The 4 Pairs of Heels Every Girl Needs (Saturday Style)

I like shoes.

Since I like shoes and I’m a casual gal, my dressed-down shoe collection could probably rival Kim Kardashian.  I have like 5,000 pairs of sneakers and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  #sneakers4life

However, occasionally this casual gal needs to put on something fancy.  And by fancy, I just mean it shouldn’t be worn with sweatpants.  ;)  However, my fancy shoe collection is dismal – every pair is either way out of date, or looks orthopedic, or hurts my feet so much that I never wear it.

In an effort to avoid the inevitable scramble to look acceptable when a girls’ night out presents itself, I’ve started scoping out . . . heels.  Gasp.  I typically avoid them like the plague, but I think it’s time to grow up and get some big girl shoes.

Here are some of the looks I’ve been drawn to:

well-heeled - Saturday Style on IGTBH well-heeled - Saturday Style on IGTBH

well-heeled - Saturday Style on IGTBH

I quickly noticed that you can achieve just about any look with just 4 pairs of heels – hooray!  Here’s what you need:

  • a simple black heel
  • a pair of strappy black heels
  • a pair of heels in a fun, solid color (I like red)
  • a simple nude heel in patent or matte leather

That’s pretty easy, right?  Since I’m not a fancy gal and these shoes won’t get worn every day, all of the heels I chose are below $100.  Also, I noticed that you need to have more than a kitten heel for the shoes to look “sexy” (RAWR), but I’m pretty darn tall and my feet don’t like high heels, so all of my picks are 2.5-3″ – enough to look sassy, but not so tall that you’re begging for flip-flops or towering over your partner. Up first are the nude heels – perfect for making your legs look longer.  #nicestems how to wear nude patent leather heels I chose this one because it is the perfect shade of “nude” and the toe is pointy but not so pointy that it will break your toes off.  It’s the little things.  ;) Black heels are a staple in every girl’s closet.  My old pair is a matte black leather kitten heel, and I feel like a Sunday school teacher in them.  Not that that’s bad, it’s just not what I’m going for.   how to wear black suede heels     This black heel, on the other hand, is simple enough to go with everything but has the fun d’Orsay detail that makes it a bit sexier.  (How many times can I say sexy in one post?  Pretty sure I’ve never said it before…)   The strappy black heel – I’m excited about this one!!  This shoe can go with anything, but instantly makes any outfit more fun. how to wear strappy black heels You can go for either the simple ankle strap or a pair that has a lace-up detail like the one above.  I think the simple ankle strap is more versatile, but the price on this lace-up one is great and it’s just SO CUTE. And now for the “bonus pair” – it’s true that no one really NEEDS a pair of red heels, but they’re just so fun!!

how to wear red suede heels

I love this pair because the red is a slightly poppy shade, rather than fire engine, and because it too has the d’Orsay styling that’s so flattering.

So that’s it!  The 4 pairs of heels that can get you through any occasion.

the 4 pairs of heels every girl needs - It's Great to Be Home What are the “go to” heels in your closet?

Saturday Style

Hey peeps!  Did y’all have a good week?  We’ve had the most BEAUTIFUL weather here in Dallas, I feel like frolicking!

This week called for about a zillion outfits – I had a road trip, two special dinners, and a baby shower mixed in with my regular run-of-the mill agenda.  Are you ready??

red sweater + plaid blanket scarf + leather booties + distressed skinny jeans + leather hobo bag

red sweater – American Eagle (similar) // distressed skinny jeans – Blank NYC // leather booties – Lucky Brand // leather hobo bag – HOBO // plaid scarf – Target (and similar) // gold studs (not pictured) – Etsy

Ah, this darn red sweater – I want to love it.  I wore this outfit to meet my friend’s sweet new baby boy, and then to some meetings and to check on the new build.  The morning was cool enough for the scarf (which I’m obsessed with) but by the afternoon I had to ditch it and then I didn’t feel nearly as sassy.  ;)

camel leather jacket + black tunic + black infinity scarf + black leather boots + black pixie pants + cheetah clutch + hoop earrings leather jacket – Bernardo (similar) // black silky tunic – Express (similar) // black ponte knit pants – J. Crew // black boots – Steve Madden // leopard clutch – Etsy // gold hoops – similar But then dinner time rolled around and I got to get fancy!  My husband’s birthday was over the weekend so we celebrated Friday night with a birthday dinner in Deep Ellum and a comedy club afterwards.  The comedy was so-so, but it was SO nice to do something fun and different!  What sorts of fun things do you do to get out of the dinner-and-a-movie rut? boden wrap dress + tan booties

wrap dress – Boden (similar and similar) // oxford booties – G.H. Bass & Co. // earrings (not pictured) – similar and similar // necklace (not pictured) – similar and similar

Saturday morning I hopped in the car bright and early to head to Austin for a friend’s baby shower – for her twin baby girls!!  I love these shoes, but I didn’t love them with the dress – but what’s a girl to wear on her feet to a baby shower when it’s still a little chilly outside?  I’m stumped.

olive vest + striped shirt + distressed skinny jeans + tan booties olive vest – Target // striped shirt – Banana Republic (similar) // distressed skinny jeans – Blank NYC // oxford booties – G.H. Bass & Co. // earrings (not pictured) – similar and similar // necklace (not pictured) – similar and similar After the baby shower I hung around Austin overnight with friends that I get to see all too infrequently.  Drinks on the patio rounded out a great day! striped shirt + tan booties + distressed jeans

striped top – StitchFix // distressed skinny jeans – Blank NYC // oxford booties – G.H. Bass & Co. // earrings (not pictured) – similar and similar // necklace (not pictured) – similar and similar

For the trip back to Dallas on Sunday I threw on the same jeans and booties but switched up the top – yet somehow, even with repeating much of what I wore, my overnight bag was completely full.  Funny how that happens, right?  Anyway, back at home it was my hubby’s birthday so we took advantage of the fabulous weather and frolicked with the girls at the park (we’re exciting like that).

black blazer + white tunic + black pixie pants + black wedges + long necklace + hoop earrings black blazer – Aritzia // white silky tunic – Express // black ponte knit pants – J. Crew // black wedges – Steve Madden (similar) // long necklace – Madewell (similar and similar) // gold hoops – similar And on Sunday night my dad’s law firm threw a dinner celebrating his recent lifetime achievement award!  We’re all so proud of him and it was nice to see him receive some well-deserved accolades. olive vest + white top + skinny jeans + gold necklace + white/gold sneakers

olive vest – Target // white top – Old Navy (with white tank underneath) // skinny jeans – Old Navy // white and gold sneakers – K Swiss (similar) // faux opal studs (not pictured) – similar and similar // long charm necklace – Madewell

You saw that right.  The olive vest is back at it.  I just can’t quit you it.  That makes 3 times in two weeks if you count this one.  No!  FOUR if you count the this one, too!  I have a problem.  But anyhoo, this was just a regular Monday, snazzed up with some gold-accented kicks.  Oh, and we bought another quick flip that morning!  More about that in the coming weeks.

tan cardigan + gray v-neck + skinny jeans + Vans hi-tops tan cardigan – Old Navy (similar and similar) // gray v-neck – Old Navy // distressed straight-legged jeans – Hudson // hi-tops – Vans // faux opal studs (not pictured) – similar and similar So I was going for one of those “effortless” neutral looks, but I think it just wound up looking frumpy.  Thoughts on jazzing it up?  Maybe a necklace?  Maybe having more contrast on top?  Anyhoo, this is what I wore to scope out the townhouse that we just bought – you read that right, we saw it AFTER we bought it.  Let’s pretend that’s not terrifying. black shirt + buffalo check + black vest + leopard sneakers + skinny jeans + gold hoops

black top – Old Navy (similar) / buffalo check flannel (first half of the day) – Old Navy (similar and similar) // black puffer vest (2nd half of the day) – Old Navy // skinny jeans – Old Navy // leopard slip-ons – Sam Edelman (similar and similar) // gold hoops – similar

So apparently I channeled my inner 90s again today and opted for the whole “flannel around the waist” thing.  I’ve seen other girls do it and look adorable – however, that was not the experience I had.  ;)  Maybe it was because the flannel I chose was such a bold pattern?  I may have to revisit this.  Anyway, it also got a little chilly so I made a half-day switcheroo into my black vest and I instantly felt like JLo with my giant hoop earrings.  Can’t complain about that.

gray sweater + distressed skinny jeans + white converse sneakers

sweater – Loft (similar) // distressed skinny jeans – Blank NYC // sneakers – Converse // silver bar studs (not pictured) – Etsy

Today we got green-tagged to go ahead and pour the foundation for the house we’re builting – woohoo!  Things have been crazy at work lately, like heading back to our desks after the kids go to bed, but we’re making lots of progress so all’s good.  It was such a BEAUTIFUL day today, I had to escape from my office for a few minutes to bask in the sun like a fat cat.  It was heaven.

We’re in for another hectic weekend, but it should be lots of fun – two kiddo birthday parties to attend and hopefully lots of time outside!  What do you have on the agenda?

P.S. Check out all the Saturday Style posts here – there are some real gems! ;)

Saturday Style 2.0

Obviously this blog is about home renovation and building houses, with some interior design thrown in for good measure. That ain’t changing.

But do you know what?

There are some things I’d love to chat about with you guys. Real life struggles and drama.  Like…trying not to give into the urge to wear yoga pants every day.  ;)

Color & Graphic Style

Did I just lose you? Stick with me here!

The last time I wrote a Saturday Style post I was just a sweet young thing (ha!) that had just turned 30 and was care – and kid – free.  Oh, it feels like an eternity!.

These days I’m just a few weeks shy of being officially in my mid-30s. Time, along with having carried two babies, has taken a bit of a toll that is becoming pretty obvious when I look in the mirror.  Womp womp.

So what’s a girl to do? Work with what she’s got.

“Work” being the key term. All of a sudden I’ve realized that (duh) looking your best takes some effort! Since I first started the series I’ve made sure to actually get dressed every day, even though I work from home and could get away with solely wearing stretchy pants (although I do have those days, too) – I feel better, and I’m sure the people around me prefer it this way. But I want to start doing more than just going through the motions of getting dressed – I’d like to feel cute and put together.

Maybe you feel that way, too?

Neutral Style

So, I’ve decided to resurrect the Saturday Style series for a few reasons.  I’d love to be held accountable for making myself look presentable – nothing like putting it out there on the Internet!  ;)  I hope this series will be a great way to visually take note of what I’m drawn to, and maybe that will keep me from veering off course and buying a bunch of stuff I’ll never wear.  I’d also like to chat with you guys about style, and find out what you’re into these days!  Does that sound good to you?

So that’s the current plan – once a week on Saturdays I’ll give you guys a little peek at what I throw on throughout the week (the rest of the week will still be all-renovation-all-the-time).  I’m not quite brave enough to actually post photos of myself for the Internet to judge, so I’ll go for the #flatlay so you get the idea. ;)  Hopefully putting my outfits out there for the world to see will make me put some extra thought into how I present myself each day. (Or maybe my daughters will just have something to laugh at in 10 years – “Mom, you wore THAT?!?!” Ha!)

My day-to-day activities range from chasing toddlers to tromping through construction sites to showing houses to sitting at a desk – so my outfits all center around comfort and an attempt to look pulled together. Want to see what that looks like for me? Here we go!

olive vest + polka dot sweater + black skinny jeans + black booties polka dot sweater – Old Navy (similar) // drapey utility vest – American Eagle (similar) // black skinny jeans – American Eagle // black booties – Lucky Brand // silver drop earrings – similar

I haven’t worn this polka dot sweater in years – for some reason I’d deemed it “not my style” anymore and it’s just been sitting in my closet. I think it seemed too prim and proper? So I tried to toughen it up a little bit with this olive vest, which I’ve become obsessed with, and all black on the bottom. (Question – would it be weird to wear the same vest 7 days a week…? Maybe.) I wore this outfit on a workday, and ran some errands around town – I felt pretty cute! Maybe the ol’ sweater gets to stay in my closet awhile longer.

white tunic + distressed skinny jeans + leather crossover sandals + boho clutch

white linen tunic (worn with this white tunic tank underneath) – Old Navy // distressed skinny jeans – Blank NYC // crossover sandals – Old Navy // boho clutch – World Market (similar and similar), gold studs (not pictured) – Etsy

This was such a great Saturday!! The weather was just gorgeous so we got to have a family brunch at our favorite restaurant on the patio, and then we played at the playground at a neighborhood school. We had an impromptu soccer match with the girls, and it was so adorable to watch our 3 and 1-year olds try to play – so sweet! Later I took the girls to my parents’ house for some fun with their grandparents and cousins.

olive button down + denim cutoffs + camel leather sneakers

army green button down – American Eagle // denim cutoffs – Target // camel leather slip-on sneakers – Keds // black tank top – Old Navy // gold drop earrings – similar

It turns out that I am just not mentally prepared for shorts yet. (And don’t hate me for the shorts-weather – Texas has its perks!) The shorts only lasted about half of the day, then I switched into these black skinnies and leopard espadrilles for a kiddo birthday party – much better and far less naked.

blue plaid flannel shirt + white tank top + distressed skinny jeans + Vans hi-tops

plaid flannel shirt – American Eagle (similar) // white tank – Loft // distressed skinny jeans – Blank NYC // high tops – Vans // silver bar studs (not pictured) – Etsy

My 9th-grade self loved this outfit, and it turns out that my almost-35-year-old self does, too. :) It’s kind of fun to wear the sorts of things that you did in high school! I remembered I wanted a pair of Vans SO BADLY as a teenager – somehow they were the epitome of cool to me.  I did feel a bit like a man in this outfit, though – am I the only one that feels that way when wearing flannel and/or button downs? I think next time I’ll try to girl it up a little bit with different shoes.

olive vest + black top + sorel boots + black skinny jeans

black top – Old Navy // olive vest – Old Navy // black high-rise skinny jeans – Old Navy // duck boots – Sorel // silver bar studs (not pictured) – Etsy

We had such a cold, rainy day – the weather was so gross! However, things improved greatly after the kids went to bed because the hubby and I got to watch 2 episodes of our newest obsession – Breaking Bad. I know we’re a few years behind but OMG!!!!!!! OBSESSED.

poncho + turtleneck + flare jeans + booties

poncho – Loft (similar and similar) // turtleneck – Target (similar) // flare jeans – Target // black booties – Lucky Brand // gold studs (not pictured) – Etsy

I got to meet my good friend’s new baby girl today! Goodness, she was sweet! This was the first time I’ve worn this poncho-thing, even though I bought it before Christmas. I’ve been a bit intimidated by it – how the heck do you wear this thing without looking like you’re wearing a giant blankie? I finally took the plunge and I liked the outfit, but I think next time I’ll try a white button down, skinny jeans and brown boots – right? Oh, and I randomly stopped by the jobsite and holyheck, these are just about the worst shoes ever to wear in a mud pit. I was quite a sight.  #unprepared

sweater + striped tank + skinny jeans + sneakers

pink sweater – J. Crew Factory (similar) // striped tank – Target // infinity scarf – Target // skinny jeans – J. Brand (similar) // sneakers – Clarks (similar) // silver drop earrings – similar

Today was pretty much a desk day, staring at spreadsheets and doing bookkeeping. Woo. I think this sweater might finally get retired – I’ve never quite been able to make it look right since the fit is a bit boxy. But I threw it on anyway today because, looking back at this week of outfits, I thought I needed a little color in my life! :)

What do you guys think – is this Saturday Style thing kinda fun, or would you rather I just keep it to renovations?  Is anyone else completely obsessed with Breaking Bad, or recovering from a BB addiction?  DON’T TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS!!!

Saturday Style: Short & Sweet

Follow along as I try to find my way out of the sweatpants and into something a little more stylish.

Saturday Style

When: May 14, 2011 (last Saturday)
What: J. Crew striped top, J. Crew black skinnies, Urban Outfitters black wedges, silver studs from Sam Moon, silver spoon ring from War Eagle

My friend Jen came in town this weekend!  We had a great night, starting out with wine on my back porch, then a feast at our favorite tried and true Mexican restaurant, then more wine on my back porch.  An excellent night!

When: May 15, 2011 (last Sunday)
What: J. Crew neon yellow cardigan, Target T-shirt, Gap skinnies, Old Navy silver sandals, silver studs from Sam Moon, silver spoon ring from War Eagle, necklaces from James Avery & Sam Moon

What a gorgeous day!  Blue skies and tons of sunshine with just a little chill in the air – I can’t get enough of it!  Brunch with Jen and our friends Casey and Holland was a great way to start the day – you just can’t beat beignets and a Bloody Mary, can you?

Then I headed over to my parents’ house – my mom made an amazing photo book of our wedding pictures!  And yes, we got married 4 years ago, and my mom has been offering to make us this book for 4 years . . . but I was stubborn and kept saying that I would do it myself . . . and never did.  Luckily my mom is awesome and she made us a gorgeous book.  :)

When: May 17, 2011 (last Tuesday)
What: Old Navy t-shirt, Old Navy skirt, Old Navy gold sandals, Sam Moon belt, Jess LC necklace (By the way, have you seen her new line of bags?  Too cute!)

Apparently the theme for the day was “How many things can you wear from Old Navy at once?”  Although I’m pretty sure I can top this – I do have some Old Navy socks, after all.  :)

Do you see the brown patches in my lawn?  Yeah.  I went around spraying all the weeds in the yard with weed killer, and only after I was finished did I realize that it was weed and grass killer.  Oops!

Also, I’ve noticed that my Saturday Style photos are all washed out – I’ve been uploading them to WordPress rather than Flickr because the Flickr creepos were weirding me out, but apparently WordPress washes out and kinda blurs my pics.  Sorry about that!

Photographing outfits got past me for the rest of the week, so that’s all for now.  :)  Have an awesome weekend!

Saturday Style: Stylish Bloggers

Follow along as I try to find my way out of the sweatpants and into something a little more stylish.

Saturday Style

There’s no question that the blog world is full of inspiration – there are some bloggers out there that seriously blow my mind and make me want to run around sprucing & DIYing and renovating everything in my path.  Inspiration breeds creativity – when I see something inspiring it awakens the creative part of me and conjures up ideas that I otherwise never would have had.

While design bloggers inspire me to spruce up my house,  style bloggers inspire me to spruce up myself.  There’s something really exciting about seeing how other people view clothing – color combinations I would never think of, tutorials on how to layer without looking like a marshmallow, new trends, mixing patterns, and just treating getting dressed every day as another way of expressing who you are and influencing how people see you.  Over time, I think that a few of those lessons will inevitably find their way into my own personal style (or at least I hope).

The list of style blogs that I follow seems to be growing, and I thought it was high time that I share that list of stylish bloggers with you.  Hopefully you will find them inspiring as well!!  In no particular order, here they are:

Saturday Style: Stylish Bloggers

Saturday Style: Stylish Bloggers

what would a nerd wear

Saturday Style: Stylish Bloggers

Saturday Style: Stylish Bloggers

Saturday Style: Stylish Bloggers

Saturday Style: Stylish Bloggers

Saturday Style: Stylish Bloggers

Saturday Style: Stylish Bloggers

Saturday Style: Stylish Bloggers

Saturday Style: Stylish Bloggers

Saturday Style: Stylish Bloggers

Saturday Style: Stylish Bloggers

Saturday Style: Stylish Bloggers

Saturday Style: Stylish Bloggers

Do you read any personal style blogs, or are you a loyal devotee of design blogs only?  Any blogs out there that you think we should all be reading?

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