Our 8th Flip’s 2nd Floor – After

This is the last stop on the “after” tour of our 8th flip!  Just in time, because we officially sold the house yesterday – yippee!!

In case you missed them, you can check out the befores and afters of the exterior here, and the first floor here and here.

Here we go.  At the top of the stairs there is a little hallway – from this point of view, straight ahead are two bedrooms, to the right is the guest bathroom, and I’m taking the picture from the master suite.


Let’s go check out the bedrooms, shall we?

8th Flip - After - It's Great to Be Home

The first bedroom faces the street and has lots of funky angles – depending on your point of view, the quirkiness is either charming or it isn’t.


That’s something we learned with this house – quirkiness can be good or bad, just depending on the buyer, so try to avoid quirks when flipping houses so that it appeals to the largest number of people.  Sad face.

8th Flip - After - It's Great to Be Home

Directly opposite the front bedroom is the second bedroom, which overlooks the backyard.


Fun fact – these wood floors on the second floor are all original!!

8th Flip - After - It's Great to Be Home

I thought it was just a nasty subfloor, and I have never been happier to have been proved wrong.  We just had to have them patched in a few places, and I think they turned out really great!


Another fun fact – the way the house was originally built, you could only open the door to one bedroom at a time, or else they would hit each other and you could literally get stuck in the hallway or in a bedroom.  That, my friends, is a bad quirk.

You can kind of see in the photo below that the bedroom doors (in the background of the photo) don’t really play nice with one another.


Luckily this quirk is one that we were able to fix by changing the swing of one of the doors, and shrinking it a bit so that it would swing under a support beam.  Good times.

004 (2)

The two guest bedrooms share this bath at the top of the stairs:


I’m totally in love with how it turned out!  This is the first time we’ve done tiled wainscoting and it’s definitely going to make an appearance in future houses.  We also tiled the entire wall behind the vanity.

8th Flip - After - It's Great to Be Home

This terrible photo below is the only one I could find that shows the light fixture – it doesn’t really look that amazing in this photo but in person it’s killer.


Oh, and remember how we had this fun surprise when we removed the vanity?

This little set of stairs leads to the master suite:


A master suite that originally had sparkly popcorn ceilings.  Unfortunately the glitter isn’t quite catching the light in this photo, but I can assure it was there.


We opted for recessed lighting instead of fixtures in all of the bedrooms because the ceilings are on the low side – but now the rooms are all nice and bright!

8th Flip - After - It's Great to Be Home

A small bathroom is connected to the master bedroom, and it was really terrible.


The ceiling has a slope that makes placement of the vanity and shower really tricky.


Luckily, I think we figured it out and made the most of the space.  The shower stayed in its original location but we changed it from a tub to a walk-in shower.

8th Flip - After - It's Great to Be Home

The vanity moved completely, and we added a little makeup area at the end so that the sloped ceiling made some sense (which we chatted about here).  The grain in the vanity shows up more in the photo than it does in real life, and I’m really, really happy with the way the vanity turned out (even after my near meltdown when the painter prepped the vanity for paint instead of stain).

We tucked away the shampoo niche into the pony wall so that all of the showering necessities are hidden from sight.

8th Flip - After - It's Great to Be Home

The toilet moved by the door, and I think it might have been better if I’d turned it the other way, so that the back of the toilet was against the wall with the towel hooks.  But it’s better than where I originally placed it (yes, we had to move it, ugh!), which was much closer to the wall with the towel hooks – once it was in place it was obvious that a tall man would have a hard time with that placement due to the sloped ceiling, ha.  But where it is now is just fine.  :)

8th Flip - After - It's Great to Be Home

Remember when it looked like this?

master bath demolition

Here are a few close up shots for you guys.

8th Flip - After - It's Great to Be Home

The electricians were baffled by the sconces, but they thought they looked really cool – me too!

8th Flip - After - It's Great to Be Home

And the herringbone floor is definitely something that turned out spectacular – we’ve already repeated it in the kitchen of our 9th flip, and the kitchen of one of the rentals that we bought this summer.

8th Flip - After - It's Great to Be Home

We made the window as large as we could (there is a vent on the roof right outside the bathroom that we didn’t want to see from inside) and it definitely lets more light into the space.

8th Flip - After - It's Great to Be Home

If I had to pick a favorite part of the house, it would definitely be the master bathroom.  It turned out just as I’d hoped.

8th Flip - After - It's Great to Be Home

And that’s it!!  The 8th flip is done and gone – how do you think it stacks up to our previous flips?

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  1. Looks fantastic!! I can hardly believe how far it’s come! How large are the tiles? I’m helping my parents with their master bath, and love the herringbone pattern, but not sure if we can pull it off with the size of the tiles 12×24).

    • Liz - It's Great To Be Home says:

      Thanks, Jenny! The tiles are 12 x 24 – our tile guy thought it would be too large of a pattern, but it worked out really well. As long as you have enough room to have a few full tiles in width, I say go for it!! (Or at least lay it out and see how it looks!)

  2. Sarah says:

    Okay, I LOVE that master bathroom! What you did is phenomenal. And putting the niche behind the pony wall? So flippin’ genius! Congrats on the sale and I can’t wait to see #9 when you get to it.

  3. deb says:

    Well, I like quirky, so it looks terrific to me! You guys have some serious skills…

  4. Wow Liz, you guys do great work! The second floor feels classic yet fresh and I’m obsessed with that master bath vanity. Is it custom or could you provide the resource? And I like the “quirky” sloping ceilings – they add a bit of character ;)

  5. Rick says:

    This flip is AMAZING! I love it. I would definately live in this house if

  6. Rick says:

    This flip is AMAZING! I love it. I would definitely live in this house if I had the opportunity to. The hardwood flooring works perfectly with the house and the bathroom wainscoting looks fabulous. GREAT JOB.

  7. Katie says:

    What a difference! Come flip my home. Everything took a 180 turn! I really love how the bathrooms came out specially the bigger one with that gorgeous mirror!
    Katie | http://www.rotorooterpa.com/Plumbing-Repair-New-Brighton-PA.html

  8. Susannah says:

    Such an amazing transformation!! Love everything, especially that master bath!! And I have to ask, where is the big mirror from?? It is just what I am looking to put in my bathroom but can’t ever find one like this!

  9. Vicki says:

    I like quirky too and love the angles in the bedrooms. Would be fun to furnish! You guys do great work and what a fun way to make a living!

  10. Aimee says:

    Wonderful! You have done it again. Congratulations to you both! Love how it turned out. The upstairs door situation was dreadful, but you worked it out. Love the post!

  11. Linda Z says:

    Congratulations of the sale!! It came out beautifully!! How great that you got to use original floors… the refinishing looks amazing! I think my favorite part of the bathrooms are the beveled mirrors… they are just striking! The fixtures look really great, too! Did you use Carrera marble again for the counter tops?

    • Liz - It's Great To Be Home says:

      Yes, Carrera marble on all the counters! (P.S. The guest bathroom mirror is my fave!!)

  12. Carolina says:

    Hello, did you remove the glittered popcorn ceiling or just paint over it?