She’s Here!

She's Here!

We’ve added another little girl to our family, and we officially feel like the luckiest people on the planet.

She's Here!

She made her debut around 10pm on Tuesday night and she’s been awesome ever since!

She's Here!

Her big sister is quite interested in this “baby! baby!” that’s been hanging around.  I’m not quite sure she understands that the baby is here for the long haul, but I think she’ll get used to it.  :)

She's Here!

We’re getting in the swing of our new routine, and we’re loving being a family of four.  Now, does anyone have any tips for getting some sleep at night?  :)

A Contemporary Exterior Update

Exteriors are the area where I tend to struggle most when updating our flips (ahem).  That’s why I’m always so inspired when I come across an exterior renovation that absolutely transforms the curb appeal and vibe of a home.

Take this little 1950s ranch, for example.  It’s bland, beige and boring, and the carport is just stuck on the front of the house like an afterthought.

Contemporary Exterior Upgrade

But take a look at the same little ranch just 4 years later:

Contemporary Exterior Upgrade

I know, right?!?

Obviously this wasn’t a quick, easy or cheap transformation – but now this little ranch has me swooning.

While there are too many updates to mention, the biggest changes are:

- the addition of a master suite to the front facade of the home, which balances out the carport

- utilitizing the narrow corridor between the addition and the carport as a defined entry and private courtyard

- a snazzy metal roof

- horizontal wood accents to emphasize the contemporary lines of the home

Contemporary Exterior Upgrade

I don’t know why but I’ve really been wanting a courtyard lately.  We actually hang out in our front yard a decent amount, and the thought of having a little extra privacy while you’re watching the world go by sounds appealing to me.  And who couldn’t enjoy a courtyard like this?

Contemporary Exterior Upgrade

What do you think of this renovation?

Thursday This & That

thursday this & that

Hey guys!  We’re in a serious countdown to Baby Girl #2 – just 7 days to go!  I thought I’d stick my head up from the frenzy of trying to get ready for her and let you know about a few fun things that have been going on around here.

- I’m sure you know Jean Chatzy, the personal finance expert from the Today Show, right?

jean chatzky

Well, I was thrilled to be asked to contribute a post to her blog about making a living flipping houses – you can read it right here.  I’m kind of excited about it, to say the least.  :)  And if you’re visiting from Jean’s blog, welcome!!

- Nutty turned 2!!  How did the time go by so quickly?  I’m pretty sure this happened just yesterday.  And now we’re about to do it again – crazytown.

Nutty's 2nd birthday party 102

- Did I tell you that we’re buying our 9th flip?  If all goes well we’ll be closing in the middle of June.  I really love it, green shag carpet and all.

9th Flip

- We’re also under contract to buy a rental property nearby.  It’s a duplex and will need some work, but it’s in a great school district and I’m hoping that it will be a great investment for us.  Fingers crossed!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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