Putting It All Back Together

After the house was torn to pieces, it was time to start putting things back together!

Lots of people were involved in “putting it back together” – plumbers, electricians, carpenters, a drywall crew, and even a company that pours concrete. We didn’t leave anyone out of the fun. :)

Want to sneak a peek at how the master suite has transformed so far?

The master bedroom started out looking like this:

7th flip - before

(Remember, this is a photo from the listing so the entire house looked snazzier than it actually was.)

In addition to nixing the dated plaster moldings and the industrial carpet, we really weren’t digging the fact that the vanities and closets in the master bathroom were completely open to the master bedroom.  Did people in the ’70’s achieve such deep sleep that they weren’t awakened by their significant other getting ready for work in the morning?  That’s all I can guess, because I’ve seen this strange design in this era of home more times than I can count.

Anyhoo, we put an end to that situation by framing in some doors.

Putting it Back Together - 7th Flip

Unfortunately, we forgot to give a heads up to our drywall crew that doors were going to be added to the openings, so they drywalled around the studs on the interior of the door frame (as you can see in the photo below).

Putting it Back Together - 7th Flip

It turns out that this causes a bit of an issue – the drywall guys had to “float” out the wall with drywall mud to cover the metal corner bead around the door frame (i.e., the wall became thicker as it approached the doorway), which meant that the doorway became too deep for the pre-hung doors.  So, we had to pay for the drywall to be redone on both sides of each doorway so that the pre-hung doors would fit properly.  Bummer, but lesson learned.

At least it all looks great now!

Putting it Back Together - 7th Flip

Did you also notice in the photo above that the nasty patio conversion is gone?  Look at all that light you can see beyond the French doors!  Removing the patio conversion made a huge difference in the amount of light that the interior of this house gets.

Now let’s check out the master bathroom.  Previously, it was divided into 3 different rooms, plus the closets – kind of crazy!  The setup reminded me a lot of this bathroom.

7th flip - before

We opened up the whole bathroom, and took the opportunity to change the tub into a giant walk-in shower.

Do you notice something fun when you look at the roughed-in plumbing for the shower?  That’s right – body sprays!

Plumbing - 7th Flip

The concrete had to be jackhammered out so that the drain could be centered in the shower.

Plumbing - 7th Flip

And the same thing happened over on the other side of the bathroom where we created a toilet closet, which required re-centering the toilet.  Doesn’t all that dirt look fun?  It always shocks me how close to “nature” our houses really are!

Plumbing - 7th Flip

But back to the shower.  We doubled the size of the window (which is covered up by some drywall in the photo below) and created a large shampoo niche on the right-hand side.

Putting it Back Together - 7th Flip

After the concrete board was added, it started to actually look like a shower!

Putting it Back Together - 7th Flip

The photo below gives you a good idea of how open the bathroom is now, with the doors removed between the vanity areas and the “wet” area.  You can see the “husband” vanity straight ahead, the walk-in shower on the right, and the toilet closet on the left.

Putting it Back Together - 7th Flip

What do you think of the changes we’ve made to the master suite so far?

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  1. deb says:

    Always love your updates – it’s going to be great!

  2. Garage Garth says:

    Looks like a lot of work! Can’t wait to see it when it’s finished. Body sprays???

  3. Sarah Blunt says:

    I love to see every details of this project. I learned a lot from this site. Keep on posting! :-)

  4. Aimee says:

    The master bath doorway story is so frustrating! Love all the new light introduced into your renovation! Can’t wait to see more! Looks like a much bigger house than you usually flip. I’m dying to see how the kitchen will be transformed!

  5. Sherri J. says:

    I’m always amazed at all the hardwork that you guys put into your home project. It looks great so far and I can’t wait to see the finished project!

  6. MIKE THOMPSON says:

    Hi, Liz! Sorry I haven’t commented in a while. I had to get my classroom back in order for the kiddos to arrive. The latest “rescue” is really shaping up nicely! I look forward to your future posts about the finishes you have selected. You have such incredible taste.

  7. Carol Hardin says:

    Hello, Liz!!! This process of putting things back is really tiring as there are various things to do like managing, organizing, decorating and many more. But I am amazed to see your great effort for this project. You really have done a great job. But Liz…I am waiting to see your home after finishing this project.

  8. christy says:

    I would kill for a giant walk in shower in my master bathroom. LOVE the changes so far!!!

  9. Lauri says:

    The master suite looks huge in the first pic – love how it’s all looking! Your hard work is really paying off =)

  10. Nice! Can’t wait to see the end result..