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Being a real estate broker, I scope out new listings pretty much every day – it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it.  :)  I was so excited when this Spanish/Mediterranean-inspired renovation popped up today – I’ve admired it for awhile since it’s on the main drag through my parents’ neighborhood.

Gorgeous, right?

MORE Design - East Dallas Home

Especially when you consider how it started out, in all of its 1960’s glory:

Gimme MORE

I’m beyond amazed by the vision that the architects and designers had at MORE design + build, the company responsible for the extensive renovation.  (I’ve actually written a bit about this design firm before, right here.)

MORE Design - East Dallas Home

It kind of blows my mind that this house is back on the market after being purchased just 7 months ago – what?!?  You would have to tear me out of there, kicking and screaming.  It wouldn’t be pretty.

MORE Design - East Dallas Home

While I’m not a huge fan of Saltillo tile, it makes sense in this home with its Spanish and Mediterranean influences, and the designers managed to keep all of the tile from looking like a sea of monotonous orange by mixing up the patterns of tile from space to space, while throwing in some stained hardwoods here and there.

I think the appliances in this kitchen are really interesting – high gloss white, which you pretty much NEVER see, and then a statement range and hood in an inky blue (or maybe black, I can’t quite tell).  I think they’re a nice break from stainless steel, and the white doesn’t break up the run of cabinetry the way another color would – but I think I might like them better in a more modern kitchen.  What do you think of the white appliances?

MORE Design - East Dallas Home

A chevron wood ceiling?  Heart be still.

MORE Design - East Dallas Home

Black steel-framed windows and doors are a weakness of mine – if there’s any way to make it happen in my next home I will be one happy camper.

MORE Design - East Dallas Home

What do you think of the overdyed rug?  I’m kind of intrigued by this trend, and I’ve even thought about it for the nursery, but I don’t know if it’s too “out there.”  Thoughts?

MORE Design - East Dallas Home

All of the gorgeous tile-work in this bathroom makes my heart beat fast.  Especially the cement tiles – they are so cool!

MORE Design - East Dallas Home

A Carrie Bradshaw-worthy closet, for sure.

MORE Design - East Dallas Home

Am I seeing things or are there bumps on the walls and ceiling of this bedroom?  This may be some authentic Spanish detail but it just reminds me of ostrich leather…

MORE Design - East Dallas Home

More glorious bathrooms.

MORE Design - East Dallas Home

MORE Design - East Dallas Home

More ostrich bumps!

MORE Design - East Dallas Home

The arched detail over the bathtubs is really doing it for me – the execution is just so perfect!

MORE Design - East Dallas Home

Winter isn’t doing the backyard any favors, but the pool has me dreaming of summer…yes, even a sweltering Texas summer.  No more winter, please!  (I know, we’re wimps here in Texas and the rest of the country has it MUCH worse!)

MORE Design - East Dallas Home

I would do some serious lounging by the pool.

MORE Design - East Dallas Home

The photos in this post are from the MLS, but if you want to check out MORE’s photographs of this project just click here (they’re a bit better, but there aren’t as many.)  What do you think of this house?

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  1. deb says:

    I just (last week) got a new white range and will be getting a white frig ASAP. I HATE stainless steel and the clean-up it requires – fingerprints everywhere. I love the clean look of the white and it goes great with my white cabs on top and turquoise on the bottom! I really like the rug in the bedroom…I think the bright color would look great in a nursery…but, I’m a color-crazed woman. Bright colors just make me happy!!

  2. Lucinda says:


    Wasn’t this house on the Lakewood home tour years ago? We went for the candlelight tour that year and once we got to this house we never left missed the rest of the tour. Loved this house…it was very chic but very livable. Hope all is well.

  3. Jen says:

    That is a crazy before pic!

  4. Maggie S says:

    I love how they have some “up-to-date” touches with the Spanish look.
    I’ll bet the “bumps” are fire sprinklers. For a short time there was a law in Pennsylvania that all new construction of single family homes had to have fire sprinklers–I’m happy to say it was repealed. Every one said you never notice them but I knew I would!

    • Maggie S says:

      I take it back –I looked at the photos again and noticed that the bumps are also on the walls–that is odd

  5. Sarah says:

    Gorgeous! Looking into redoing my kitchen and am thinking of white appliances, so we’ll see. Glad to see them in this kitchen. Love the bathrooms and your rug in the nursery sounds great!

  6. kristin says:

    I have told my husband our 60’s split level CAN look like a sweet cottage style home. That home is proof! With the right architect… What the??? Those walls are RIDICULOUS! That alone would have made me run. Our walls here are so jacked up that we have bumps everywhere also. However, ours are from years of nailing and refilling holes (some were HUGE!) that are covered in wallpaper (wish 3M had their product out back then!). It is horrible! Had to have one wall smoothed out it was so bad. It looked like the wall had a disease. Too much tile for me but I am impressed with the before and after. Yeah, your job is rough…glad I don’t have it. :) At least glad when you walk into the homes with the bar that have the mirror behind it that says “Cheers” across it–in the same font as the show–ugh! That was scary!

  7. AlexisS says:

    Hi Liz! Love the house you posted. I recently got white appliances – just wanted something fresher than stainless. I completed a full kitchen reno a few months ago using the Martha Stewart for HD cabinets (in color Ocean Floor, like one of your recent flips) and think they look great with the white. The appliance color is called “white ice” – it’s glassy like an iPhone not textured like older white appliances. Something to consider for a different look! Love your style and site!

  8. DRBraga says:

    Loved the house! I would love to see more white appliances. Maybe in your new house? My white stove died but my dishwasher and fridge are in perfect condition. I would love a solid new stove but can’t find one that doesn’t make my cherry kitchen look cheep. I’ve been reading (Apartment Therapy) that stainless is not so popular and white is making a come back. Any ideas?

  9. Asiyah says:

    I love the design touches and can tell that everything was well thought out. However, I am not a fan of anything white (too many children and pets for that). Also my personal taste ventures more towards classic lines with dark woods and rustic decor so this home (although beautiful) wouldn’t make my list.

  10. HeidiG. says:

    wow! I love it. How much are they selling that bad boy for…probably too much for my pocket book, but drool (coming from a girl who likes classic cozy style).

  11. Linda Z says:

    Wow, that’s a stunning home! I love all the tile and the wood beams. So fitting for such a Mediterranean home! The kind of house I wouldn’t necessarily love to live in, but would want to visit a lot! :)