The Flip: Kitchen Cabinetry

Cabinetry is so important – especially in a kitchen, and especially in a kitchen with an open layout.  Not only do the cabinets need to offer lots of storage and functionality for cooking and casual dining, but they need to be beautiful and help create a workable flow throughout the entire kitchen, family room and dining area (some would call it a great room, so let’s go with that).  That’s a tall order!!

The cabinetry at the flip is going to be beautiful but it’s been very tricky to figure out.  We’ve been through about 4 rounds of drawings, and realized at the last minute that we didn’t have enough space between the kitchen and the family room to have bar stools on the back of the island, so then we were scrambling to find another place to put them.

After lots of consideration, here’s a rough rendition of the layout we created for the great room:

(There are upper cabinets on the back elevation of cabinetry but I couldn’t figure out how to put them in the rendering.  Sorry, you’ll have to use your imagination!)

We decided to do a peninsula at the end of the back wall of cabinetry, and I think it’s going to be awesome – much better than our original plan, actually.  By extending the cabinetry towards the French doors and then extending the peninsula out into the space, the room will feel more balanced whereas before everything was skewed towards the fireplace wall.

We’ve been agonizing over where to place pendants – over the island or over the peninsula?  I think we’ve finally decided to hang them over the island but who knows, that could change again.  :)

This is what the back elevation of cabinetry will look like:

This peninsula will extend from the right side of the pantry and will be parallel to the French doors:

When you’re facing the fireplace from the kitchen, this is what the island will look like:

And here is the view of the island from the family room:

Whew!!  We went through lots of trial and error, but I think we finally got it right.  I’ll be on pins and needles for the next few weeks, waiting to see how the finished cabinets look!

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  1. Joan says:

    Liz, this is totally AWESOME! The design improvement is terrific, but how did you ever figure out the schemitics to show us the improvements? I am so impressed for both reasons!
    Love the peninsula at the end of the kitchen:
    1) increases storage and counter space
    2) makes another activity area, for homek or small kids playing
    3) every kitchen, in my opinion, needs a bar
    4) not having the bar in the middle makes it so those seated there don’t have their backs to the “den” part of the great room.
    I am totall certain the planner of my home’s original design did NOT spend a fraction of the time working out the best options.
    This design is FABULOUS!

  2. Fabulous design!
    Samantha@yearofhomeandhealth´s last blog post post ..Weight and Windows

  3. Irene says:

    That’s fantasitc rendurring. What software do you use? I just posted a blog post about our kitchen cabinets. It’s amazing how important they are. They have to look good AND be funtional? What? LOL!

  4. Liz says:


    I used for the 3D floor plan, and the cabinet renderings were drawn by our cabinet maker. I looooove, it’s such a great (and free!) resource!

    ~ Liz

  5. Kim says:

    This is going to be gorgeous, Liz. I esp. love the layout, it’s unique and so functional. I love that the cabinets are along the largest wall. And, so much cabinet space. And pantry space. They look like they will be lovely.

    Will you come over and help me with a layout in our kitchen? It’s proving to be harder than I want to deal with, and you are clearly an expert. =)
    Kim´s last blog post post ..So many colors- so little time

  6. Hey There really more info for building planing. I will share the plan in my all relatives. Thanks :)

  7. christy says:

    Me too – can’t wait to see! Will you have have a wine fridge? And what about putting pendants (maybe different ones even) over both the peninsula AND the bar? :)

    • Liz says:


      Heck yeah it’ll have a wine fridge! :) We thought about putting pendants over the island and the peninsula, but we worried about blocking the view through the French doors . . . hmm.

      ~ Liz

  8. Danielle Walts says:


    HI! I’ve been following your blog and love it especially since I too live in Dallas :-) How did you choose your cabinet maker? I’m in the midst of a full kitchen remodel and finding one is a bit overwhelming so I was hoping you could provide tips.

    • Liz says:


      Hey there! To be honest, with all 3 houses we’ve just used the cabinet maker that our contractors typically used – so that’s 2 different cabinet makers, and we’ve been really happy with both. Feel free to email me if you’d like their contact info!

      ~ Liz