On the Market…Again!

Jason and I have always looked forward to the day when one of our flips goes back on the market – you know, when the people that we sold the flip to decide to move on to another home.  After putting so much time and money into the properties (not to mention blood, sweat and tears!), we’ve always thought it would it would be fun to see what changes the owners have made, how the renovations look after a few years, and to just reminisce.

Well, that time has come!  The very first house that we flipped back in the summer of 2009 was just put up for sale over the weekend.  This house holds a special place in our hearts since it’s where all of our flipping dreams began and our new career really took off.  I quit my job as a lawyer just two weeks after we bought this flip, so we were “all in” so to speak.  And luckily for us, it all turned out!

But enough chit chat – want to take a look at it??

I think the front of the house still looks great!  I’m so glad that we pruned those crazy magnolias and painted that horrendous pink brick.

On the Market...Again!

We're Flipping Out Pick The Perfect Exterior Paint Colors In A Snap

The large, top photo is from the current listing, so that’s how the house looks today – the bottom left photo is the house in all of its “before” glory (i.e., how it looked before we worked some magic), and the bottom right photo is how the house looked after we renovated the heck out of it. Also, you can click on any of the photos to see a larger version.

And isn’t it amazing what an impact hardwood floors and widening doorways can have?

On the Market...Again!

Our Flip: Day 1 Our Flip: Before & After

Ditto in the family room below – new paint and floors and BAM!, a lovely room is born.  Gosh, I forgot until I took a close look at the “before” photo that the room used to have paneling!  We actually kept the paneling in our last two flips and just painted it (you can see how those rooms turned out here and here) so if I could go back and do this first flip again replacing the paneling with drywall is an expense I probably would have skipped.  Live and learn, right?

On the Market...Again!

Our Flip: Day 1 Our Flip: Before & After

And I’m still amazed at how opening up the wall between the kitchen and den makes a dated home instantly fit for the way families live today.

On the Market...Again!

Before - Den (Kitchen beyond) Our Flip: Before & After

Even though this kitchen was only the second kitchen we’d ever renovated (ours was the first) and probably I wouldn’t choose all of the same finishes again, I’m still really proud of how it turned out.  The cabinetry, in particular, still makes me really happy!

On the Market...Again!

Our Flip: Day 1 Our Flip: Before & After

And I’m sure you’ve noticed by now how utterly crappy my photos of this flip are.  :)  At least now I’ve learned to have our listing photos professionally done!

On the Market...Again!

Our Flip: Day 1 Our Flip: Before & After

A few more detail shots below from the current listing . . .

On the Market...Again! On the Market...Again!

On the Market...Again! On the Market...Again!

And now the office.  Wow, that space was sooooo sad when we bought the flip.  Frighteningly sad.  I remember we had to level out the floor (because it was previously a covered patio), replace the sliders with French doors, drywall over the brick and add hardwoods.  That’s a lot to do to just a regular room (as opposed to a kitchen or bath where you expect to make a lot of changes) but it was worth it!

On the Market...Again!

Our Flip: Before & After Our Flip: Before & After

The listing photo of the jack ‘n jill bath is about a jillion times better than mine.  I love it.  Oh, and notice how the mirror is different?  There’s a whole story behind that I never told you guys – basically, we had an open house and some nefarious person unlocked a window while they were cruising through the house and then came back to steal things.  Yuck, right?  They stole mirrors and the crazy expensive downdraft range from the kitchen, so we got to pay for two crazy expensive downdraft ranges.  So fun!  We learned from that experience really quickly and now we always (a) check all the door and window locks after open houses and showings, and (b) add alarm systems to the houses.  An expensive lesson!

On the Market...Again!

Our Flip: Before & After Our Flip: After - Jack 'n Jill Bath

The master bedroom looks even bigger than I remembered!  I’m happy that the hardwood floors still look awesome.

On the Market...Again!

Our Flip: Day 1 Our Flip: After - Master Bedroom

Their photos of the master bath put mine to serious shame.  And I’m impressed they were able to get the shower in the shot as well – I couldn’t do that for the life of me!  Anyway, I’m still really pleased with all of the improvements we made to this bathroom – it was blinding before we got hold of it.

On the Market...Again!

Our Flip: Day 1 Our Flip: After - Master Bath

A marble bonanza!

On the Market...Again!

Homebody Query: Big Bath or Closet Space? Our Flip: Showered with Awesomeness

Okay, here’s where things get really crazy.  My jaw dropped when I saw this photo below – can you figure out why?

On the Market...Again!

Our Flip: Backyard Oasis Our Flip: They Can Take the Heat

Yes, it looks awesome.  But do you remember how we spent the entire summer slaving away on that backyard?  I sure do.  I think I lost 5 pounds I sweated so much in the Texas heat, watering the new sod 3 times a day, mulching, planting the plants, etc.  And how we spent a bunch of money to tear up the old, cracked pool deck (it couldn’t be salvaged) so that the new owners could have some grass?

Sigh.  But I can’t deny that the new pool decking and hardscape looks great.

On the Market...Again!

My jaw dropped again when I saw this shot of the back of the house:

On the Market...Again!

Our Flip: Before - Back Patio Our Flip: Raise the Flag

Do you notice something missing???  They must have had to take down the pergola when they poured the new pool decking.  Weep.  I loved that thing

So these homeowners obviously preferred a hardscape over grass in the backyard, even though they have kids.  I’m taking notes for the next time we tackle a house with a pool – obviously a combination of hardscape and grass would be the ideal scenario, but if you could pick just one what would you choose?

I thought it was really fun to get to take this trip down memory lane – I’m ready for our 2nd, 3rd or 4th flip to hit the market again so I can see what the new homeowners did!

For more chit chat about our first flip, click here.

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  1. christy says:

    OMG!!! I love love loved reading this post Liz. I want all your other flips to go on the market ASAP too now! I can NOT believe some creep stole your mirrors and range! Rat bastard!

    I would absolutely prefer grass over hardscape – or a mixture. The trikes go better on patios than grass, after all!

    Fabulous job and can’t wait to hear how the next one is coming along and how you and baby are doing!!!

  2. kathy says:

    ha! how fun! it looks great, but i agree with you – i’d rather have the grass and pergola in the backyard as originally designed!

  3. Denise says:

    so sad to see the pergola go! while i like what they did with the hardscaping, i think getting rid of the pergola was a mistake. i grew up in FL & having no place to go to get out of the sun is terrible – especially next to a glass door. too bad. but it is still a great looking redo!

  4. Leslie says:

    Just one? I’d rather have the grass. You can always add hardscaping, even if it’s just flagstones or brick or something. It’s nice to have a mixture, but usually the point of a backyard is to enjoy nature!

    Ideally, I’d like a small paved area and then low-maintenance plantings.

  5. Rachel says:

    I prefer a wider (than the original version) pool decking that has grass around it, but I do know from experience that grass fairly close to the pool creates its own problems. Every time you mow and (especially) trim the grass, it blows into the pool and then you have to clean it all out. Grass close to the pool looks great but is a maintenance nightmare. That aside, you two did a great job with this house and it is a timeless beauty! Can’t wait to see pic of the latest flip!

  6. Katrina says:

    Crazy they are selling the house! i’m really sad about the backyard I prefer grass + pool, there’s waaay to much cement back there now and the pregola missing just a freaking SHAME!!

    Also very sad someone came to the open house and then took mirrors and a range, who does that!!??? freaking awful

  7. Wow! This is so fun that you can see what was changed. I am really impressed with the listing photos. I love the angles and all the lighting. Do realtors in your area have listing photos professionally done? I’ve never heard of that before, but those photos really make an impact. What about the price? Are they asking more? I”m just curious…

    • Liz - It's Great To Be Home says:

      Hey Kim! Yes, it’s been a really big trend over the past few years for realtors to pay for professional listing photos – it costs between $100-$150 (depending on the company and the size of the home) and really makes a HUGE difference. As for the list price of the house this time around, they are asking about 9% more than they bought the house for back in 2009. I hope they get it!

  8. Thomas says:

    Photos always help to do the pros and cons of the modifications. However, the new interior is cool, specially the floor and the couch in the living room but the back yard is really jaw dropping.

    I hope there would be a loads of more stuff in your coming visits.

  9. Liz,

    Love everything you did with this house, starting with changing the color of the exterior brick. A lot of people feel like they have to stick with the color of brick they have, but changing the brick color can do wonders. Love the paint color you chose too. Also really liked the way you opened the hall between the kitchen and den and added the nice frameless shower. You’ve got real talent!

    – Jane

  10. How very cool! I wish I could see houses I’ve lived in years ago now!

  11. I enjoyed reading this post very much. You did a fabulous job flipping this house. It’s incredible how something can change entirely just by making some partial changes. Looking at these pictures is making me wistful. I wish I can see all the houses I have lived in before right now. As for your question, I would prefer a combination of grass and hardscape. I wouldn’t want too much grass and dirt especially if kids will be coming out from the pool all wet.

  12. mandy says:

    love the back splash in the kitchen!