Our Biggest Project Yet

If you’ve been on my Pinterest lately you may have had an inkling that we’re in the midst of our biggest project yet:

That’s right, we’re having a baby!  She’s due in early May and we are ridiculously excited.  :)

It feels a little crazy to put that little tidbit of info out there after keeping it under wraps for so long!  Happy holidays, peeps.  :)

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  1. Elle says:

    How wonderful. Congratulations!

  2. Jen Rames says:

    You look so cute!!! I can’t wait to see what baby girl decorations you come up with. :)

  3. Awww… you look amazing!!

    Actually, I just saw your new post pop up on my Google Reader and I though ‘hmm, I bet she is announcing a baby today…’ :-)

    • Liz - It's Great To Be Home says:

      Ha, I figured I’d have to explain my blogging absence sooner or later . . . :)

  4. Justine says:

    Congrats! Can’t wait to see all the updates and the nursery plan.

    P.S. I’m expecting too! I’m a month behind you, and can’t wait to find out what I’m having – shouldn’t be too long now!

  5. Monica says:

    Congratulations!! You look wonderful! I have to say I had a feeling after seeing you pin lots of nursery decor on Pinterest. What an exciting time! Hope you have been feeling well. Are you planning to find out the sex of the baby before the delivery?

    Happy Holidays!

    • Liz - It's Great To Be Home says:

      Thanks Monica! Ha, there’s no hiding on Pinterest and I just couldn’t wait to start pinning nursery goodies. :) And YES, we’re having a baby girl!

  6. deb says:


  7. Ha, I have thought this for a while :-) Congratulations, that’s fabulous! Can’t wait to see some nursery inspiration posts.

  8. Katrina says:

    I’m so HAPPY for YOU!!! Congrats on the little girl, what a delight!! :)

  9. I noticed all the nursery pins and hoped that was the case! Congratulations! Little girls are pretty sweet; ours is 4 months old now.

  10. Congratulations Liz!! Of course I have had suspicions since the blog posts became less frequent, but I’m so happy to see it’s true! You are one cute pregnant lady. :)

  11. nikki says:

    Yay, Congratulations! I had a feeling you might be expecting. So happy for you.

  12. LeeAnn says:

    Congratulations! Have a Merry Christmas!

  13. Thought so. Congratulations!

  14. Well congratulations Miss IGTBH!! This little addition will certainly turn you into a family, how wonderful!
    Wishing you all the best… and can’t wait to see his/her nursery!

  15. Congratulations! And let me just say that you look adorable with your baby belly. :-)

  16. Aimee says:

    Yipee!!! What wonderful news! Totally precious picture! What is the plan for the nursery?!?!
    Happy days!

    • Liz - It's Great To Be Home says:

      Ha, the nursery design plans are ALL over the place right now – we’ll see how long it takes me to start making decisions!

  17. Diana says:

    Congrats! I saw your pins and thought you might be. I am a month ahead of you and am so excited to be decorating a nursery. i can’t wait to see yours!

  18. I knew it! So happy for you! You look awesome. Hope you are feeling well and the pregnancy is going well. So excited for you! Congrats!

  19. Congrats! I hope you take lots of pictures of that ever-growing belly!

  20. Janis says:

    You look so beautiful! Thrilled that you’re having a baby girl.

  21. Congratulations ! You look adorable ;)

  22. christy says:

    So freaking exciting!!! I am just THRILLED for you guys!

  23. bridget b. says:

    congratulations! i kind of had a feeling that the first trimester black hole had gotten a hold of you a while back. :) so happy for you guys and can’t wait to see your nursery plans!

  24. Lora M says:

    Congratulations! I also noticed all the nursery pins and had a feeling you were expecting. I kept checking the blog for an announcement :) Merry Christmas!

  25. Nancy says:

    Congratulations…I read you all the time and follow you on pinterest it’s nice to see such good news.

  26. April says:

    Congratulations, you are very beautiful! I wish you a lot of health, now it’s important)

  27. wow! congrats! do you already if the baby is a girl or a boy

  28. Congratulations! She’s absolutely glowing.

  29. Wow congrats you two!! That is so exciting. It must have been hard not spilling the beans on here. You look fabulous BTW.

  30. Jessie says:

    Congratulations, Liz! You are one beautiful looking mommy! I can’t wait to see you decorate the baby nursery!


  31. OMG Congratulations!! I should have guessed with you being so quiet. That is so great!!

  32. Aimee says:

    Just reading all these happy, excited, positive comments makes me feel even happier. What a wonderful time, Liz! You look beautiful!

  33. Emily says:

    gorgeous photo, congrats!!!

  34. Whoa, I totally missed this! We are due the same month, can’t wait to see your progress. CONGRATS!

  35. i knew it!!! was quiet around here lately and i suspected it was the 1st trimester. congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Aww! CONGRATS!!!!!!

  37. Congratulations! How exciting!