Our 8th Flip’s Exterior – After

First things first – thank you SO much for your feedback on the kitchen dilemma.  You guys were a huge help.  I’ve been thinking about things and considering your comments, and I think we’ve got a plan.  I’ll fill you in soon!

I’ve finally gotten my act together and written a “before and after” post for you guys for our 8th flip – I bet you never thought you’d see the day, did you?  Me neither.  :)

I wrote my first post about this flip over 9 months ago – and by the time we officially sell it, we’ll have owned it for 10 months.  I’m pretty sure this is the longest we’ve owned a flip to date, due to numerous delays (remember this one?) and babies.  While I really like the way it turned out I’m ready to be rid of this sucker!

8th Flip - After - It's Great to Be Home

Let’s get started with the tour, shall we?

Here’s how the house looked when we bought it – Tudor influences stuck on a ranch house, and poodle-shaped ivy:


And here is the controversial “after”.  While it isn’t perfect, and my mom still wants me to paint the front door :), I do think it’s an improvement from where we started.  (I know not everyone will agree!)

8th Flip - After - It's Great to Be Home

Other than painting the trim and front door and replacing all of the windows, we also did a bit of landscaping – the first order of business was getting rid of the daschund-shaped ivy (sorry, pup!).

bye bye doggie

We also added a crepe myrtle tree to fill in the space between the two front windows a bit.

8th Flip - After - It's Great to Be Home

The garage situation here bugged me – see, only the stall on the left is functional.  The one on the right has two doors because the HVAC equipment is in there (who knows why) and the rest of the space is converted into living space.  The odd doors seemed very noticeable to me when they were painted white…


… but I think they blend in better now that they’re painted the same gray-ish mushroom color as the rest of the trim.

8th Flip - After - It's Great to Be Home

The backyard is pretty huge for this neighborhood, with great views from inside the house through the family room windows.


We added a few hydrangeas, and painted, and that was pretty much it!  Oh, you can see the window that we expanded in the master bathroom (top left-hand side of the house) in this photo below.

8th Flip - After - It's Great to Be Home

The backyard has some really great trees…


… although you can see here the difference made by losing the huge tree in the ice storm.  I’m still sad about that one.

8th Flip - After - It's Great to Be Home

And there you have it!  The first stop on our tour of the 8th flip.  Next up – the first floor!

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  1. Eva Z says:

    Great job, can’t wait to see the inside! I wonder if the brick wall on the patio side is wet or just dirty? Perhaps a pressure wash would make a difference.

  2. Excellent! You have done great job. Your choice is superb and home look great.

  3. deb c says:

    Wow so much better. Love it. Great job!

  4. Susan says:

    I’m not a fan of theexterior paint job-I think since the trim is so obviously THERE, it would be better painting it dark-even with the mushroomy-brown underneath, it would stand out. Right now it looks like it’s hiding in plain sight, LOL.

    Love the front door color, though. Will be fun to see how this whole house turn out.

  5. Nikki says: