The Easy Way to Hang Artwork on Paneling Without Nails

You guys have made me feel so great with all of your sweet comments about our gallery wall – thank you!!

Here’s a little follow up to yesterday’s post to fill you in on how I hung all the artwork for the gallery wall.  Even though I love our paneled walls, they’re pretty challenging when it comes to hanging artwork due to both the paneling (I don’t want to stick nails in it) and the box molding (which kinda dictates where the artwork can go).

Our Bold Gallery Wall - Finished!!

Since I know lots of you guys are in the same boat (what was it with wood paneling in the 70s?) I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve learned about hanging artwork on these tricky walls.

I used this technique to hang the rest of the art in the den (including these), but I decided to go for 3M Command picture hanging strips and sawtooth picture hangers from Office Depot for this project – the “no nails needed” promise was super appealing to me.  Here’s what they look like:

Command Picture Hanging Goodies Command Picture Hanging Goodies

It turns out that hanging pictures on wood paneling is actually pretty easy!  Here’s what I learned about hanging artwork on paneled walls:

(1) The Command strips are the way to go for wood paneling – no holes in the wall, and you don’t have the pressure of having to hang the picture perfectly on the first try.

(2) Even though you don’t have to worry about nail holes with the Command strips, I definitely recommend tracing around your frames and taping the cut outs to the wall so that you know exactly where you want each piece to go.  That way you won’t waste any of your little sticky strips (they’re kind of expensive).

(3) If you’re doing a gallery wall, feel free to let the artwork span over the boxes created by the molding – that way your gallery wall will feel cohesive instead of choppy, and the molding will kind of fade to the background.

(4) If your artwork is heavy, opt for the picture hanging strips instead of the sawtooth hanger or wire hanger (they have a 5 lb weight limit) – that way you can go crazy with the number of strips that you use and you won’t be (too) worried that your artwork is going to fall off the wall.  That’s what I did here:

Our Bold Gallery Wall - Finished!!

(5) If you’re hanging a picture on top of molding, here are a few tips:

  • (a) If your picture has a wire hanger – make sure the wire has some slack since the artwork will actually be resting on the molding about 1/4 of an inch off the wall.
  • (b) If your picture has no hanging device (like a canvas with just a wood frame) – position your picture hanging strips on the back of the frame in such a way that the strips will grab the thickest part of the molding (see photo below).
  • (c) If your picture has a sawtooth hanger – it won’t have enough slack to go over the molding, so choose option a or b above.

Our Bold Gallery Wall - Finished!!

The bottom line is to just go for it – you really have nothing to lose and it’s a lot of fun!  Have you had any luck with Command strips?  What tips have you used for hanging your gallery wall?

P.S.  I wasn’t compensated for this post, the Command strips were just so perfect for wood paneling that I had to share.

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  1. I love Command hooks and Command strips–that’s how we’ve hung a lot of our art on our picture wall and the mirror nearby as well as curtains in the bedroom (can be seen in some of the last pictures in this link):

    Since we rent and can’t be drilling holes into the wall, they have been a life saver for us!

    We also used them to hang garland in our living room come Christmas time:
    KT @ KT’s Refinishing School´s last blog post post ..Pardon the Interruption

    • Liz - It's Great To Be Home says:

      They’re so fab, aren’t they? :) You’ve found such great uses for them.

  2. I mentioned in my post yesterday that your gallery wall is so much more awesome than mine is going to be, but until today I never even thought about the fact that I’m mounting it on paneling. Except ours is paneling that was original to the house and we love it and we just paid a whole bunch of money having it recreated after we ripped the top of the house off. So why I hadn’t though about this before, I don’t know. Anyway, thanks you you I know exactly what to do now! Thanks!
    Erin @ The Impatient Gardener´s last blog post post ..Events to help you get your garden on

  3. christy says:

    PPS – You SHOULD have been compensated for it! You totally sold me! Fabulous job again Liz!

  4. I love the way you worked around the paneling. It looks so polished and purposeful. Command hooks are a brilliant invention. Nails don’t go into the brick wall in my house so command hooks are frequently called on.

  5. Lisa N says:

    hey I have to rent so I can us any nails and I can scratch the paint I have wood paneling and we CAN NOT take off the paint can you tell me that the command strips wont take the paint off when you take them off please email me as soon as you can thanks