Jumping Around. And Windows

Hey guys!  I know, I’ve been MIA forever.  I reveled in your enthusiastic responses to our fun announcement (thank you so much for being excited for us!!) and then fell off the face of the earth.  My bad!

Things have been moving along at the flip, but I haven’t really felt like talking about the random things that are going on as they’re actually happening – so is it okay with y’all if we just jump around?  It might be the only way you get a post out of me.  Because today I feel like talking about windows, even though that means that I’m skipping over things like demo and plumbing rough-ins (and the lovely insurance claim for the tree fiasco) for the time being.  Okay?  Okay.

So, windows.

When we bought this flip we planned on keeping the windows, even though 99% of them are original and, while they have their charm from afar, upon closer inspection they are also kinda janky and not super-functional.  They also have storm windows over them, which is a little strange, and the few windows that have been replaced totally don’t match the original windows.  And deep down I hate renovating a house top to bottom while neglecting to address something kind of huge, like windows.


So, finally, I won and we’re getting new windows.  Yay.  :)

But then the debate began.  White frames, or bronze?  You all know I love me some bronze windows (here and here, and actually here as well), but all of the design schemes that I have planned for this house really beg for white windows – kind of soft and spa-like (similar to this), rather than high-contrast which is my normal MO.

So white it is, right?

But, no.  I have to complicate things by thinking that while the interior of the house would look great with white windows, the exterior would look stellar with bronze windows.  You see my conundrum?


I’ve been waffling about this decision for weeks now (yes, I can turn any decision into a monumental event), and I’ve finally come to a conclusion – bronze windows it is.  Here’s my reasoning:

(1) The exterior of the house will look best with bronze windows, because white windows would totally stick out like crazy once we paint out all the white trim the same color as the darker gray-ish trim.

(2) The 4 windows that have already been replaced in the house match the bronze windows, so going with bronze will save us some money both on the actual windows themselves and on the installation (since we have to buy 4 fewer windows).

(3) I haven’t purchased any of the tile or paint yet for the bathrooms or kitchen (those are the rooms where I was most concerned about window color) so I can still tweak the design schemes to work with the bronze windows (as opposed to the white ones).

I placed the order today, and my fingers are crossed that bronze windows were the right decision.  How wrong could it be?  Right?

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  1. deb says:

    It’ll work, I’m sure. Hope you’re feeling well!

  2. Maggie S says:

    I really like the look of the bronze window in the photo of the new/old windows. I think they will look very updated and chic.

  3. What material did you choose for your windows? We replaced ours last summer as well, and we chose for PVC windows, which enabled us to choose whatever color we wanted outside and inside as well. We ended up with some grayish green (or greenish gray) on the outside, and cream on the inside, because the gray fits the facade really well, and cream is much more suitable for inside.

    I totally agree that white windows on the outside wouldn’t do the outside any justice, so you made the right choice with the bronze!

  4. Mike Thompson says:

    Bronze sounds like the best choice, Liz. You won’t regret it. As always, looking forward to future updates on your most recent rescue. (Don’t wait so long to post next time, ‘kay?)

    Warmest regards from the polar vortex that is northern Indiana!


  5. Jen Morris says:

    I think the bronze is the perfect choice for the exterior – if you really really really want a white window in a particular room indoors (or all of them), could you tape them off and spray paint them white?

  6. John says:

    I agree the bronze is the perfect choice…. The problem with spray painting is that that will peel over time… depending on what the window frames are made out of… you might be betting of sandblasting and having them treated…

  7. Don says:

    Carriage House garage doors would look absolutely gorgeous on this exterior! Have you thought about upgrading the doors?