I Spoke Too Soon…

Tree Roof Claim 010

So, I really put my foot in my mouth this time.

In the Comments of the tour of our 8th flip, there was this exchange:


You see, the house is surrounded by gorgeous, huge trees – our inspector didn’t mention any of them being a problem and I just assumed everything was fine.

But you may have heard that a huge ice storm hit Dallas late last week – that thing was no joke!

dallas ice storm

And much to our dismay, the prettiest, biggest tree on the property fell right on our brand-new roof.

Tree Roof Claim 010

(I take small consolation in the fact that the tree fell just 24 hours after Mike brought the potential problem to my attention, so we couldn’t have realistically done anything to prevent this tree-tasrophe in such a short amount of time.)

Talk about major suckiness.

Would you like a little tour of the carnage?

images of fallen tree

We filed a claim with our insurer and got some tree guys out there ASAP to get that sucker off the roof.  I was shocked that what was really just a limb looked like an entire tree once it had been chopped up and set by the curb.  (And yes, we feel majorly lucky that the tree didn’t hit those power lines or our neighbor’s house!)

tree cutting

While the tree didn’t damage the framing of the roof, it did punch right through the shingles and decking into the attic and on down through the ceiling of the back bedroom on the second story.

holes in roof


Here’s how our former beauty-queen-tree looks now:

after storm after cleanup

Not quite as beautiful, but I’m still hopeful that we can save the remainder of the tree.  :(

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  1. Jessica says:

    Oh, that majorly stinks!! I didn’t realize you were in Dallas…I’ve been reading your blog for about 6 months and just figured it out! :) I live in Ft. Worth and we definitely got our share of the ice too…it can leave now!

  2. Mike Thompson says:

    OH, NO! Liz, I am so sorry that happened. (I feel horrible.) I hope insurance will cover the repairs/removal. You are such a super-talent, that I suspect in no time this will be just a minor speed bump. (Sorry again.)

  3. Aimee says:

    Awful! Terrible! Liz, I am sooo sorry, for you, the tree, the roof. What a mess! Glad there wasn’t water damage also. You are a real trouper to not be considering swan diving off the roof.
    I am totally certain you will somehow work your magic and have it all work out fine.

  4. Sarah says:

    Oh no! So sorry about your house, and the tree! The house can be fixed and hopefully the tree will continue to flourish. (I always hate it when big gorgeous trees have to come down!)

  5. Oh no, that is terrible!! I hope your deductible isn’t too high, what a lousy break. I also hope the tree survives, it is a nice one.

  6. Kim R says:

    I’m so sorry Liz! I’m a tree lover myself and that one was a beauty. It looks like it may be salvageable, though. I hope your insurer works with you and this doesn’t affect your schedule too much. I look forward to seeing the changes!

  7. Wow that really sucks Liz. I have dealt with quite a few ice storms in my day, so I understand your pain. You’re lucky that the tree didn’t go through the entire house!

  8. Linda Z says:

    Oh, no!! What a bummer!!! And you are keeping your sense of humor in the midst of it!! I hope that this is the only major setback of the remodel. Thank God for the tree guys to come out quickly and help! Hope you have sunny skies ahead! :)

  9. Jerry M says:

    Wow that looks hectic! Over here where I’m from in the land-downunder (Queensland to be exact), we get a pretty crazy storm season as well. While storm damage is good for business (I’m a mould cleaner), its still heart breaking to see the damage done to people’s homes. But yeah, I agree with other commenters, its good that you are keeping your sense of humour!

  10. Zoran M. says:

    Absolutely love your blog! I am looking to buy my first fix/flip with my wife in the next few weeks and was wondering if you and your husband use a general contractor or if you sub all the work out yourselves?

  11. E F says:

    G’day Liz!

    It would be cool if you guys did something clean and modern. I live in Australia and almost a lll of our housing is clean, crisp and modern. I’ve included a few example below (they are homes on the market).


  12. OMG! You’re incredibly lucky that the tree only did that much damage to it. I can tell you sometime about the many horror stories I had to see from neighbors with such storms going through power lines and houses. Glad to see you’re okay though!

  13. Isabella says:

    Oh No! It’s so terrible. I love trees.Really feeling sad about this gorgeous tree and your lovely home.Wishing for good now.

  14. Don R. says:

    With such terrible weather nowadays I’d recommend cutting down old trees like this one. I have 3 huge pines 10-15 ft from my house and I have a bad feeling about all 3 but our town will not allow cutting down any trees at all unless it is rotten & already half-fallen…