Ikea is Toying with My Emotions

So, after all of your glorious feedback on the white v. white oak vanity issue I was all hyped up and excited about pulling the trigger on the white oak vanity. Living on the edge! Trying something new! It’s going to look awesome!

We set out to Ikea on this morning to take advantage of the Ikea Family sale, only to discover that the white oak vanity line is being phased out.  As in, they don’t have a white oak vanity in the bleeping size that I need.


no vanity

Poor Austin, the sales clerk that was helping me.  I should send him a fruit basket.

So, my choices were to (1) opt for a smaller vanity in white oak and risk the vanity looking dinky, or (2) choose another color vanity in the size that I need.

Well, I freaked out and did both.  But now I’m fairly certain the smaller white oak vanity will in fact look dinky, and that the black-brown vanity I chose in my panic might have been the wrong choice.  (Why didn’t I just go with the glossy white that was in the mood board?!?  Who knows?  I sure as heck don’t.)


P.S. I also contemplated using two small vanities, but I decided that would look weird.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Oh, man. It’s good to know that’s been discontinued as it was an option for our renovation; we won’t be ready for vanities until January.

    Nearly every vanity inspiration picture you posted is pinned to my bathroom board. I don’t recall your bathroom config, but here’s a DIY type of vanity option we’re considering… http://youpaidmorethanme.blogspot.com/2014/08/big-makeover-for-tiny-bathroom.html

    • Liz - It's Great To Be Home says:

      Maybe your Ikea will still have a few, or at least that’s my hope! They still had some at our Ikea, but they weren’t the size we needed. Thanks for passing along that DIY vanity, it looks awesome!

  2. kristin says:

    Oh no!! I can understand the dilemma. It is interesting that you went for the dark then–I guess you were set on the wood tone idea. (I voted white oak.) I am so sorry that it worked out that way. Somehow, in the end, it will all work out and it will look awesome. It will all be a happy accident–or in this case a “happy-no longer in stock vanity-accident”. You did what any sane woman in your situation would have done. Grab more than needed, change your mind, and then think “what have I done?” :)

  3. Aimee says:

    Liz, that is just awful! I am so sorry this happened. What a frustrating disappointment!

  4. Connie says:

    Try the black brown one in the space. You might find you like it.. I haven’t seen it but if it’s just a dark wood look, it could bring that warmth too. Or maybe you will like the contrast and do a black and white bathroom. Hoping for a happy accident!

  5. Kathleen says:

    Do you think it might be available in another Ikea store somewhere? I could check the Pittsburgh one, but that’s all the way across the country from where you are, I think.

    • Liz - It's Great To Be Home says:

      Thanks Kathleen! Other than Frisco, the two closest stores to me are Round Rock (outside of Austin) and Houston, and neither of them have it. And you can’t order it online, either. Grr!

  6. Joy says:

    Bummer! Have You Considered The High Gloss Grey Cabinet? I Think It Might Look Nice, But The Dark Wood Could Be Wonderful. I’m Very Curious To See What You Do.

    • Liz - It's Great To Be Home says:

      I’m still mulling over the high gloss gray! Decisions might be the death of me. :)

  7. I know that you probably don’t want to drive again but have you tried the Houston Ikea? When Round Rock didn’t have the stuff we needed for our kitchen, we were able to drive to Houston and get the missing bits.

    • Liz - It's Great To Be Home says:

      They checked Houston’s inventory and unfortunately they don’t have it either – curses!

  8. acm says:

    aaaaaaah! my rehab is running behind, but I’ve planned a bathroom around this vanity!
    I want to run to Ikea RIGHT NOW!


    • Liz - It's Great To Be Home says:

      There is hope! Over the weekend I did what all of y’all were saying to do and checked the inventory at another store (which the guy helping me at Ikea did as well) and SUPPOSEDLY the next closest store to me has two. COULD IT BE TRUE?!?!?

      My fingers are crossed that there’s one at your Ikea, but BUY IT NOW, ha!

  9. We ran into issues when trying to create an IKEA project similar to your issues. It seemed like every idea we came up with required specific pieces and something wasn’t the right size. It was quite annoying, so I sympathize.