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Can we talk about the master bathroom for a minute?

I’ve been running hot and cold with this bathroom (plumbing pun not intended) since we started the project.

When I first saw the size of the master bath . . . cold.

10th Flip - Before

Once my glorious mother figured out how to expand the master bathroom by taking in a hall closet and part of the hallway . . . hot.

demo, framing & plumbing

After we landed on the design for the master bath . . . hotter still.

master bathroom white oak

When Ikea dashed my dreams for the master vanity . . . ice cold.

no vanity

When Ikea made my vanity dreams come true . . . hot.

008 - Copy

When the vanity was installed but the bathroom wasn’t yet complete . . . lukewarm.


Once the master bathroom was completed . . . hot hot hot.

master bathroom

Suffice it to say, the master bathroom has been a bit of a roller coaster.

But.  BUT!!!  I’ve had a little trick up my sleeve that has made the whole process a bit easier.  Let me explain.

One aspect of flipping houses that takes up A LOT of our time is finding trusted resources – trades that we can count on, products that are both pretty and functional, and retailers that make us want to keep coming back for more.

It’s harder than you might think.  (Oh, the stories I could tell…)

So when we find a resource that exceeds our expectations, we tend to latch on and never let go (similar to my reaction to the chips & dip table at a party).  That’s been the case with Build.com.  In case you’re not familiar with them, Build.com sells pretty much everything you need to complete your renovation, from hardware to plumbing parts to pretty lighting to tools.

We first discovered them back in 2010 when we were working on our 2nd flip.  We were still big-time flipping newbies back then – I was running around town, hitting up every store I could find, desperately searching for fixtures that weren’t hideous.  I was having a hard time, and wasting a lot of time, to say the least.  Finally, I went searching online for new (and better) options.  Jackpot.

For 5 years (and 9 flips) now, Build.com has been my go-to source for hardware and plumbing fixtures.  And when I say “go-to”, I mean that we’ve bought practically every single knob, pull, shower head, shower valve, hand towel ring and faucet from them.  That’s alot (like in the high-five-digits alot).

We obviously love the products and ridiculous selection that Build.com carries, but dealing with the actual company is pretty great as well.  When you call their customer service line you get – gasp! – an actual person.  Each product page tells you exactly how many pieces of that product they have in stock (so you know before you fall in love with something whether they have the amount that you need), whether a product is backordered, and when the product is expected to ship.  When you’re working on tight timelines, having all of that info at your fingertips is priceless.


They also have free shipping on orders over $49, which is a threshold that’s almost impossible not to meet when you’re dealing with home improvement, am I right?  I love that perk (I hate paying for shipping).

But I digress.  Back to the master bathroom.  I had grand visions for this house, and I pushed myself the furthest out of my comfort zone with the master bath – thankfully, my trusty source carried the more modern hardware I was craving (like the gigantic drawer pulls and the sleek door levers), and in the matte black finish I wanted that can be pretty hard to find.  That gave me one less thing to worry about while I was busy fretting that the whole design would turn out to be a complete disaster.  Score!

Do you have a secret weapon for taking some of the stress out of a renovation?

You might have noticed that I don’t normally do sponsored posts, but I’m such a fan of Build.com that I was excited to tell you guys about them.  Build.com provided a portion of the hardware for this flip, we paid for the vast majority on our own, and all opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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  1. juliet says:

    I’m in progress on a major master bathroom renovation (1956 ranch, original master was 4 ft deep and 8 feet long; we’ve take over the bedroom behind the existing bathroom to enlarge the space and also move laundry upstairs.Big job, but it will be great when done.) I’ve purchased all of the fixtures, lighting and fans from Build.com. Everything has gone well. We even ended up with an issue with one item, and when I emailed to ask about a solution, the response was that they were sending out a replacement. No questions asked. I’m grateful to my contractors who caught it in time to be able to get the replacement without it holding up the job, and to Build.com for being so excellent and responsive to the issue. I will be using them in the future for other projects.

  2. Shellie says:

    There headquarters is located about 20 minutes from my house! You will be glad to know they are also an amazing employer. Its well known in the area they treat their people really well :)

  3. Aimee says:

    Liz, what a journey! I love, LOVE, L O V E how the master bath turned out! Besides Build.com, how neat to have “glorious mom” as a resource. She must be very happy that some of her input works.

  4. Kate says:

    Thanks for sharing!! I will be checking it out as we are about to update our entire upstairs.

    I have a question about the toilets you use. Do you buy basic cheaper ones from Home Depot or Lowe’s? And do you purchase the same ones for each house? You don’t realize how many different types there are until going to purchase one!!

    • Liz - It's Great To Be Home says:

      Hi! We used to experiment with different toilets (like the ones with the buttons on top for 2 different flushes, etc.), but now we just stick with a good ol’ basic toilet (around 100 bucks, I think!) from Home Depot. Hope that helps!

  5. Andrea says:

    I can honestly say this is one of my most favorite redo’s of yours I have seen. I really, really like it! Nicely done and happy new year!!!:)
    Andrea´s last blog post post ..The Top Tips To Home Improvement And Where You Should Begin

  6. Valerie says:

    Bathrooms can be the most challenging to remodel, but it’s always worth it when you see the finished product. Your tile choice is so pretty, and I like how you used two round mirrors instead of a regular rectangular one. Enjoy your new bathroom!

  7. Christy says:


    First, a big huge THANK YOU for posting all of your experiences and adventures along your Flipping journey. I will be doing my first (non primary residence) flip this spring (ahhh!) and having just moved from Seattle to Boulder, I am frantically rebuilding my list of trusted trades. I just added Build.com for hardware and HD for $100 toilets. :).

    Thanks again for taking time to share!
    Christy´s last blog post post ..Habitat for Humanity – Learning and Helping

  8. Susan says:

    Wow.. Just wow! You guys are rock stars! Stopping over from Southern Hospitality and I’m now following your blog as I’m sure to get tons of great information. We’re in the middle of a master bathroom/closet renovation and all of the details can really bog a person down but you seem to make them with such ease… Can’t wait to see what you’re up to next!
    Susan´s last blog post post ..Master Bath & Closet Renovation (part 4)

  9. It seems like matte black hardware is the way to go anymore. I like the door handle picture that you posted. That looks like a really good pick, especially for a bathroom. I like matte black hardware because it doesn’t ever really start to look old and scratches aren’t as visible.