Flip Update: Day 42

I’ve got lots of flip updates for you, are you ready?!?

  1. The new roof is on!
  2. Flip Update: Day 42

    Flip Update: Day 42

  3. Electrical and plumbing rough-ins are finished!
  4. Flip Update: Day 42

    Flip Update: Day 42

  5. The HVAC has been replaced!
  6. The drywall is up!
  7. The hardwood floors have been laid!
  8. Flip Update: Day 42

    Flip Update: Day 42

    Flip Update: Day 42

    Flip Update: Day 42

    Flip Update: Day 42

  9. We have new windows and a new front door!
  10. Flip Update: Day 42

    Flip Update: Day 42

  11. The dumpster has been filled and emptied a million times!
  12. Flip Update: Day 42

  13. The big tree has been pruned!
  14. Flip Update: Day 42

  15. Tile is starting to go in!
  16. Flip Update: Day 42

    Flip Update: Day 42

Cabinets will be delivered next week, and then painting can begin.  All of a sudden this flip is speeding right along!

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  1. christy says:

    Wow! You guys have gotten so much accomplished! Amazing! Hope you’re getting some breaks from managing the project too, though. You know what they say about all work and no play… :)

  2. Awesome, Liz!! You’re right — it is speeding along! Oooh, I love the sneak peak of the tile… that is going to look fabulous!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. deb says:

    You guys are incredibly fast!!! It’s looking fantastic…

  4. That tile. That tile!

    It’s coming along super well. But can you please not finish before we do? MY sanity cannot take it. ;)

    just kidding. xoxo

  5. anna see says:

    Yay! Such amazing progress! The tile makes me drool.

  6. Stephanie says:

    Wow, all of that and just 42 days in? Go you! :) I can’t wait to see more!
    Stephanie´s last blog post post ..Goodbye Rut!

  7. Wow what a transformation!! That floor is looking awesome!!

  8. Lisa says:

    Wow, it really is speeding along! Its looking good.

  9. Jessie says:

    Love the progress so far! And the tiles look gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the big reveal!


  10. Nice work. I’ve always loved home remodelling activities. That’s why I always watch ABC’s Extreme Makeovers home edition. Congrats on the fast paced construction. Sometimes you just have that moment where all things seem to fall into place.

  11. Daniel L. says:

    That is a lot of work but you did good renovation. You made a lot of changes like the tiles, floors, new roof, electrical, plumbing and tree pruning. Good luck with the cabinets, painting and emptying the dumpster. Thanks for sharing nice photographs. I also like the new windows and front door.

  12. Emily S. says:

    It’s looking great, Liz! Those hardwoods are a really nice touch. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  13. Jen Rames says:

    Wow, it is really coming along! I hope I can get in for a sneak peek when I come to Dallas in a few weeks… :)
    Jen Rames´s last blog post post ..Good Eats in Maui

  14. Rizza says:

    Renovation WOW it’s a lot of work i can’t imagine that when my parents do the renovation of there rest house so much things to do lucky they pay to a person who help them to organized things. and i also preparing because my husband mention to me that it would be next year were going to renovate our house….

  15. I am so envious! Your hard work is showing. Great decisions. Good luck.

  16. Wow- You guys have gotten so much done! Can I ask- how much do you guys do personally and how much do you hire out to contractors? There must have been a small army in there to get all that work done in such a short period of time. Nice work!
    Erin @ One Project at a Time´s last blog post post ..#114- I’m a Fan.

    • Liz - It's Great To Be Home says:

      There definitely WAS (and still is) a small army in there! Jason and I are the creative masterminds behind the scenes, and we hire out the labor. It works well for us! :)

  17. My, but do you put us to shame. Even the items which we did approach in an organized manner have gotten delayed for one reason or another.
    kim/reluctant renovator´s last blog post post ..From Useless Old Crib to Handy Magazine Rack

  18. bridget b. says:

    i’m so impressed by the way you guys dive into these projects. do you have any advice for complete home remodel newbies? we recently saw a house in a great area that we would love to purchase, but we are totally spooked by the amount of work that would need to be done to get it where we want it. did you guys have a background in home construction/ working with contractors before the flips?

    • Liz - It's Great To Be Home says:

      Ooh, sounds like fun! The only experience we had was our own home renovation – we redid our house (with a contractor) from top to bottom about 6 months before we tackled our first flip, and the experience was invaluable. As far as advice, I think it’s really important to have a great relationship with your contractor, and to have one or more contractors walk through the property with you before you put in your first offer. That’s the only way to make sure that the costs are in line with what you can handle. Good luck, and have fun!