee´s last blog post post ..Feelin’ Spooky

  16. Janis says:

    Wondering which one would be most compatible with your front door and/or your cabinetry….?

  17. Katrina says:

    Oh this is so cool!! We so need new doors!!

    I like # 1 its a good mix of classic and modern you don’t see many doors like that — # 4 is a good play it safe pick
    Katrina´s last blog post post ..Color Combination

  18. Sacha says:

    #1 is my first choice — it’s classic. Then #3. #2 is odd to me and #4 is overdone.
    Sacha´s last blog post post ..Cheesecake Ice Cream