Saturday Style: Short & Sweet

Follow along as I try to find my way out of the sweatpants and into something a little more stylish.

Saturday Style

When: May 14, 2011 (last Saturday)
What: J. Crew striped top, J. Crew black skinnies, Urban Outfitters black wedges, silver studs from Sam Moon, silver spoon ring from War Eagle

My friend Jen came in town this weekend!  We had a great night, starting out with wine on my back porch, then a feast at our favorite tried and true Mexican restaurant, then more wine on my back porch.  An excellent night!

When: May 15, 2011 (last Sunday)
What: J. Crew neon yellow cardigan, Target T-shirt, Gap skinnies, Old Navy silver sandals, silver studs from Sam Moon, silver spoon ring from War Eagle, necklaces from James Avery & Sam Moon

What a gorgeous day!  Blue skies and tons of sunshine with just a little chill in the air – I can’t get enough of it!  Brunch with Jen and our friends Casey and Holland was a great way to start the day – you just can’t beat beignets and a Bloody Mary, can you?

Then I headed over to my parents’ house – my mom made an amazing photo book of our wedding pictures!  And yes, we got married 4 years ago, and my mom has been offering to make us this book for 4 years . . . but I was stubborn and kept saying that I would do it myself . . . and never did.  Luckily my mom is awesome and she made us a gorgeous book.  :)

When: May 17, 2011 (last Tuesday)
What: Old Navy t-shirt, Old Navy skirt, Old Navy gold sandals, Sam Moon belt, Jess LC necklace (By the way, have you seen her new line of bags?  Too cute!)

Apparently the theme for the day was “How many things can you wear from Old Navy at once?”  Although I’m pretty sure I can top this – I do have some Old Navy socks, after all.  :)

Do you see the brown patches in my lawn?  Yeah.  I went around spraying all the weeds in the yard with weed killer, and only after I was finished did I realize that it was weed and grass killer.  Oops!

Also, I’ve noticed that my Saturday Style photos are all washed out – I’ve been uploading them to WordPress rather than Flickr because the Flickr creepos were weirding me out, but apparently WordPress washes out and kinda blurs my pics.  Sorry about that!

Photographing outfits got past me for the rest of the week, so that’s all for now.  :)  Have an awesome weekend!

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  1. Mom says:

    Your mother must be a veritable saint!

  2. Jen Rames says:

    Looking cute! It was great to see you and I can’t wait to see your wedding album next time!
    Jen Rames´s last blog post post ..A San Antonio Wedding- Eden’s Echo Florist

  3. christy says:

    These are three of my favorite outfits of yours Liz! And your mom is one awesome woman to make that book for you. And finally, beignets….YUMMMY!!!!!

  4. Emily S. says:

    Love these outfits, Liz–I especially need to get myself a cheery yellow cardigan like yours! I’ve missed your posts, so thanks for this one! (p.s. Your mom is so creative, and funny to boot! :)

  5. I love your outfits! These photos have made me realize I need more cotton t-shirts and tops that can either be casual or dressy–all I seem to have for the spring/summer are work (business casual) clothes! :)
    KT @ KT’s Refinishing School´s last blog post post ..Graduation Open House- Menu and Updated To Do List

    • Liz - It's Great To Be Home says:

      It’s funny, for the past few months that’s been my sole criteria for buying clothes – they HAVE to transition easily for work/play. Although I do find that this criteria makes my “play” clothes a little nicer-looking than they they normally would – not that that’s a bad thing! :)

  6. Jess LC says:

    Thanks so much for the shout out about the new bags! And your Cluster necklace looks lovely on you!! :) I totally have a super similar style- I wore a yellow cardigan this weekend myself :)

    • Liz - It's Great To Be Home says:

      Thanks, Jess! :) Ha, I’ve been wearing that necklace like crazy lately – turns out it goes with everything!