Roundup of Kitchen Lighting Options for the 10th Flip

Remember this huge window that’s going above the kitchen sink?

kitchen window

Well, that sucker needs a few lights above it!  There will be 3 sconces, evenly spaced above the window.  I’ve wanted to try this look for awhile, and I’m so excited about finally doing it!

A few of these choices are more aspirational than realistic (especially since I’ll need 3 of them), but if I saved a few pennies elsewhere I might be able to make them work.

kitchen lighting options

(1) Metal Grid 9 3/4″ High Bronze Wall Sconce - $69.99; (2) Satellite Sconce - $125; (3) Franklin Sconce - $79; (4) Reed Industrial Swing Arm - $335; (5) Bare Bulb Wall Sconce – Angled Lamp - $65; (6) Princeton Junior Sconce 2.25″ - $228 (with this shade combination); (7) Isaac Sconce – Long Arm - $130 (white option could also look great); (8) Industrial Wall Sconce Light - $30; (9) Wood and Metal Caged Wall Sconce - $198; (10) Double Wall Sconce - $95 (also available as a single sconce for $65, or with brass or wood sockets – wood might be nice!); (11) Industrial Wall Sconce – Bare Bulb Lamp - $35; (12) Edison Socket Sconce - $145; (13) Mini Hi-Bay 1-Light Wall Sconce - $149.40

Ideally, the fixtures would cost less than $100 a piece, which actually leaves quite a few options.  However, I’m finding myself drawn most to the Isaac Sconce (#7) – it’s unique, a bit retro looking, and a good size.  It also comes in white – I’m debating whether black or white would look best.  The cabinets will be stained wood, the floor will probably be dark gray tile, the countertops will be marble, and the backsplash will be white with dark grout.  What do you think?  Oh, and I’m thinking that some of these guys might have to make an appearance in the bathrooms…

While I’m leaning towards the Isaac Sconce for above the kitchen window, I’m still not 100% sold on it.  Are there any you absolutely love, or would run away screaming if I chose them?  :)

Final Plans for the Kitchen Cabinets

After all the debating and polling and back and forth, we finally have plans for the kitchen cabinets at the 10th flip!!  Did you think this day would ever come?


Final Kitchen Cabinet Plans

That overhead view of the cabinet layout gives you a pretty good idea of how the kitchen is going to be laid out.  That’s the fridge on the bottom right, and then (traveling counterclockwise) the sink and the stove on the back wall, and the breakfast bar on the left, and the door to the laundry room on the bottom, then the pantry.  Yes, that’s right – since we decided to turn that extra portion of the laundry room into a powder room instead of a pantry we nixed the idea of a beverage center (sad!, and thanks again for all of your feedback on that burning issue) and opted for a built-in pantry instead.

Let’s take a closer look at those kitchen plans.  Here’s how the doorway to the kitchen used to look…

10th Flip - Before

. . . and here’s how it looks after demo and framing:

demo, framing & plumbing

So when you enter the kitchen through that large opening, this is what you’ll see:

Final Kitchen Cabinet Plans

This particular elevation makes me SO excited!!  Do you notice the gigantic window above the sink?  That was a last-minute decision to expand the window and I’m thrilled with it – hopefully it will look as good in person as I imagine it will.

kitchen window

Above, you can see the window all framed in.  We really needed a large window in the kitchen since we had to close up two smaller windows to make the layout work.  Oh, and this is fun!  There will be 3 sconces above the window, kind of like this (ish).  I can’t wait!

On the right-hand wall, there will be uppers, lowers with an opening for the microwave, and a fridge box.  The side of the fridge that faces the living room will be covered with millwork.  Nobody likes looking at the side of a fridge, am I right?  :)

Final Kitchen Cabinet Plans

Flipping to the other side of the kitchen (that adjoins with the game room) is the breakfast bar.  Below you can see how the breakfast bar is finished out on the side that faces the kitchen, and the back of the peninsula will be paneled.  The side of the peninsula, which spans the step-down into the game room, will run the entire depth of the countertop.  Does that make sense?

Final Kitchen Cabinet Plans

The wall below is shared with the laundry room, and that’s the door pictured below.  The poor built-in beverage center got the boot and was replaced with this kick-a$$ pantry.  The converted water heater closet we call a pantry in our house ain’t got nothing on this thing.

Final Kitchen Cabinet Plans

The cabinets went into production two days ago, and I absolutely can’t wait to see how they turn out.  We’re doing a much more contemporary design than we’ve done before (like we talked about here), with full overlay flat panel doors and drawers in maple, which we’ll stain after they’ve been installed.  Kind of like these lowers, but darker.  Can you imagine it??

P.S.  Oh, and here’s a fun little tidbit – the first case of Ebola diagnosed outside of Africa was diagnosed about 2 miles from my house.  Jealous?

Rustic Modern + Color

From your feedback about the design scheme for our 10th flip, it seems like Rustic Modern is the winner (although it was a pretty close tie with Crisp + Light!).  Rustic Modern was my first instinct, and then I got scared of it – do you ever do that?  Feel drawn towards something a little bold and maybe out of your comfort zone, and then get sucked back into the safety of something safe and familiar?  I do that all the time, which is weird since I pretty much never regret it when I take a risk.

So now that we’ve decided on Rustic Modern for the flip, I started thinking about how someone might decorate the place – my thinking is that if I can come up with something that I think would look fantastic, then so could potential buyers.  Or at least I hope so.  :)

While I was contemplating this fantasy design scheme, I was contacted by the people at Chairish and challenged to come up with a colorful mood board featuring one of their unique, vintage accent chairs.  (FYI – while this post features an item from Chairish, I wasn’t compensated for this postThe challenge just happened to fit into a post that was already flitting around in my mind.)  One of the accent chairs jumped out at me immediately, and I thought that it was a really fun piece that could work brilliantly in a Rustic Modern design.

So, here’s how all of that shook out:

Chairish - Rustic Modern Colorful

Industrial Pipe Shelving Unit; Large Scale Abstract Art; Clive Chandelier; Cobalt Chesterfield; Bel Air Oval Coffee Table; Hand-Knotted Adras Rug; Mid-Century Emerald Highback Lounge Chair; Antique Brass Martini Side Table; Mid-Century Overarching Floor Lamp

You know what?  After I created this mood board, it struck me that Rustic Modern is a ridiculously versatile design style.  I mean, the fixed elements of this room would be rich wood floors with creamy white walls, and then the chandelier.  How easy is all of that to work around?  Very.  Everything else is just decorating.

Do you know what else I realized?  This is basically my dream living room, and it has some elements that we already have going on in our living room – the design is just taken up several notches.  While I love our home, I wouldn’t complain if our living room magically morphed into this mood board.  Seeing all of these elements that I love pulled together like this makes me really excited about if/when we move to our next house – like, super excited.  I won’t be holding back, that’s for sure.

What would your house look like if you just went for the dream design that’s in your head?

You can scope out the accent chairs that Chairish has to offer here.

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