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Peeps!  I was nominated for an award in the Best Remodeling Blog category in a contest held by Jackson Design & Remodeling – how cool is that??  The winner even gets 500 smackers! I’d love it if you’d vote for this ol’ blog – all you have to do is make 3 little clicks with your mouse.  Just click here to go to the site, scroll down and click on the little box next to It’s Great to be Home, and then click “Vote.”  Super quick, and no registration required.  Thank you, you guys rock!

The flip is starting to look like a house!  Of course, I don’t have any new and improved photos for you right this very second so you’ll just have to take my word for it.  :)

Fun things are afoot – like picking paint colors.

For the interior of the house, I’ve always wanted to try all white – white ceilings (duh), white trim, and white walls.  All the same shade.  A mistake or an amazing look?  Only time will tell.  Hopefully it will look as great as some of these images that I’ve pinned:

white walls


white walls


white walls


white walls


In our flip, all the contrast will be provided by the rich wood floors, gray cabinetry and tile.  I don’t think we’re going to stage this house so hopefully the “all white” look will still look amazing without furniture.  Fingers crossed.

I’ve thought about painting the trim a pale gray instead of white, like the photos below, but I think that might be too risky for a flip.  Thoughts?

gray trim


gray trim


As a reminder, our kitchen cabinets will be light gray, as will the vanity in the guest bath.  The master vanity will be stained wood in a medium tone.

We need to figure out paint for the exterior of the house, too!  Remember, right now it looks like this…

exterior - during construction

…and that just won’t do.

We replaced the old cruddy aluminum windows with new white windows, we will be replacing the frilly ironwork with painted cedar posts, and we fixed the siding and flat roof.  Oh, we also got a new door!

new front door

Me likey.  It should be installed this week sometime.

We’ve planned to paint the house from the beginning, and I’ve always envisioned it being painted a soft shade of gray.  With a light pale turquoise door.  Sound nutty?  Here are some examples below:

gray & pale turquoise front door


gray & pale turquoise front door


I think it will go well with the whole “modern classic” vibe we’re trying to achieve with this flip.  Fresh and interesting, but not too crazy.

What do you think?

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  1. Maggie S says:

    I voted (and you are no. 1)

    Personally, I’m not a big fan of all white (I like color too much!) but I think it is safer than the grey trim.

    Most houses today have white trim so if the new owners like color they can easily paint some or all of the rooms (much easier than painting out trim if they don’t like grey)

    What about crisp white trim and a softer creamy white on the walls?

    I always love what you do and your houses look fantastic when you are done so I’m sure all white will look great!


  2. Asiyah says:

    Hi there…I voted for ya!

    Like Maggie, I like color too much also (I think white tends to look pretty sterile), but maybe it depends on if you paint it a warm white vs. cool white? I wouldn’t paint the trim gray though since it might draw too much attention, especially if the owners didn’t like it.

    The flip is looking pretty rad though and I love the idea of a turquoise door!

  3. April says:

    I love the all white. You can bring in so many fun colors and textures that totally pop. Some friends of ours just did this and it looks fantastic.

  4. Amanda says:

    I voted as well! I’m not a huge fan of all white, either, but I see what you’re getting at with the open, airy look and the floors to ground it. I am crazy pants about the turquoise front door idea – my go-to accent color has always been red, but I’ve had blues, yellows, grays, and greens on the brain lately (ahem, Young House Love)….
    I don’t know that I’d do gray trim in the WHOLE house, but there’s no reason not to give it a shot in a room – I think it looks absolutely stunning in those bathroom pictures.
    Other food for thought – two different shades of white. Still very tonal, but with a little visual difference. If you’re going with grays and blues, maybe a cooler toned white on the walls and a more neutral white trim?
    Can’t wait to see! (As usual…)

  5. Katrina says:

    I think the interior all white will be nice for the new owners, they’ll have a chance to leave it our paint colors when they want.

    Great choice on a front door, our new door just got installed on Tuesday and its amazing, simular in style to the one you picked for your flip! I love light to dark grey homes with light front doors the look is so classic and pretty…..for our front door color, we’ve been going back and forth between 2 color families! :)

  6. Jerry says:

    Great color choices I think, many folks do not have the boldness to try new things, and dull their creativity! I think colors should be inspiring, and bring the energy out in a room!

  7. Suzie says:

    LOVE the all white idea with gray trim…maybe a touch lighter than the cabinet gray? Also, I’ve had those same pics pinned for a while….the gray exterior with light turquoise door….PERFECT! Can’t wait to see all your great ideas after it’s all done! Now, off to vote for your blog :)

  8. Lou says:

    I love all the ideas, however, I think since you’re not staging-don’t paint the trim gray. It depends on the clientele coming and if they don’t feel like painting trim etc. I do like color, but I love an all white house too. I think it will look gorgeous with the wood. Don’t even get me started on the turquoise door because I love it!

  9. Susan says:

    Neat thinking. I agree with everyone who thinks the grey trim is too taste-specific. I think it would be really neat in a beach house, but in a normal everyday house it would look dated/dark/odd. Not trendy enough to be an ideal.

    I love the idea of a grey house and aqua door, esp the second sample photo. Classy.

    Inside, I think all-white looks better when there’s lots of texture and color in the décor, if you aren’t staging, I think it will just look kind of flat. We had an all white apartment for a while, and the open kitchen with marble counters and wood floors was gorgeous, but in the bedrooms it all just looked very plain and empty and psychiatric hospital. I think it can be a great way to accentuate tile and finishes, really air things out, but a bit of color (especially GOOD designerish color) can be so cheerful and powerful. Maybe white for the kitchen and den, with that lovely lofted room, and then some subtle, cozy color (more grey?) in the bedrooms?

  10. Sherri J. says:

    White’s definitely a beautiful non-neutral tone, however have you thought about painting one of the walls another color just to throw things off a bit?
    I’ve seen 3 white walls and one red wall, as well as one brown wall. Playing around like this can lead to some interesting psychological effects.

  11. Maggie S says:

    I was just over at another blog – – and someone asked her about her go-to ivory (Benjamin Moore’s “Seashell”) and with her answer was a photo of a room that is ivory with white wood work. I thought of your interest in painting the walls white –what do you think about this look?

    I’m still pushing the bright white and creamy white idea ;-)

    Love the gray and aqua door

    • Liz - It's Great To Be Home says:

      I saw that, too! You’re right, it is a great look and I think we’ll keep it in mind for the future. Thanks for passing it along! However . . . we bought 25 gallons of paint yesterday so we’re committed to the white, ha! Hopefully it will look good! :)

  12. Suzie says:

    I still think the(light) gray trim will look amazing! Maybe you could do a small section with a sample and post? Is there a reason y’all are not planning to stage this one? I’m guessing budget!! But maybe the main room and kitchen could be staged? I LOVE posts about your flips!!

  13. Keith says:

    I wish I could have voted for you! I love your blog, very inspirational.

  14. Mac says:

    The gray and turquoise look great! Really enjoy reading the updates.

  15. Ree says:

    Great colour scheme! I would definitely have voted for you…am new to your blog, but I love it already!