Adding Modern House Numbers

There doesn’t seem to be a huge selection of affordable – and attractive – house numbers out there.

It’s a bummer when you spruce up the landscaping and fluff up the exterior of your house only to have a huge whomp whomp feeling when you look at your dated house numbers.  Luckily, we happened upon the best house numbers a few flips ago – they’re cheap-ish (just 5 bucks each), sleek and modern-looking, easy to install, and simple to find at your nearest Home Depot.  (No, Home Depot isn’t sponsoring this, they just happen to have some great house numbers.  Although with all the good press I’ve been giving them with The Big Box Kitchen Series they should give me a call!  Wink wink.)

Anyhoo, these are the pretty house numbers I was talking about.  Hello there, hot stuff.

Finished Photos 092

If you’re feeling intimidated about installing them yourself, don’t be.  I did it armed with just a power drill, a pencil, some tape, caulk and a level.  Easy.

The first step is to tape up the template to make sure everything is level, lines up, and that you like the spacing.  You might want to use a level to make sure everything is level.  Obviously.  If everything looks good, go ahead and use your pencil to mark the location of each screw.  (The template shows each screw location, so I punched through the cards at those locations using my pencil.)

Adding Modern House Numbers

Once you have your screw locations marked, you can start drilling.  The instructions tell you to predrill with a smaller bit (I forgot the exact size) and then drill again with a larger bit (again, the exact size escapes me).  These house numbers have the option of being installed flush to the surface, or raised – which drill bit size you use for the second round of drilling will depend upon which “look” you decide to go for.

Adding Modern House Numbers

(Random aside – I have these drill bits and I love them for two reasons: (1) each bit size is labeled in the case so you can actually find a 1/16 drill bit when instructions call for it, and (2) the bits all have a hex shank which keeps the bits, even the tiny ones, from slipping out of your drill because the shank gives the chuck something to hold onto.)

Once the holes have been drilled you’ll be left with this lovely Swiss cheese effect:

Adding Modern House Numbers

Prepping the numbers for installation is as easy as screwing in a few bolts.

Adding Modern House Numbers

Then you can do a dry fit of the numbers.  I originally opted for the “raised” option, but the holes were a bit too large and didn’t look very cute (as you can see below).  So, I then decided to give the flush-mount option a try and did another round of drilling and dry fitting.

Adding Modern House Numbers

Tip: If you go with the “raised” option, first try a smaller drill bit than the one recommended in the instructions.

Once you’re sure everything is fitting as it’s supposed to, squirt a little caulk into the holes and shove your house numbers into place.  (The instructions recommended silicone but I’m a rebel and the white caulk matched my wooden post.)  You can wipe off any extra caulk with a cloth before it dries.

Next, tape everything in place while it dries.

Adding Modern House Numbers


Finished Photos 085.edited

What kind of house numbers is your home rockin’?

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  1. christy says:

    Super lame ass ones – on my house I mean. TOTALLY going out to see if these will work on my house – I love them! AND sending them to myself for use in any future homes we may live in! Thank you for sharing.

    AND – look at you go girl! Power tools clearly don’t intimidate you! I want some of your moxie!!!

  2. Meredith says:

    They look great! There is no excuse not to have cute house numbers!

  3. Sarah says:

    I used those numbers for my house too. House Numbers

  4. Aimee says:

    My poor house has no numbers except what is painted on the curb years ago. Visitors have to interpolate between the houses on either side of us!
    I am pretty impressed with all these fancy terms you are using: shank, 1/16th, hex, drill bit, silicone, level!
    Your numbers look great. It was actually sort of complicated installing them, so your walk-through was very helpful. Maybe my house will be sporting numbers in the near future!

  5. Katrina says:

    Looks pretty! We plan on adding some black modern house numbers to our house – can’t wait! They look so clean and happy :)

  6. ErinEvelyn says:

    The former owners of our house had cheap, nondescript house numbers mounted on the curved (!) thick wood molding above the font door. It looked fine from the street, but when you got up closer and saw that the metal numbers were oddly raised off the wood since the surface was rounded. I ended up removing the numbers completely and making a transfer (just pencil lead on paper) of an appropriate font to properly PAINT our house numbers above the door. Nearly free (I bought some exterior black paint and mixed in a teeny bit of metallic for shine), and totally custom. Turned out GREAT!

  7. erin says:

    I’ve always admired those house numbers at home depot. I can’t wait to close on my short sale to purchase those numbers!!!
    I was glad I came across them a few years ago at the Home Depot. Whenever I visit my sister in Los Angeles, I have always loved the more modern house numbers that are prominent on the houses out there (in West Hollywood) and thought they were more expensive and hard to find! So glad HD got on the trend for cheap and they look great!

  8. Wow! That looks so easy. I would like to replace mine with that kind of design. It looks so simple but elegant. Thanks for sharing! ;-)

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