Before + After – Our 10th Flip’s Master Bedroom + Bathroom

You might recall that the master bathroom was a source of stress at various times throughout this renovation.  :)

However, now that everything is said and done I can say that all the freaking out and second-guessing was worth it.  Whew!

"After" photos of 10th flip - It's Great to Be Home

Originally, the bathroom was very pink and somewhat cramped.

10th Flip - Before

It also functioned as a guest bathroom since it was accessible through a door in the hallway – probably not the private master bath that most people envision.

10th Flip - Before

(The door to the “master bathroom” on the left in the foreground.)

So, when it came time to re-think the space, we jumped at the opportunity to make the bathroom more private by closing off the door while also expanding the bathroom by taking in a coat closet and part of a hallway off the entryway (see below).

10th Flip - Before

I never would have thought of expanding into this space – it was my mom’s idea – and it made all the difference for this little bathroom!  You can see these changes reflected on the floor plans below:

before and after floor plan

During the demolition and re-framing phases it all looked a little like this:

demo, framing & plumbing

I was really concerned about the master bathroom feeling dark, since it doesn’t have any windows to let in natural light.  Because of that, I made sure to include two recessed LED lights (one in the shower and one in the main part of the bathroom) and sconces with two bulbs each.  All of that light bouncing off the white walls, mirrors and glossy subway tile make for one happy and bright bathroom.

"After" photos of 10th flip - It's Great to Be Home

And here’s a straight-on view of the double vanity.  The drawers have tons of storage, and I think the rope on the captain’s mirrors plays nicely with the wood tones of the vanity.

master bathroom

Just through the doorway is the master bedroom!

"After" photos of 10th flip - It's Great to Be Home

You can really see in the master bedroom how we stuck with a palette of whites and rich browns and black throughout the house – all of the fixtures are black or oil-rubbed bronze, the window frames are bronze (almost black, really), and all of the hardware, door levers and hinges are black.  Those little details make me happy.

Do you see the plethora of doors that used to lead into the master bedroom?  It had direct access to two bathrooms – so strange!

10th Flip - Before

The master bedroom itself is really a testament to what a little freshening up can do.  We painted, swapped out the windows and light fixture, and restained the floor to take the room from this…

10th Flip - Before

…to this!

"After" photos of 10th flip - It's Great to Be Home

I hope you’ll agree that it’s changed for the better.  :)

Pssst!  Hi!  If you’re just joining us from Centsational Girl, welcome!  If you’d like to catch up on the rest of this renovation just click here.  And for you regular readers, I contributed to a post for my blog buddy, Centsational Girl – you can check it out here.

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  1. Oh my goodness, it’s GORGEOUS! What an amazing difference, and it doesn’t feel at all dark with all that you’ve done to keep it light and fresh. I love the vanity and the mirrors are perfect! Well done – great vision!
    Jenny@EvolutionofStyle´s last blog post post ..Friday 5+1 (5 Things I Love + 1 Thing I Don’t)

  2. christy says:

    Holy moly you keep outdoing yourselves Liz. Super impressed. Love it.
    christy´s last blog post post ..I’m totally famous

  3. kristin says:

    It is so amazing what a gut job can do. And great taste. :) Looks awesome and the bedroom transformation is simple yet stunning. Beautifying the world one house at a time. :)

  4. aimee says:

    I always get a little lift when you have posted a new blog entry! So upbeat, fun, and informative! The new master bath was a HUGE improvement. Aside from the larger bathroom, the traffic flow is much better. Read your post on Centsational Girl, and found it extremely helpful. Great job . . . again!

  5. Impressive transformation! May I know where did you bought the mirrors? Super nice.

  6. Linda Z says:

    All your hard work has really paid off!! What an amazing difference! It’s so much more functional and it looks light and gorgeous!! I love that you put little towel hooks on the wall!

  7. Brittney says:

    You have clearly done it again. This bathroom is awesome. I have pink tile in my bathroom now. Its a bit expensive to replace it, but do you know if it can be painted?

  8. Jordan says:

    Gorgeous pics! I’m loving the way the bathroom looks now. And both rooms look so much brighter now, too!

  9. Rick says:

    Wow. Such a great transformation. I love the floor and windows in your bedroom, everything goes nicely. I hope to see a picture of the room all decorated.

    The bathroom looks totally new.

  10. Kyle Bloom says:


    I’m definitely taking notes from this post, I’ve been searching for great renovation ideas for a while now. My wife and I are moving to Kansas City in 3 months and we wanted to upgrade our outdated master bath before we put it on the market.

    Our master bath currently has a dark and uninviting feel, so when you said that you “made sure to include two recessed LED lights (one in the shower and one in the main part of the bathroom) and sconces with two bulbs each. All of that light bouncing off the white walls, mirrors and glossy subway tile make for one happy and bright bathroom,” I made sure to write that down on our renovation to-do list.

    This is definitely one of my favorite posts and I’ll be back to read what else you have to say,


  11. Janette says:

    I’m ready to plan our first flip with our brother-in-law (me, design; him, the grunt work), and I’ve spent ALL WEEKEND engrossed in your blog. I’ve read all the way back to 2011! Thanks so much for your willingness to share the nitty gritty of what you love to do… you have amazing style and super helpful tips. I’m an avid new Canadian reader!! :)

    • Liz - It's Great To Be Home says:

      Thanks so much Janette, and good luck on your first flip! I’m sending good vibes your way. :)

  12. Chris says:

    Beautiful transformation on this home remodeling project! The results are amazing! Thanks for sharing the entire process! Can’t wait to see mre!

  13. Brandon says:

    Amazing job once again, the dark wood tones are extremely appealing to me!

  14. Yadira O says:

    Hi Liz.
    Can you please tell me how big is the area where the two master bathroom sinks are installed? I am in the process of remodeling my master bathroom and I would love to replicate that in mine. I love all your flips, every time that I do a change in my house you are my first source for inspiration.

    • Liz - It's Great To Be Home says:

      Hi Yadira, thanks for your lovely comment! That wall is 59 inches wide. Hope that helps, and good luck on your renovation!

  15. The design looks luxurious and well done. I like those mirror in the bathroom, it is well crafted. I love everything in here and you give an inspiration everyone. You give me an idea and will take note of your tips. Thank you for sharing. Keep it up.
    Bethany Rodriquez´s last blog post post ..Gorgeous!

  16. Andrea says:

    I really like this bathroom. The mirrors and drawers are just great. I think I like this flip ;).
    Andrea´s last blog post post ..The Convenience and Security of Having Keypad Electronic Locks

  17. acm says:

    look at you and your industrial light fixture right in the MBR! :)) love it, and all the dark finishes play really well with the Jacobean stain. am tempted to follow you on my next flip (if I ever find one to buy!)…