The kitchen cabinets have been installed and they are GLORIOUS!!

I think they’re my favorite cabinets to date, and that’s saying a lot because I was thoroughly smitten with the bathroom vanities at our 8th and 9th flips (you haven’t seen the 9th yet, sorry!). These are modern and sleek with a flat-front full overlay profile, and they’ll be warm and gorgeous once they’re stained.  Want to see them?


Custom, Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Since it’s hard to remember how far we’ve come, here’s how things looked when we started the renovation.  First up, there were changes to the floor plan:

before and after floor plan

And we switched up the layout of the kitchen – remember that whole saga?  The layout below was the winner:

Final Kitchen Plan

We removed a wall between the kitchen and the family room and it was a total game-changer:

Custom, Modern Kitchen Cabinets

10th Flip - Before

10th Flip - Before

We originally weren’t planning to remove that wall – it was a total last-minute change.  I think if we hadn’t done that, both the kitchen and the family room would have suffered.

Custom, Modern Kitchen Cabinets

10th Flip - Before

demo, framing & plumbing

Crazy, right?

One of my favorite features is how the breakfast bar spans the step-down from the kitchen to the family room.

Custom, Modern Kitchen Cabinets

The cabinetmakers did a really great job making the transition seamless, and I’m glad that we decided to drop the side of the cabinet down to the lower level – the thinking was that it would help the family room feel less like a garage conversion and more like it belongs with the rest of the house.

Custom, Modern Kitchen Cabinets

A few other shots!  This is the view from the laundry room…

Custom, Modern Kitchen Cabinets

…and here are the HUGE drawers for pots and pans.

Custom, Modern Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen window turned out great!  It’s not as huge as I thought it would be, but it brings in some much needed light (the windows are covered in plastic right now, prepped for the exterior to be painted, so the kitchen is a little dimmer than it would be normally).

Custom, Modern Kitchen Cabinets

And I’m thrilled that the spacing of the sconces above the window line up perfectly with the sink cabinet – I was nervous that they wouldn’t since the measurements had to be so precise.  (And it turns out I was right to be worried, because a couple of other outlets wound up hidden behind cabinetry and had to be relocated.)

Custom, Modern Kitchen Cabinets

The pantry also turned out really great – it’s SO much storage!  Fun fact -a fter I’d already signed off on the cabinets, I had a last-minute freak out and took 6 inches off the depth of the pantry.  It’s still plenty deep, and I think that change keeps the kitchen from feeling cramped.  Whew!

Custom, Modern Kitchen Cabinets

I want to pet that pantry.  Maybe I already have.  No one will ever know.

Custom, Modern Kitchen Cabinets

The backsplash is going to be subway tile to the ceiling, and all around the window.  I hope it will look classic and modern at the same time.

Custom, Modern Kitchen Cabinets

And last but not least, here’s the crew hard at work installing all of those gorgeous cabinets – it was quite a production!

Custom, Modern Kitchen Cabinets

How do you think the kitchen is shaping up?





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  1. kristin says:

    Looking awesome! I think the inches off the pantry was a great idea. One, like you said, less of a space taker. Two, a deep pantry is almost useless. You have to move everything around to get what you need and will always end up with cans/bags of stuff that you forgot were in the back. Example: A year later, or when you just come back from the grocery and rearrange a bit, and realize you already had three cans of cream of chicken soup–in the back!! :)

    • Liz - It's Great To Be Home says:

      You’re so right! That’s exactly what has happened to us with our pantry – it’s a closet that used to house our water heater and it’s waaaay too deep. Who knows what’s in there?!?!? :)

  2. Hillary says:

    Wow. Your cabinet guys did an incredible job on the doors and drawer — so much attention to detail. The grain lines up perfectly from top to bottom. They were obviously thinking when they laid out their cuts. Beautiful. I’m also a fan of the shallower pantry!

  3. karin says:

    I’m so jealous that you can afford so much paid help on your flips! We talk about doing this in California, but the numbers don’t work unless you pay very little for the work.

    Lucky you to live in Texas where it works out!

    You do a fabulous job reimagining these spaces!

  4. Peggy says:

    I really like this floor plan. The kitchen is convenient without being completely open to everything. I get the open plan idea, but I like my closed off kitchen (not as closed off as yours was!) for hiding messes while I’m cooking. Good idea to make the pantry shallower. You’ll never miss those 6 inches. Great cabinets, too!

  5. Shauna says:

    Your cabinets are looking good. I’m curious what color they will be after they are stained?? I have flat front cabinets that are a blond/honey blond wood color and I’m struggling with what to do with the back splash and wall color. I’ll be interested to see how this kitchen turns out.

  6. Aimee says:

    Wowsey! Talk about changes . . . everywhere! Love the cabinets, and think you were right to slim down the pantry. My favorite from everything is the family room. How divine is that?!?! Now I am starting to get a feeling for the final fabulous product!

  7. Al says:

    Cabinets look so nice, who are they made by? I want to redo my kitchen now lol

  8. Ann says:

    Lovely cabinets! I like pale wood a lot. I’m glad you mentioned the window was covered in plastic, making the room a bit darker than it ultimately will be, b/c I was going to suggest you install one or two Solatubes in the kitchen to make it brighter, like the family room is bright.

  9. Eva Z. says:

    Wow, this is a stunning transformation and it’s not even finished! I am soo excited to see the stained cabinets and everything pulled together! I am here in Dallas and would love to live in one of our flips :)

  10. Linda Z says:

    Oooooo, this is looking nice!!! I love the big window above the sink! Can’t wait to see the tile and sconces with it! :)

  11. Stacy says:

    Is this a more economical way to get this look? I love it, just love it. Is it Plywood? Would you be willing to share some more in depth information on these cabinets!!!! I was thinking about going with Ikea to get the same general look and perhaps some custom doors that work with the Ikea, but this looks sooo awesome.

  12. Andrea says:

    Those cabinets do look soft and I also would like to pet them;). What type of wood are they? I love seeing the progress of flips. I’d be no good at it personally but that’s why it’s fun to see others do it:).

  13. I’m not going to go as far as wanting to pet them, but I do like the look of the cabinets for sure.

  14. MIKE THOMPSON says:

    Hi, Liz! It’s been a while! Love the home rescues, especially the latest kitchen design posted above. You are an inspiration!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Rick says:

    Wow, this place is coming a long great. I can’t wait to see what the cabinets look like once they are stained. The window was also a great addition. Thank you for all the pictures.

  16. Kendals says:

    Wow, even with only their original forms, the cabinets are certainly looking good! And it was indeed wise to just take down that wall. Great job so far!

  17. Ashly says:

    Who is your cabinet builder for this project? They’ve done a fantastic job!

  18. Kevin says:

    This project looks nice.

  19. Nice cabinets. Great stuff, but I’ve one question in my mind. Your kitchen and dinning room has big distance. I think you have to manage guest room in place of dinning room according to your new plan.

  20. Hi Liz,
    I’m renovating a house in Fort Worth and I’d love to have the name of your cabinet maker. I have a design and I’m working out what type of cabinets to use (custom/semi/stock). Do you always use the same cabinet maker on each project? Have you ever used IKEA in a kitchen?
    Thanks so much!

    • Liz - It's Great To Be Home says:

      Hi Debra! I’ll send you an email about the cabinet maker – and no, they’re the third company we’ve used and we’ve really liked their work. As for Ikea in a kitchen, we’ve used them in bathrooms (on this flip!) but not in kitchens – but check out the series on House*Tweaking about Ikea kitchens, that might help.