Saturday Style: Let There Be Legs

Follow along as I try to find my way out of the sweatpants and into something a little more stylish.

Saturday Style

It’s been awhile since I had a Saturday Style post – and now that it’s spring I’m feeling like it’s high time to start trying to look cute again!

When: March 25, 2011 (last Friday)
What: striped T (J. Crew outlet), skirt (J. Crew outlet), braided leather belt (Anthropologie), black canvas wedges (Urban Outfitters – see below), silver studs (Sam Moon)

I wore this outfit out for happy hour on a patio on a gorgeous spring afternoon.  I think this is the first time my legs have seen the sun in about a zillion years – could you tell?  Ha, just kidding, I don’t think I’ve ever been so pale in my life!  (And pale is my natural state.)  I love a lot of things about this skirt (pockets!) but in reality I just don’t feel comfortable in skirts this short – darn!  The skirt actually should have sat a little higher at my natural waist but that just made it waaaay too short.

I thought these wedge heels (a gift from Jason for my birthday) were really cute with this outfit, but I have to confess that I took them off before I left the house – I think wearing them with such a short skirt made me feel a little too exposed.  Is that weird?

Urban Outfitters Canvas Wedge

I actually wound up wearing these black & white patterned flats (from Gap) – I gave Jason a choice between these or some black flats and he chose these.  I didn’t expect him to go for a mix of patterns!

P.S. I think the clutch is from the Gap outlet.

When: March 26, 2011 (last Saturday night)

What: dress (Kohl’s), black canvas wedges (Urban Outfitters), earrings (Limited)

Bachelorette party!!!  One of my girlfriends is getting married next weekend and on Saturday night we had her bachelorette party!  Tons of fun, complete with a limo, jello shots and shaking it until the wee hours of the morning.  Maybe being 30 won’t be so bad after all.  :)  And I am pleased to report that the sky-high (for me at least) wedges didn’t wind up killing my feet so I didn’t need the flats that I had stashed in my purse after all.  Wow, I just sounded really lame right then.  :)

When:  March 27, 2011 (last Sunday)

What:  white button down (Banana Republic), black pencil skirt (Banana Republic), black heels (Nine West), black woven belt (Anthropologie), coral beaded necklace (Forever 21), silver studs (Sam Moon)

We had clients in town from NYC this week, and this is what I wore for our first round of tours.  Unfortunately, the weather took a downward spiral and it was freezing!!!  Jason innocently referred to this as my “flight attendant outfit” – which was not what I was going for, so this outfit will definitely be reworked next time.  More color, I’m thinking?  And does anybody have any tips for keeping your belt from getting wonky when you don’t have any belt loops?  It got really old readjusting my belt every time I got out of the car.

When:  March 28, 2011 (last Monday)

What:  black cardigan (Old Navy), black tank (Express), purple pencil skirt (J. Crew), black sweater tights (Walmart), black heels (Nine West), black belt (Sam Moon), beaded necklace and earrings (Sam Moon)

Day 2 of tours, and I really liked this outfit – and it kept me toasty!!  I love this skirt even though it becomes wrinkly if you even look at it – and I think this shade of purple is great for winter, spring and summer.  I’ve worn it before with my wedge sandals and a white button down and it felt downright springy.

This is my only pair of patterned tights and I really loved the sweater-ish vibe they had!

When:  March 29, 2011 (last Tuesday)

What:  cream faux wrap top (Banana Republic), black camisole (Gap), black pants (Gap), black woven belt (Anthropologie), animal print flats (Nine West), black beaded necklace (Sam Moon)

Day 3 of tours, and I met up with another client later in the afternoon (and added a sweater coat and boots instead of the flats – it was chilly!)  I’ve owned this wrap top (and a black one) for about a zillion years and I really like it.  For some reason, I remember wearing a version of this outfit for the tasting for our wedding reception – it’s weird how certain things can take you back, isn’t it?  This day ended with an awesome, impromptu family dinner at my parents’ house.

When:  March 30, 2011 (last Wednesday)

What:  black long-sleeved T (Old Navy), black & white striped T (J. Crew), skinny jeans (Gap), uggs (c/o Whooga Uggs), belt (Express), silver studs (Sam Moon)

On Wednesday I didn’t have anything major on the agenda so I went totally casual – and I loved the combination of camel and black.  I got a much needed hair cut (you can check it out below), did a bunch of laundry . . . very exciting stuff like that.

(No outfit from Thursday because I got lazy and didn’t take a picture, but it was pretty much identical to the first outfit from this post but with sandals instead of sneakers.)

When:  April 2, 2011 (yesterday)

What:  purple printed blouse (Banana Republic), black pants (Gap), black patent flats (Target), silver hoops (Sam Moon)

Friday was an awesome day – a closing around noon (gotta love it when the paperwork is signed and the house is actually sold!) and then an early happy hour on a patio with my hubby.  It was a gorgeous day so for happy hour I switched out the pants and flats for a pair of beaded sandals and some black shorts – and I was still melting!  I think summer may finally be here, y’all.

So that wraps up this week of Saturday Style!  I hope nothing blinded you too badly – and are you as happy as I am that it’s finally April?!?

Saturday Style: Ice and Snow

Follow along as I try to find my way out of the sweatpants and into something more stylish.

Saturday Style

It appears that my resolution to wear 5 real outfits a week (or at least photograph them) is off to a bit of a shaky start!  Anyhoo, here’s a little glimpse into some ensembles I’ve tried out over the past few weeks.

When: January 15, 2011 (a few Saturdays ago)

What: black blazer (Banana Republic), red cowl neck (Banana Republic), striped t-shirt (J. Crew), skinny jeans (Gap), boots (Steve Madden), spoon ring (War Eagle Craft Fair), studs (Sam Moon)

This outfit made it to various meetings and brunch, sometimes with a black scarf.  How do you feel about a cowl neck shirt layered under a t-shirt?  It is definitely one of my more adventurous outfits and not something I would have ever worn before I started this whole “dressing like a grown up” challenge with myself – but I kind of like that I’m getting out of my comfort zone!

When: January 16, 2011 (a few Sundays ago)

What: sequined gray cardigan (Gap), cableknit sweater (Target), skinny jeans (Gap), boots (Target), earrings (local boutique), sunflower ring (market in St. Remy, France)

I’ve owned this cardigan for years and never worn it!!  I just always felt like it was “never the right occasion” so today I just decided to throw it on for the open house and see how it turned out.  I’m not really sure how the gray cardigan works with all the brown I have going on, but I was trying to pick up on the coppery sequins you can see in the photo above.  Yay or nay?

When: January 18, 2011 (a few Tuesdays ago)

What: gingham dress (Old Navy), braided belt (Anthropologie), tights (??), suede boots (Nine West)

I really wanted this outfit to be cute, but I just don’t think it worked.  And I was having a seriously weird hair day, so that probably didn’t help matters.  If I wear this dress again I will definitely wear a turtleneck or camisole under it as there was some unfortunate gapping between the buttons.  Suggestions for making this outfit work?

When: January 19, 2011 (a few Wednesdays ago)

What: cowl neck sweater dress (Victoria’s Secret), tights (??), suede boots (Nine West), necklace (local boutique)

I have never in my life ordered clothing from Victoria’s Secret so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect – but I kind of love this dress!  I wore it to celebrate a friend’s birthday and I thought it was cute and easy – just my kind of outfit.  :)  I wish it was nipped in a bit at the waist,though – I tried it with a belt and couldn’t quite get it to look right, probably because of the patch pockets (you can kind of see them in the photo).  I wore this again last Thursday to a fancy restaurant for date night with my hubby – we were secretly hoping to see some celebrities in town for the Super Bowl, but no luck!

When: January 20, 2011 (a few Thursdays ago)

What: sweater (Gap), jeans (Seven for All Mankind), scarf (Sam Moon), moccasins (Nine West)

Have I told you how much I love scarves?  They’re just so easy to throw on and give an outfit a little oomph.  I’m not sure that what I wore on this day qualifies as an outfit, but the scarf certainly helps, right?  :)

When: January 22, 2011 (a few Saturdays ago)

What:  striped, sequined sweatshirt (J. Crew), corduroy blazer (Club Monaco), skinny jeans (Gap), boots (Target), silver hoops (Sam Moon)

I went with Jason’s fam to the Dallas Aquarium, including my little niece and nephew!  We saw the sharks being fed (so cool), monkeys, manatees, and all sorts of cool stuff.  I loved this outfit, but it was not ideal for carrying a two-year old around – the sequins were in great peril!  Cheetoh fingers were a danger, as well.

When: January 30, 2011 (last Sunday)

What: pink ruffled top (J. Crew), trouser jeans (Banana Republic), belt (Express), wedges (Clarks), sunflower ring (market in St. Remy, France)

Sunflower ring from France

( Due to Christy‘s request, here’s the sunflower ring! )

This was our last day of gorgeous weather before the ice/snow storm hit on Tuesday, so I decided to soak it up with short sleeves and sandals.  Excellent decision!  I love this top and I think it will be great for spring and summer – the little ruffles make it so cute!  And you can’t really see my shoes in this picture (those jeans are ridiculously long, even on me!), but they are leather sandal wedges that are quite possibly the most comfortable shoes ever made.  Heels = no, wedges = yes!

When: February 1, 2011 (last Tuesday)

What: turtleneck (Gap), crossover sweater (Banana Republic), black pants (Gap), boots (Steve Madden), necklace (Sam Moon), silver hoops (Sam Moon), coat (Ann Taylor, not pictured)

Yes, even Dallas got hit by the crazy winter storm!  Even though the Super Bowl is in town the city has been practically shut down since Tuesday.  We got crazy ice, and I was a bit nervous backing out of our ski slope of a driveway, but I survived.  I wouldn’t have left the house but we had clients fly in from out of town to see some houses – we saw a few houses, but most of our appointments were canceled because of the weather.  Big sad face on that one, but there was nothing we could do.  By the way, I took Aimee‘s suggestion to wear my tall boots under my pants (I normally only wear them with skinny jeans) and it worked like a charm!  I was worried that the top of the boots would look crazy under the pants but that turned out not to be an issue at all.  As another random note, I realized that I have to retire this sweater even though I love it – moth holes.  Boo.

When: February 4, 2011 (yesterday)
What: houndstooth coat (Canton), skinny jeans (Gap), Uggs (c/o Whooga Uggs – review coming tomorrow), gloves (Target)

SNOW!!!  While the rest of the country has been covered in snow for ages, we’ve just had ice.  But last night we got SNOW!!!  I love how peaceful and quiet the world seems with a fresh blanket of snow.  Hubby and I went for a little walk through the snow – I was not wearing appropriate gloves for snowball rolling whereas Jason was.  Big mistake!  Anyhoo, it was fun and freezing.

Saturday Style: Wardrobe Consultation

Follow along as I try to find my way out of the sweatpants and into something more stylish.

Saturday Style

Whenever I get stuck in a style rut (which, if I’m being honest, feels like most of the time!), I wish that I could have a little fairy godmother swoop in, wave her magic wand and all of a sudden perfect outfits would appear out of thin air.

Well, for Christmas my sister-in-law made that wish come true!!

The fairy godmother is Jill Gott-Gleason, one of my favorite personal style bloggers, who just so happens to offer wardrobe consults for really reasonable prices (or even free if you don’t need a consult that’s tailor-made for you).

Here’s how it went down.  My sister-in-law bought the consult (I may have hinted a bit!) and then, after the Christmas craziness died down, I emailed Jill with all of my concerns and goals for the consult – things like how I want to look professional when I meet with clients but still fun and young, how I don’t really wear heels and I’d like an alternative to an A-line skirt that isn’t a figure-hugging pencil skirt, etc.

After I laid it all out there, Jill went to work and just 2 days later she sent me a list of 17 specific pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories that are in by budget and will instantly spice up my wardrobe.  And what’s even better is that she worked those 17 pieces into 8 different outfits for me!!

Without further adieu, here are those fab outfits:

Saturday Style: Wardrobe Consult

Saturday Style: Wardrobe Consult

Saturday Style: Wardrobe Consult

Saturday Style: Wardrobe Consult

Saturday Style: Wardrobe Consult

Saturday Style: Wardrobe Consult

Saturday Style: Wardrobe Consult

Saturday Style: Wardrobe Consult

I think Jill did an awesome job!! Each outfit looks like something I would totally wear, but that I wouldn’t have necessarily thought to put together on my own. In fact, she was so on target with what I like that I already have a few of the pieces in my closet, which means getting these looks will be even more affordable. Score!!!

So what do you think? Would you ever try a wardrobe consult? If you’re thinking of one, I had an easy, great experience with Jill and would highly recommend it!

Saturday Style: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Follow along as I try to find my way out of the sweatpants and into something more stylish.

Saturday Style

When: January 8, 2011 (last Saturday)

What: navy sweater (Ann Taylor), gingham button up (J. Crew), skinny jeans (Gap), boots (Steve Madden), necklace and studs (Sam Moon)

My mom told me I looked “preppy” in this outfit, like she was afraid I would think she was insulting me.  :)  Ha!  Definitely a preppy look, and I’ve officially decided that the gingham shirt was one of my best purchases at the outlet mall last month – I just wish it was a tiny bit longer, but I feel that way about most button ups.  Have you jumped on the gingham bandwagon?

When: January 9, 2011 (last Sunday)

What:  black turtleneck (Gap), black dress pants (Gap), white alligator skinny belt (J. Crew), boots (Nine West), gold necklace and hoops (gifts)

My agenda for today included a bridal shower and then running straight to an open house for the flip – and it snowed!!  In Dallas!  That kind of threw a kink in my outfit plans, so I wound up with this at the last minute.  Not my fave, but okay.

When: January 10, 2011 (last Monday)

What:  shawl sweatshirt (Forever 21, it’s blue but it looks green in this photo), long-sleeve T (Old Navy), gray jeans (Gap), sneakers (Converse), scarf (Sam Moon), earrings (Jess LC, gift – pictured below)

After being cold for a zillion hours on Sunday, I decided Monday demanded full-on coziness.  I’m kind of thinking about having these gray jeans tailored into skinny jeans.  Have any of you had that done?  How did it turn out?

I had to include this close-up of my earrings since I love them.  I gave my sister the same pair for Christmas, that lucky duck.  :)

When: January 11, 2011 (last Tuesday)

What: jeans (Seven for All Mankind), gray pocket T (Old Navy), long-sleeve T (Old Navy), denim flats (Old Navy), scarf (Forever 21, gift)

Monday’s coziness carried over into Tuesday.  And if I’m being totally honest, those flats didn’t stay on for too long – snuggly socks were a must.  :)  I feel like the only cute winter shoes I own are boots, but they only work with my skinny jeans.  I don’t want to wear sneakers all the time with my regular jeans, but I’m kind of at a loss on how to keep my feet cozy and cute in the winter.  Suggestions?

When: January 12, 2011 (last Wednesday)

What: tan cardigan (Gap), chambray button up (J. Crew), striped T (J. Crew), skinny jeans (Gap), black boots (Steve Madden), earrings (Sam Moon), necklace (local boutique)

I wore my long Ann Taylor coat and a scarf for every second that I was outside of the house, so Jason’s the only one lucky enough to see this outfit in person.  I kid.  :)  But after encouragement from my friend Jen I decided to rock the denim suit again, and I loved it!

When: January 13, 2011 (last Thursday)
What:  cowl neck sweater (Gap), jeans (Seven for All Mankind), moccasins (Nine West), studs (Sam Moon)

I’m 99% sure that these moccasins don’t count as real shoes, primarily because they’re furry on the inside.  Should that bother me?

When:  January 14, 2011 (yesterday)

What: sweater (Gap, gift), striped long-sleeve T (Old Navy, can’t really see it), skinny jeans (Gap), boots (Target), scarf (local boutique), earrings (Jess LC)

Cold!!  We ran a bunch of errands this morning, previewed houses, etc. and then the highlight of my day was grabbing lunch at my favorite Mexican food joint where I used to eat with my former co-workers.  Delish – and Jason bought one of their shirts, which has a rooster on it.  I have a matching one, in pink, that my peeps at my old job gave me.  Ah, memories.  :)

By the way, did you notice I wore real(ish) outfits every day this week?  Go me!!  :)

Saturday Style: Mixed Bag

Follow along as I try to find my way out of the sweatpants and into something more stylish.

Saturday Style

When:  January 3, 2011 (last Monday)

What: turtleneck (Gap), pants (Banana Republic), boots (Nine West), studs (Sam Moon), coat – below (Ann Taylor)

New haircut – what do we think?  I’m kind of hating the bangs right now (they keep looking crooked – no bueno).  Anyhoo, this is the first time I’ve owned a black turtleneck during the winter, and now I want five of them – I feel like I could wear one every day!  And I probably would if you guys wouldn’t start to think I’m weird.  :)  Anyhoo, this is pretty much my go-to realtor outfit for the winter.

When:  January 4, 2011 (last Tuesday)

What:  striped shirt (Target), cardigan (Gap), skinny jeans (Gap), boots (Steve Madden), necklace (Sam Moon)

Can I just say how much I love my new jeans??  All the skinny jeans I’ve tried on in the past have been a bit too . . . skinny.  Super tight in the waist, too low in the back, you know what I mean?  But not these babies – they’re a bit higher in back and the waistband is lined with fabric (instead of just denim) so they’re super comfy.  New faves, for sure!!  I scooped them up with a gift card from my sister, which makes them extra sweet.  :)  Oh, and I felt super fancy all day in this necklace!  Normally I would never wear anything so big during the day, but I thought this outfit needed a little zip and now I’m thinking I might try more adventurous necklaces in the future.  We’ll see.  :)

When:  January 5, 2011 (last Wednesday)

What:  argyle sweater (Gap), button up (Banana Republic), skinny jeans (Gap), boots (Target), necklaces (Jess LC and gift)

After two days in a row of wearing black and gray I thought I could use a little color!  I tried on another argyle sweater while I was getting dressed (I know, who has two?) and decided to give that one the boot as a part of the 111 in 1/11 challenge – and it’s about time, I’ve never liked that other sweater and this one is definitely cuter.  And yes, I’m wearing the Gap jeans two days in a row – they rock.  :)

When:  January 6, 2011 (last Thursday)

What:  sweater (Gap, gift), cargo pants (Banana Republic), t-shirt (Old Navy), moccasins (Nine West), flower ring (market in St. Remy, France), studs (Sam Moon)

While this won’t get ranked as the cutest outfit I wore this week, it sure was the comfiest!  The snuggly sweater and snugglier moccasins were perfect for what my day had in store – vacuuming, taking down Christmas decorations, doing a little work, and generally trying to tame the chaos.  Hey, at least it wasn’t sweatpants, right?  :)

When:  January 7, 2011 (yesterday)

What: chambray button up (J. Crew), white tank (Banana Republic), skinny jeans (Forever 21), boots (Target), necklace (Forever 21), flower ring (market in St. Remy, France)

So how do we feel about an outfit that is essentially a denim suit?  I feel like I should hate it, but I actually really like it!  I saw some style bloggers rocking it and I thought I’d give it a whirl – it seems like as long as you vary the shades of the denim it looks alright.  Yes?  No?

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