Before + After – Our 10th Flip’s Exterior

You guys, the flip is finished.  Wahoo!

"After" photos of 10th flip - It's Great to Be Home

Do you remember where we started last fall?

10th Flip - Before

I remember when we first saw this house – my first thought was, “Oh good, there’s nothing super offensive about it.  But dang, that brick is ugly and I wish we could change that bay window into something more modern.”

"After" photos of 10th flip - It's Great to Be Home

Bam.  Wish granted.

Painting the brick a creamy white instantly freshened up the whole look.  And I love the contrast of the dark window frames against the brick – to me, it looks modern without feeling cold.

Our original vision was to create a boxed bay window (with right angles instead of the more curved look), but that wasn’t possible because of the way the window was framed.  However, with some serious finagling with the window opening our installer was able to switch out the six window panels that looked busy and dated with 3, larger window panels that look sleek and modern.  I’m a happy girl.

Changes to the Exterior

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Baby Gear with Baby #2 – The First 6 Months

BABY GEAR - the first 6 months - the second time around

Two years ago, when I was deep in the trenches of mothering our first baby girl, I wrote a post about the baby gear that helped us survive those first, fumbling 6 months.  Fast forward two years, and we’ve just barreled through the first six months with our second baby girl.  (She turned 8 months earlier this week!  Sob.)

Family of Four

Now that we have two babyhoods under our belts, I thought it might be useful to update anyone that’s interested about what gear still works for us, and what we’ve switched out.  Although every baby and every family is different, so just take my 2 cents for what they’re worth.  Ready?

on the go

On the Go:  We still love our Chicco Keyfit 30 infant car seat, and the Baby Jogger City Mini Single Stroller - they rock.  They are both super easy to use, and I swear the City Mini is the best single stroller out there.  It collapses with one hand and I can fling it in the back of my car with no trouble, and it also turns and rides great.  Before the girls could sit upright, we used an older version of this adapter that lets the car seat click into the stroller (genius).  We’ve added a push car that both girls love (and obviously wait to use it for a baby until he/she can reliably sit up on their own!).  I bought a double stroller off of a Facebook yard sale before our second baby was even born, but I really hate it – so we’ve never used a double stroller.  Usually the baby will be in a carrier – more about that below – while older sister is in the stroller/push car, or older sister walks while the baby is in the stroller/push car.  It’s worked for us so far.

stroller & car seat

I haven’t used the Moby Wrap this time around because a friend gave me the Baby K’tan, which was a big hit with Junior – I’m pretty sure she fell asleep each and every time I wore her in it.  I think the K’tan is also a lot more user-friendly than the Moby because you don’t have to wrap the long length of cloth around yourself – however, be aware that it comes in different sizes, so order accordingly.  I also ditched the Ergobaby because Junior acts like she’s been tortured whenever I put her in it – so we borrowed my sister’s Baby Bjorn and it’s worked really great.  I don’t think it’s nearly as comfortable to wear as the Ergo (it kinda hurts my back and shoulders), but hey, you’ve gotta do what works for your kid.

baby carriers

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The Barn Door

If you’ve ever read a blog or browsed through Pinterest, no doubt you’ve seen at least one zillion barn doors – those suckers are everywhere.  And I totally get it – they look awesome!

However, I’ve been on the fence about the practicality of barn doors for a long time, since I don’t think they provide any real privacy – for instance, I secretly want to commit anyone to the looney bin if they’ve put a barn door on the entrance to their bathroom.  Know what I’m saying?

But then along came this flip, with the laundry room right off the kitchen.  For a few reasons, this space became the absolute perfect spot to try out a barn door.

    1. I wanted to include a breakfast bar in the kitchen, which made the walkway through to the den too narrow for cabinets
    2. A door swinging into the kitchen would majorly interfere with flow
    3. A door swinging into the laundry room (where there are 2 other doors) would be too chaotic, with the laundry room door even crashing into the door to the patio if they were both open at the same time
    4. Neither the kitchen nor the laundry room needed privacy – this barn door could really be just for looks and would have the added bonus of providing something cool to look at on that big empty wall

Final Kitchen Plan

(We ultimately added a powder bath to the laundry area, which isn’t reflected in the floor plan above.)

So bam, it was decided!

As you know, we decided to go with black hardware throughout this house, which turned out to be more difficult/pricier to find than anticipated.  However, I was able to track down matte black hardware for the barn door, and it was shockingly cheap!  You can scope it out here.  (Home Depot carries it as well, but oil-rubbed bronze was the closest they had to black.)

Once the hardware was installed and the door was hung, it didn’t look too shabby!

Barn Door

Or, at least, the top half didn’t look too shabby.  The bottom half . . . let’s just say capris aren’t a good look when it comes to doors.

Barn Door

We ran into this issue because I wanted the doorway into the laundry room to mimic the size and shape of the doorway leading outside (those two doors line up).  But since a barn door needs to completely cover the doorway when it’s closed, the door needed to be much taller than a standard door.  (The door also needed to be wider, but we just brought the sides of the doorway in a bit and your eye can’t tell at all.)

The solution was to add a strip of wood to the bottom of the door so that it didn’t look highwater – it also allowed the door to hang low enough to reach the slide at the bottom, which keeps the door from swinging back and forth when you’re sliding it open and closed.

You can see how that turned out below – keep in mind that it’s only been primed in this photo, so the addition of the wood in the finished look is actually much less noticeable (although not completely seamless).

Barn Door

What do you guys think about barn doors?  Would you ever put one in your house?

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Can we talk about the master bathroom for a minute?

I’ve been running hot and cold with this bathroom (plumbing pun not intended) since we started the project.

When I first saw the size of the master bath . . . cold.

10th Flip - Before

Once my glorious mother figured out how to expand the master bathroom by taking in a hall closet and part of the hallway . . . hot.

demo, framing & plumbing

After we landed on the design for the master bath . . . hotter still.

master bathroom white oak

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Flip Updates

Hi!  How’s the new year treating you guys?  We’re off to a good start – we had a great Christmas break (I can’t lie, Christmas morning is 10x more adorable with babies and toddlers), and we’re thisclose to finishing this flip.  Can I get an amen?

I’m not even sure where I should start with updating you.  To say the flip is meeting my expectations would be an understatement – I’m absolutely in LOVE with how it’s turning out.  Definitely my favorite flip ever (do I say that every time?).  I love the layout of the house (lots of space, a big family room, oodles of bathrooms), the backyard (it’s bigger than my backyard which is an instant plus, it has a shed for storage and an amazing workroom attached to the garage which I would totally use as a kid’s fort), and the patio (it runs the length of the side of the house and would be a great entertaining space, plus I can totally imagine my kiddos riding tricycles and coloring with chalk out there).  So, basically, I want to move in.

But what really does it for me are the finishes in this house.  I know they might not be to everyone’s taste, but they make my heart sing and I’m SO happy that you guys encouraged me to go for this design.  I love the finishes more than I love Mexican food, and that’s saying a lot.  A whole lot.  So thank you.

Enough rambling.  You came here to see photos, am I right?

Well, I don’t have any gorgeous “after” photos for you (primarily because we ain’t done yet!), but here are some in-progress shots that will hopefully get you excited for the real photos to come.

Progress Photos - 10th Flip - It's Great to Be Home

Progress Photos - 10th Flip - It's Great to Be Home

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