Changes to the Exterior

Things have been happening!  All sorts of goodness has happened inside our 10th flip, but the outside is getting some serious love as well.

We now have super awesome windows.  They have totally changed my relationship with this house from a strong like to a deep love.  Remember how the front of the house used to look?

10th Flip - Before

And here it is now, looking all proud of its snazzy windows:


The bay window was a particularly beastly window to deal with – from a design standpoint I didn’t love it, and replacing the bay with a boxed window wasn’t an option due to framing.  However, my mom (the queen of all good ideas) suggested replacing the six panes of glass (and zillions of mullions) with three larger ones to modernize the look a bit.  It was genius, and helped dramatically to get the front of the house looking how we want it to.

Changes to the Exterior

Changes to the Exterior

Of course, making that change meant a little brick work was needed at the bottom (final result not shown), and the wood trim at the top and on the interior will need to be fixed, but those little fixes are worth it for the new look.


Let’s admire a few more of those new windows!!  The photo below is of the master bedroom – it gets lots of light, and I especially love how the windows turned out in here – horizontal sliders look so cool!

Changes to the Exterior

The game room…

Changes to the Exterior

The kitchen window…

Changes to the Exterior

In addition to fixing the bay window, the mason has also been hard at work bricking in the windows that we got rid of, fixing a cracked brick wall, and repairing the brick around the expanded kitchen window.

Changes to the Exterior

Changes to the Exterior

Changes to the Exterior

Changes to the Exterior

And while I type this, he’s bricking in the laundry room addition – I can’t wait to see how it turns out!!!  Super yay.

Changes to the Exterior

We also added a fence!  Horizontal fences make my heart go pitter pat, and this one is no exception.  It will be stained (color to be determined), but I think we’ll probably try to get something close to the color of the neighbor’s fence so that everything blends together.

Changes to the Exterior

It’s sooooo much better than the chain link fence that used to be there.  And the backyard feels so much more private now!

10th Flip - Before

Changes to the Exterior

Changes to the Exterior

(We bumped the fence in a bit by the gate so that the gas meter would be on the alley-side of the fence, rather than in the backyard.)

Changes to the Exterior

(The scrollwork was cut off the gate after this photo was taken.  Don’t worry.  :) )

Did you notice the horizontal slat wall on the front porch?  I don’t have any great pictures but I am totally in love with it.  Horizontal slats for everyone!


Paint samples for the exterior have gone up.  I’m planning on creamy white brick and trim, with dark doors.  I need to pick a color soon, wish me luck!  Right now I’m leaning towards one of the 3 on the left…I think.

004 (2)

Finally, we nailed down a plan for the front landscaping.  We thought it made sense to spend a few bucks sprucing it up and, hopefully, the investment will pay off.  Here’s the design scheme we’ve signed off on:

landscaping plan

We’re getting closer to turning this construction site into something presentable!  Kitchen cabinets are being delivered on Monday…cue the anticipation!!

Ikea is Toying with My Emotions

So, after all of your glorious feedback on the white v. white oak vanity issue I was all hyped up and excited about pulling the trigger on the white oak vanity. Living on the edge! Trying something new! It’s going to look awesome!

We set out to Ikea on this morning to take advantage of the Ikea Family sale, only to discover that the white oak vanity line is being phased out.  As in, they don’t have a white oak vanity in the bleeping size that I need.


no vanity

Poor Austin, the sales clerk that was helping me.  I should send him a fruit basket.

So, my choices were to (1) opt for a smaller vanity in white oak and risk the vanity looking dinky, or (2) choose another color vanity in the size that I need.

Well, I freaked out and did both.  But now I’m fairly certain the smaller white oak vanity will in fact look dinky, and that the black-brown vanity I chose in my panic might have been the wrong choice.  (Why didn’t I just go with the glossy white that was in the mood board?!?  Who knows?  I sure as heck don’t.)


P.S. I also contemplated using two small vanities, but I decided that would look weird.

White or White Oak?

Hey guys!  Sorry for the radio silence, but I’m back with a burning question.  You guys had such great feedback on the last post (and I’m behind on responding to comments!), and now I need your vote on which vanity to choose for the master bath.

The choices are . . . white:

master bathroom10th flip

. . . or white oak:

master bathroom white oak

I’ll be buying the vanities on Monday or Tuesday – in the meantime, help a girl out!  Which should we go for – white or white oak?

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