Rustic Modern + Color

From your feedback about the design scheme for our 10th flip, it seems like Rustic Modern is the winner (although it was a pretty close tie with Crisp + Light!).  Rustic Modern was my first instinct, and then I got scared of it – do you ever do that?  Feel drawn towards something a little bold and maybe out of your comfort zone, and then get sucked back into the safety of something safe and familiar?  I do that all the time, which is weird since I pretty much never regret it when I take a risk.

So now that we’ve decided on Rustic Modern for the flip, I started thinking about how someone might decorate the place – my thinking is that if I can come up with something that I think would look fantastic, then so could potential buyers.  Or at least I hope so.  :)

While I was contemplating this fantasy design scheme, I was contacted by the people at Chairish and challenged to come up with a colorful mood board featuring one of their unique, vintage accent chairs.  (FYI – while this post features an item from Chairish, I wasn’t compensated for this postThe challenge just happened to fit into a post that was already flitting around in my mind.)  One of the accent chairs jumped out at me immediately, and I thought that it was a really fun piece that could work brilliantly in a Rustic Modern design.

So, here’s how all of that shook out:

Chairish - Rustic Modern Colorful

Industrial Pipe Shelving Unit; Large Scale Abstract Art; Clive Chandelier; Cobalt Chesterfield; Bel Air Oval Coffee Table; Hand-Knotted Adras Rug; Mid-Century Emerald Highback Lounge Chair; Antique Brass Martini Side Table; Mid-Century Overarching Floor Lamp

You know what?  After I created this mood board, it struck me that Rustic Modern is a ridiculously versatile design style.  I mean, the fixed elements of this room would be rich wood floors with creamy white walls, and then the chandelier.  How easy is all of that to work around?  Very.  Everything else is just decorating.

Do you know what else I realized?  This is basically my dream living room, and it has some elements that we already have going on in our living room – the design is just taken up several notches.  While I love our home, I wouldn’t complain if our living room magically morphed into this mood board.  Seeing all of these elements that I love pulled together like this makes me really excited about if/when we move to our next house – like, super excited.  I won’t be holding back, that’s for sure.

What would your house look like if you just went for the dream design that’s in your head?

You can scope out the accent chairs that Chairish has to offer here.

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  1. AceBaker says:

    I LOVE it! That pipe shelving unit is perfect for my house, any idea where it came from?

    • Liz - It's Great To Be Home says:

      I wish I knew! My searches haven’t revealed the source. I could be wrong, but I think someone DIY’d it out of a set of cabinets and plumbing parts – Pinterest has links to tons of tutorials on making something similar. I hope that helps!

  2. Those pipe shelves are really cool, I don’t think they would be to difficult to build since the pipes are modular.

  3. Ian Edmonson says:

    I love the blue sofa, it looks elegant and beautiful, it is perfect for my living room. Thank you for sharing all of these.