Back To the Drawing Board for the Kitchen Counters

Remember when I showed you this delightful design plan for our fourth flip‘s kitchen?

Recipe for a Killer Kitchen

Yeah, well, it ain’t happening.  Or at least the delicious ice blue granite counter tops aren’t.

Back To the Drawing Board for the Kitchen Counters

The stone yard that swore up and down they were holding our selection decided to sell it without giving us a heads’ up.  Ugh!  (By the way, they later claimed that there wasn’t enough material to cover our kitchen, but it feels kind of like that was an excuse they came up with once they realized we were really unhappy.  And they still should have called us!)

So, back to the drawing board for the kitchen counter tops.  Here are the parameters we’re working with:

(1)  Looks. I’ve talked before about what look I go for in a granite counter top, and this time is no different – lots of white, cream, black, gray, and movement.  None of those uniform slabs for me, no sir!

The Flip: Choosing Kitchen Counters

(2) Size. Our kitchen measures out at 55 feet (or maybe 57?) of counters.  That means that we need at least 60 feet of granite (to allow for some waste).  Since slabs are a natural material taken from the earth they aren’t uniform in size – they can vary wildly, typically from 53 – 68 feet.

Back To the Drawing Board for the Kitchen Counters

(3) No extras. We wanted to buy just one slab, not two.  This is because we would pay for the leftovers on the second slab even though we wouldn’t be able to use them (that’s how stone yards typically work). So, we were looking for a slab between 60-63 feet.  (By the way, stone yards measure their slabs in terms of useable square footage – so don’t worry if there are jagged edges or a huge diagonal piece broken off your slab as long as it has the square footage you need.)

Back To the Drawing Board for the Kitchen Counters

(4) A slab, not remnants. We love remnants – fabricators (not stone yards) typically have leftover pieces of stone lying around that were either leftover from a too-big slab or were an “oops” where they fabricated the counter top incorrectly.  Remnants are great (and cheaper!) when you only need a small amount of material, like for a bathroom, since there typically isn’t a ton of material available – we chose remnants for both bathrooms at this flip (and at our prior flips).

Back To the Drawing Board for the Kitchen Counters

In fact, our gorgeous ice blue granite that we originally chose for this kitchen was a combination of a slab and a remnant – but once we were burned by the fabricator we decided to jump ship and just go for a larger slab from a stone yard that would cover the entire kitchen.

So, once we had a good idea of what we were looking for we hit the pavement.  First we went to our tried and true stone yard to scope out their selection.

The Flip: Choosing Kitchen Counters

Jason had called ahead to make sure they had slabs that were 60+ feet in a few different types of granite that we knew we were interested in. They said they had what we needed in Bianco Antico:

Back To the Drawing Board for the Kitchen Counters

and Kodiak (which we used in this kitchen):

Back To the Drawing Board for the Kitchen Counters

so we were psyched heading into it. While we were there we were wooed by Alaska, a gorgeous piece of granite that fit all our criteria.

Back To the Drawing Board for the Kitchen Counters

(I forgot to take a photo of the Alaska granite, also called Alaska White, so I pulled this image from here.)

We also flirted with White Ice.

Back To the Drawing Board for the Kitchen Counters

Unfortunately, we wound up striking out on everything we were interested in – the big slabs were already sold (we had called ahead and asked when we got there!!) and some of the other goodies we liked just weren’t big enough. The final nail in the coffin? Our fabricator didn’t have an account there. Wop wop. We had forgotten this, and since it typically takes a week for a new account to get approved we knew we would have to move on.

So next we headed over to the shop where our fabricator actually does have an account (duh) and perused their wares.  We fell in love with lots of slabs that were too small, or sold . . . sound familiar?

Finally, we narrowed the selection to two finalists (these are the actual slabs) – Bianco Romano . . .

Back To the Drawing Board for the Kitchen Counters

. . . and Bianco Antico (again).

Back To the Drawing Board for the Kitchen Counters

Bianco Antico is our frontrunner, but we don’t know yet if it will work.  You see, the slab measures at 59.89 square feet – just shy of the 60 square feet that we need!  Our fabricator is going to head out to the stone yard to personally measure it to see if it will work, and if not then we will go with the Bianco Romano.  It has a much softer look that I’m not really used to, and a little more gray, but I think it would be really gorgeous in the kitchen.

Such drama!  I’ll keep you posted . . .

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  1. HeidiG says:

    Come on Bianco Antico!! I love, love, love it.

  2. christy says:

    Oh my god! You’re not kidding! SUCH drama! And Liz – you’re pregnant! I’m so impressed you’re able to keep track and remember all of these slabs! I hope the just-shy one works out for you, but regardless I’m sure it’ll look stunning in there – your houses always do!!!

  3. Can’t wait to see what you choose! They are all great options!

    And, I would have been steaming mad if the yard would have sold my slab without so much as a call. Wow! That’s terrible!

    • Liz - It's Great To Be Home says:

      We were definitely beyond P.O.’d! We’re still using this fabricator for the bathroom counters since we liked his selection, but we found a new fabricator for the kitchen counters. And we will definitely never be using that first guy again!

  4. Aimee says:

    I think I would have just ignited into a towering inferno if the granite place had been so jerky. You are a paragon of patience. You new options look great, but changing in mid-stream is never fun. Can’t wait to see pictures of the increasingly completed flip!

  5. Ugh that sucks! I liked the ice blue but the Bianco Antico would have been my second choice. I have no real reasoning on that one I just like the look. LOL. I hope it works out to fit!

  6. oh man, that ice blue was incredible….i would have been SO mad. I don’t know how you didn’t lose your cool! the bianco antico is beautiful too though!

  7. Innes says:

    This is very much a fresh new idea and something which can and would work well in very light and airy living spaces / homes.