Saturday Style 2.0

Obviously this blog is about home renovation and building houses, with some interior design thrown in for good measure. That ain’t changing.

But do you know what?

There are some things I’d love to chat about with you guys. Real life struggles and drama.  Like…trying not to give into the urge to wear yoga pants every day.  ;)

Color & Graphic Style

Did I just lose you? Stick with me here!

The last time I wrote a Saturday Style post I was just a sweet young thing (ha!) that had just turned 30 and was care – and kid – free.  Oh, it feels like an eternity!.

These days I’m just a few weeks shy of being officially in my mid-30s. Time, along with having carried two babies, has taken a bit of a toll that is becoming pretty obvious when I look in the mirror.  Womp womp.

So what’s a girl to do? Work with what she’s got.

“Work” being the key term. All of a sudden I’ve realized that (duh) looking your best takes some effort! Since I first started the series I’ve made sure to actually get dressed every day, even though I work from home and could get away with solely wearing stretchy pants (although I do have those days, too) – I feel better, and I’m sure the people around me prefer it this way. But I want to start doing more than just going through the motions of getting dressed – I’d like to feel cute and put together.

Maybe you feel that way, too?

Neutral Style

So, I’ve decided to resurrect the Saturday Style series for a few reasons.  I’d love to be held accountable for making myself look presentable – nothing like putting it out there on the Internet!  ;)  I hope this series will be a great way to visually take note of what I’m drawn to, and maybe that will keep me from veering off course and buying a bunch of stuff I’ll never wear.  I’d also like to chat with you guys about style, and find out what you’re into these days!  Does that sound good to you?

So that’s the current plan – once a week on Saturdays I’ll give you guys a little peek at what I throw on throughout the week (the rest of the week will still be all-renovation-all-the-time).  I’m not quite brave enough to actually post photos of myself for the Internet to judge, so I’ll go for the #flatlay so you get the idea. ;)  Hopefully putting my outfits out there for the world to see will make me put some extra thought into how I present myself each day. (Or maybe my daughters will just have something to laugh at in 10 years – “Mom, you wore THAT?!?!” Ha!)

My day-to-day activities range from chasing toddlers to tromping through construction sites to showing houses to sitting at a desk – so my outfits all center around comfort and an attempt to look pulled together. Want to see what that looks like for me? Here we go!

olive vest + polka dot sweater + black skinny jeans + black booties polka dot sweater – Old Navy (similar) // drapey utility vest – American Eagle (similar) // black skinny jeans – American Eagle // black booties – Lucky Brand // silver drop earrings – similar

I haven’t worn this polka dot sweater in years – for some reason I’d deemed it “not my style” anymore and it’s just been sitting in my closet. I think it seemed too prim and proper? So I tried to toughen it up a little bit with this olive vest, which I’ve become obsessed with, and all black on the bottom. (Question – would it be weird to wear the same vest 7 days a week…? Maybe.) I wore this outfit on a workday, and ran some errands around town – I felt pretty cute! Maybe the ol’ sweater gets to stay in my closet awhile longer.

white tunic + distressed skinny jeans + leather crossover sandals + boho clutch

white linen tunic (worn with this white tunic tank underneath) – Old Navy // distressed skinny jeans – Blank NYC // crossover sandals – Old Navy // boho clutch – World Market (similar and similar), gold studs (not pictured) – Etsy

This was such a great Saturday!! The weather was just gorgeous so we got to have a family brunch at our favorite restaurant on the patio, and then we played at the playground at a neighborhood school. We had an impromptu soccer match with the girls, and it was so adorable to watch our 3 and 1-year olds try to play – so sweet! Later I took the girls to my parents’ house for some fun with their grandparents and cousins.

olive button down + denim cutoffs + camel leather sneakers

army green button down – American Eagle // denim cutoffs – Target // camel leather slip-on sneakers – Keds // black tank top – Old Navy // gold drop earrings – similar

It turns out that I am just not mentally prepared for shorts yet. (And don’t hate me for the shorts-weather – Texas has its perks!) The shorts only lasted about half of the day, then I switched into these black skinnies and leopard espadrilles for a kiddo birthday party – much better and far less naked.

blue plaid flannel shirt + white tank top + distressed skinny jeans + Vans hi-tops

plaid flannel shirt – American Eagle (similar) // white tank – Loft // distressed skinny jeans – Blank NYC // high tops – Vans // silver bar studs (not pictured) – Etsy

My 9th-grade self loved this outfit, and it turns out that my almost-35-year-old self does, too. :) It’s kind of fun to wear the sorts of things that you did in high school! I remembered I wanted a pair of Vans SO BADLY as a teenager – somehow they were the epitome of cool to me.  I did feel a bit like a man in this outfit, though – am I the only one that feels that way when wearing flannel and/or button downs? I think next time I’ll try to girl it up a little bit with different shoes.

olive vest + black top + sorel boots + black skinny jeans

black top – Old Navy // olive vest – Old Navy // black high-rise skinny jeans – Old Navy // duck boots – Sorel // silver bar studs (not pictured) – Etsy

We had such a cold, rainy day – the weather was so gross! However, things improved greatly after the kids went to bed because the hubby and I got to watch 2 episodes of our newest obsession – Breaking Bad. I know we’re a few years behind but OMG!!!!!!! OBSESSED.

poncho + turtleneck + flare jeans + booties

poncho – Loft (similar and similar) // turtleneck – Target (similar) // flare jeans – Target // black booties – Lucky Brand // gold studs (not pictured) – Etsy

I got to meet my good friend’s new baby girl today! Goodness, she was sweet! This was the first time I’ve worn this poncho-thing, even though I bought it before Christmas. I’ve been a bit intimidated by it – how the heck do you wear this thing without looking like you’re wearing a giant blankie? I finally took the plunge and I liked the outfit, but I think next time I’ll try a white button down, skinny jeans and brown boots – right? Oh, and I randomly stopped by the jobsite and holyheck, these are just about the worst shoes ever to wear in a mud pit. I was quite a sight.  #unprepared

sweater + striped tank + skinny jeans + sneakers

pink sweater – J. Crew Factory (similar) // striped tank – Target // infinity scarf – Target // skinny jeans – J. Brand (similar) // sneakers – Clarks (similar) // silver drop earrings – similar

Today was pretty much a desk day, staring at spreadsheets and doing bookkeeping. Woo. I think this sweater might finally get retired – I’ve never quite been able to make it look right since the fit is a bit boxy. But I threw it on anyway today because, looking back at this week of outfits, I thought I needed a little color in my life! :)

What do you guys think – is this Saturday Style thing kinda fun, or would you rather I just keep it to renovations?  Is anyone else completely obsessed with Breaking Bad, or recovering from a BB addiction?  DON’T TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS!!!

A Case for Wood Cabinets

During a conversation with our architect a few months ago we were picking his brain for any tips he could give us, based on his experience working with other builders.  We were talking generally about the style and finishes we’re planning to use in the house we’re building, and when we got to the kitchen he stated that of course we would do painted cabinets in gray or white because that’s what everyone wants and they’re a “no-brainer.”


Having fallen deeply in love with the kitchen at Flip #10 and the master bath in Flip #8, I had actually been planning on putting stained wood cabinets in the kitchen of our first build (you know, the one that’s stuck in limbo) – instantly I began to wonder whether I was crazy to even be thinking about anything other than painted cabinets, and whether anyone in the universe (besides me, of course) actually even likes stained wood cabinets!

I mean, I like a classic white kitchen as much as the next girl, and I obviously want to be able to sell this house for top dollar, but I also feel really strongly about making sure that this house doesn’t look exactly like every other house that’s being built right now.  We can do that with white or gray cabinets, and we still may (and we’ll definitely be going Preppy Modern in the second build), but for the moment mama’s got her heart set on stained!

What I have in mind isn’t the honey oak or cherry cabinets of kitchens past – oh no my friends, we’re talking modern day here!

stained cabinets

Sources, left to right: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

The keys to pulling off stained wood cabinets and making them look current, as opposed to dated, are pretty straightforward:

  • keep the cabinet profile simple and streamlined – preferably a flat front cabinet like the ones pictured in a full overlay style (so that none of the box behind the door and drawer fronts is visible)
  • let the natural wood grain shine – don’t try to make the wood look like something it’s not, and don’t go too dark or red/orange with the stain
  • opt for minimalist hardware without a lot of unnecessary detail

What do you think about stained wood cabinets – would you consider putting them into a space that you’re remodeling or building, or are you painted cabinets all the way?  What factors make you say yay or nay?

P.S.  Looks like stained cabinets might be an upcoming trend – check it out on My Domaine.

Before + After – Our 9th Flip’s Bathrooms

You guys! I posted about our 9th flip’s kitchen and then left you hanging!


I’m here to remedy that with a big ol’ post about the bathroom remodels at the flip. Spoiler alert – they’re all a lot cuter now.

(If you missed the first few posts about the 9th flip, just click here to catch up. Also, did I ever tell you that my daughter goes to school with the great grandson of the nice man we bought this house from? Such a small world!)

The house started out with really great bones – a great floor plan and all of the rooms were large and spacious, including the bathrooms. The master bath already had dual sinks and, way ahead of its time, a walk-in shower with a soaking tub inside. ;)

Master Bath - Before - IGTBH Flip #9 The vanity and the toilet/shower were separated by a doorway, so we decided to open that up to make the whole bathroom feel more spacious. We also decided to nix the whole “tub inside a shower” thing and just go for a big shower. Finally, we removed the linen closet and reoriented the toilet so that it backed against the wall shared with the vanity (hope that makes sense!).

Here’s how things looked during construction:

Master Bath - During - IGTBH Flip #9

Top left: creating the walk-in shower; top right: choosing a grout color for the floor tile; bottom left: the custom vanity and storage tower; bottom right: the shower all tiled and ready for grout.

Since I didn’t blog about this renovation as it was happening, and it sold before we were finished remodeling it, I don’t have many “in progress” photos of the remodeling process. And, horror of all horrors, I don’t have professional “after” photos – I really do regret that. So, unfortunately, you’ll have to make do with my crummy “after” shots that do a pretty terrible job of showing you the whole bathroom. I’ll do better next time!

As a consolation prize, will you accept my drawing of the master vanity that I made for the cabinet maker?


No? Moving on.

So here’s how the vanity area turned out:

After - 9th Flip's Bathrooms

It’s hard to tell from the lighting, but the cabinets are a soft gray and the counters are the same as in the kitchen. We opted to add a storage tower between the sinks, which I think turned out great! And in person the inset cabinets are just gorgeous.

We had a few SNAFUs with the vanity lights and the mirrors, which were super fun (did you catch my sarcasm there?). The electricians placed the boxes for the vanity lights assuming that the sinks would be centered within the base cabinets – however, as you can see, the sinks are off-center. We didn’t catch the error until the custom mirrors were installed and the holes for the vanity lights were conspicuously not in the right place. So, the mirrors had to be ripped off the walls and re-cut, and the electricians had to come back to move the boxes for the vanity lights. And the lights that I originally selected didn’t give off enough light. Ugh. Not fun mistakes!

But on to the rest of the bathroom. The room formerly known as “tub in shower” became an awesome walk-in shower built for two (you can just barely see the second shower head on the right-hand side). I love how it turned out!

After - 9th Flip's Bathrooms

Even though we have 3 different kinds of tile going on in the shower, and 4 in the entire bathroom if you count the floor tile, I think it all works really well together because we kept a cohesive palette (grays and whites) and used a variety of sizes and shapes. I also really like how the shampoo niche turned out – running it from wall to wall gave it a kind of modern, seamless look.

Tile sources for the master bath: 12×24 gray floor tile, carrara marble hex floor tile, white subway wall tile, marble and glass accent tile

You may have noticed that pretty much every tile we’ve ever used in our flips comes from Floor & Decor – that’s because I really haven’t found much reason to shop anywhere else.  I’ve never found better prices anywhere else, and I’ve always been able to find exactly what I’m looking for in their inventory – I love that I can just cruise into one of their local showrooms and pick up what I need the same day.  When you’re working with tight timelines, or you didn’t buy enough tile and your installer is itching to finish the job (not that that’s ever happened to me, ha!), it’s great to be able to just run in and get it all.

Now on to the jack ‘n jill bath! This bathroom is upstairs and is shared by the two bedrooms up there (which are the only rooms on the second level of this home). The bathroom had lots of personality and I imagine it was a pretty fun place to get ready back in its heyday. ;) Jack n Jill Bath - During - IGTBH Flip #9

We kept the footprint of the bathroom the same, and even kept the original cabinets and wainscoting – the only real changes we made were to the finishes. We opted to keep everything feeling fresh with a big dose of white, and added a little excitement with the deep navy vanity.

After - 9th Flip's Bathrooms

In the remainder of the bathroom we continued our theme of bright white, with new subway tile and a refinished tub. Will I ever tire of subway tile with gray grout? Not sure it’s possible.

After - 9th Flip's Bathrooms

Tile sources for the Jack ‘n Jill bath: 12×24 gray floor tile, white subway wall tile

The last bathroom in our little tour is the guest bath, which connects to a bedroom downstairs. It was showing its age when we first saw it but, just like the jack ‘n jill bath upstairs, it was revived with some new paint, pretty tile and hardware!

Guest Bath - During - IGTBH Flip #9

The penny tile is clear the star of this show. We’d used penny tile just once before (and you can see the most recent time here), and I am completely in love with it! The only tricky part is making sure that your installer does a good job keeping the spacing consistent – the last thing you want is for the spacing between the sheets of tile to be obvious.

After - 9th Flip's Bathrooms

A fun little detail in this bathroom are the round bubbles on the mirror – aren’t they cute with the penny tile?

Tile sources for the guest bathroom: gray penny tile, white subway wall tile

So those are the bathrooms at our 9th flip! Do you have a favorite? Do you think we made the right call by keeping the cabinetry in the guest bath and jack ‘n jill bath? Are you as in love with penny tile as I am?

This post brought to you in collaboration with Floor & Decor.

Around These Here Parts

Some of you are wondering what we’ve been up to lately – so here’s a little post to get you up to speed!

We’ve started work on a second new construction home – things are moving along really great, and the foundation should be poured in the next week or so.

IGTBHnewbuild2 That first house that we’re building?  Yeah, that one.  We’ve been at a standstill for quite some time for a variety of reasons, and I think we’re close to actually starting construction.  Hallelujah. IGTBHnewbuild1

We did that quick little flip and sold it in a heartbeat.  Let me know if you want to hear more about that one.

IGTBH quick flip 1 We bought another rental, and rented it out without changing a thing (other than getting the pool cleaned – ick!). IGTBH rental 3

The gears have started moving for us to build our own home!!  This is such a dream, and I think it’s going to come true.  Fingers crossed.

Let me know if you guys have any questions about what we’ve been up to – it feels good to be back!

Get the Look – Preppy Modern

“Modern” as a style has so many different interpretations – from “cold” modern to “rustic” modern to “futuristic” modern . . . you get the idea.

I’ve been a fan of rustic modern for awhile now (our 10th flip is my interpretation of that style), but I’ve recently become smitten with what I’ve dubbed “preppy modern.”

Textile-maven Caitlin Wilson and the Studio McGee design firm are the current masters of this style – think streamlined cabinets, geometric tile in classic colors, brass and matte black fixtures, fabulous patterns in buffalo check and herringbone, unadorned hardware, warm leather – and, of course, the traditional prepster tones of grays, blues and whites.

Caitlin’s Instagram is an absolute treasure-trove of inspiration, featuring both her beautiful textile creations and killer design style:

Caitlin Wilson Preppy Modern (please pin from original source here)

Studio McGee’s Instagram feed shows their slightly more masculine take on preppy modern that is just as captivating:

Studio McGee Preppy Modern (please pin from original source here) Want to try out the preppy modern style in your home?  Here are some ways to get the look:  

Get the Look - Preppy Modern collage

Sources: Row 1: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; Row 2: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; Row 3: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; Row 4: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; Row 5: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; Row 6: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; Row 7: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; Row 8: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; Row 9: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

We’ve got a huge project in the works and I’m eager to try this preppy modern style for all the finishes.  What do you think about this look?

And while you’re checking out Caitlin Wilson and Studio McGee on Instagram, be sure to hop on over to my new feed – you can find me here (itsgreattobehome), where things are still a work in progress.  My former feed is now a private account (I started feeling like a mama bear about the photos of my kiddos!), and this new feed will be all things renovation/design/home building.  I’ll be updating it soon, I promise!

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