Fun With Rubber Mulch & Petunias

We’ve been having some crazy glorious weather in Dallas lately – I am loving it!!  The spring-like temps got my hubby all inspired to freshen up our landscaping with new mulch.

A Little Landscaping

I didn’t get a proper “before” photo so you could see how truly hideous our flower beds looked but just take my word for it – they were looking really beat.

A Little Landscaping

We both hate working in the yard with a passion – and re-mulching every year just to have it look sad and faded after a few months is pretty depressing.  So this year we opted to bite the bullet and try out rubber mulch – it’s more expensive but it will supposedly last for up to 12 years without fading or decomposing!  If that’s the case then we will have recouped our investment after the first two years, saving ourselves money and lots of labor in the long run.  This is the brand of rubber mulch that we went with.

A Little Landscaping

Have any of you tried rubber mulch?  What’s your take on it?  (And please ignore our straggly bushes.)

A Little Landscaping

Once Jason finished spreading all the mulch our flower beds were looking pretty snazzy!!  I love the way dark brown mulch looks – it just does it for me in a way that reddish or light mulch doesn’t.  Anybody else?

And check out that contrast between the mulched and non-mulched areas – the mulch makes such a difference!!

A Little Landscaping

Jason didn’t spread any mulch in the areas right by the sidewalk and front porch because . . . I promised I would plant some flowers.  What was I thinking?

A Little Landscaping A Little Landscaping

We picked up 40 purple petunias from Home Depot and I got to planting.    First I had to fill up an entire garbage sack with all of the nasty weeds and dead flowers that I pulled out of the beds.  Good times for a chick that’s 31 weeks pregnant!  (And yes, that’s the same T-shirt from the nursery-painting extravaganza.  It now has pink paint on it which makes me feel somewhat sentimental – weird, right?)

A Little Landscaping

Pulling out all of the dead stuff wound up turning over the soil pretty well so it was easy to plant those suckers once I’d laid them all out in their future homes.

A Little Landscaping

You may have noticed that every tree within a 5 mile radius decided to shed its leaves about 3 seconds after Jason finished mulching – so please excuse all the leaves everywhere.

Anyway, after a few hours of work our flower beds were looking cute and colorful!

A Little Landscaping

I’m ready for our little Japanese maple to get its leaves, and for the knockout roses to really start blooming.  Bring on the color!

A Little Landscaping

I still have plans to add two planters to the front porch, but knowing me that will probably never happen.  :)  What about you – have you been fiddling around in your garden lately?

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  1. Amanda says:

    We’ve got a little bit longer up here (DC), but we have mulch coming on the 17th, so the 18th (weather permitting) is the start date for yard cleanup/re-sodding! I’ll be out there, 17-18 weeks pregnant, doin’ up the yard, too. LOL. We have a 2-story Japanese Maple that lost all its leaves really early last year – not clear from what – but we’re hoping and praying it comes back. Otherwise, that’ll have to come out. We’re getting ready to turn our townhouse into an investment property, so we’ve got a lot to tear out to make things a little more low-maintenance!

    Yay for spring!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Looks great! We can’t wait to start working on our landscaping, and I’m eager to hear how you end up liking the rubber mulch.

  3. It looks great and I’ll bet it was a lot of work but as a gardener rubber mulch is a no no. We learned the hard way that non-decomposing mulch will always look like crap in a few years. Insects and roots get above the weed block bringing soil above the fabric. Leaves and last year’s plant debris collects in the mulch and rots. All of that leads to weeds living in the exposed soil. It is impossible to get out unless you clean out the mulch every couple years. Natural mulch yes needs to be reapplied every couple years but it does a better job at preventing weeds (apply 3″ or more), enriches your soil to help the plants, and won’t pollute your soil or ground water with chemicals (just don’t get the ugly died stuff).

  4. Genelle says:

    Rubber mulch makes your playground safe and also its beneficial to an environment…. Nice post :)

  5. Katrina says:

    Maybe we need to try Rubber Mulch, because every year we’ve replaced it. That task is getting so old! I need to start planting flowers some time this month, our flower beds are huge (at least in my head they are) so I need to get on that stat! :)

  6. I just can’t wait for my lilac to bloom! And my roses and hydrangeas seem to have made it through the winter alive, so that is awesome. You just never know in WI.

  7. This looks so so good! I love the black mulch and the idea that it lasts. Fill us in on how it holds up – I’m wondering if it will “sink” at all, needing a little more freshening up each year. That’d still be a big improvement, but I’m really just curious.